"My Mom Is Going to Kill Me!"
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Version: United States
Season: China
Episode Number: 2/15 (217)
Original Release: September 27, 2007
Viewership (in millions): 14.15[1]
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My Mom Is Going to Kill Me! is the second episode of Survivor: China.


Day 4

After a rainy night at Zhan Hu, Dave Cruser stepped up into the leadership role he had been elected into at the previous night's Tribal Council, instructing his tribemates to gather bricks to build a proper fireplace. However, Peih-Gee Law, who had also been elected as a co-leader, disagreed with his idea of where to put the fireplace with respect to the shelter, but Dave didn't listen, claiming that he didn't want to waste time discussing the matter as it only "saps time and energy." Peih-Gee willingly backed down and agreed based on Dave's reasoning and experience. However, his my-way-or-the-highway attitude did not sit well with the rest of the tribe, particularly when he tore down Jaime Dugan's optimism about what the tribe could accomplish during the day. In a confessional, Erik Huffman felt that Dave's style of leadership could cause trouble down the road.

Last night at Tribal Council, questions came up about leadership and I raised my hand to say, "Heck, I'll do it." I didn't want to be in a leadership role, but instead of resisting things like that, especially with the people in my tribe, I think it's actually better to embrace it.

–Dave Cruser

Dave and I work pretty well together. We both kinda do it in different ways. So if anything, we're... we're not being competitive about, like, who can be, like, leader.

–Peih-Gee Law

It seems that Dave is kind've the leader, the top guy. And Peih-Gee is just below him. She's kind of like the balance of power. Dave has a lot of good ideas, but if someone questions it or if someone comes up with their own idea, there's this sense that he's probably still going to go with his idea. It could get to the point where people start getting fed up and start talking about Dave and how they don't necessarily think he's a good leader any more.

–Erik Huffman

Meanwhile, at Fei Long, the tribe was working hard, except for Jean-Robert Bellande, who lay snoring in the shelter. Courtney Yates complained of his lack of work ethic in a confessional, as Amanda Kimmel and Todd Herzog met up in the woods, agreeing that the strongest players should remain in the game until the merge. They then formed a two-strong alliance to work together until, at least, the merge. In discussing their similar strategies to blend in and do what they're told, they recognised that Aaron Reisberger – the tribe's de facto leader – responded well to hard workers. In order to have a strong player on their side, the two agreed to bring Aaron into the alliance as a third, hoping to use him as a mouthpiece to get their ideas going without having to take all the heat themselves. They pulled Aaron aside, with Todd pointing out that a strong alliance was needed in the game, and he swore on his life that he'd stick with the three. Aaron agreed and they shook on it, forming the first iteration of the Fei Long Alliance.

Alright, Jean-Robert's snoring goes something like this: (mimics Jean-Robert's irritating snore) Jean-Robert, we all know, is like the D student of our tribe. He won't do anything. He gets up and then instantly has to go lay down 'cause he's so tired.

–Courtney Yates

Me and Todd made an alliance that we're gonna stick it out with each other until the end of this, because even though Todd, I think, is very devious, I've been watching him really closely and I think we have a good alliance so far, at least 'til the merge. We decided to pull Aaron into our group, so if anyone has to take a rap for anything, then it's gonna be on Aaron.

–Amanda Kimmel

Amanda and I have this game in our hands. So we have our alliance, we have exactly what I wanted to come here and do!

–Todd Herzog

Returning to the tribe, Aaron called a pow-wow to unify the tribe and plan their way forward. Jean-Robert suggested that it was a perfect time to rest, yet Aaron stopped him and told him that he needed to start pulling his weight. Jean-Robert then made the excuse that his mind was functioning perfectly well, but his body was weakened by the lack of food and sleep. However, in a confessional, he revealed that his laziness was a ploy; a long con to trick his tribe into respecting him more as would grow more useful over time.

Jean-Robert, he needs to step it up. What it up with this guy? He knows he's on the chopping block. I think it's pretty obvious around camp. He's trying to divert it, but we're not buying it.

–Leslie Nease

I'm considered one of the bad boys of poker and I absolutely am using a similar strategy in this Survivor game. I wanted to give the perception that I was a little bit lazy so that later on, when I am contributing and putting in the work effort, y'know, people are noticing, "Hey, this guy's doing beyond his normal capabilities." Even though it looks like I'm in big trouble right now, it's kinda part of the plan and I can only go up from here.

–Jean-Robert Bellande

Back at Zhan Hu, Dave had the tribe collecting mud bricks to build the fireplace. Jaime proposed starting a small fire elsewhere to get some food cooked to give the tribe energy to keep working, but Dave shot down the idea, preferring to finish the fireplace construction before working on a fire. Dave further alienated Jaime by dropping a brick into place and splashing mud all over her and Frosti Zernow. When she went to rinse off in the river, she asked Ashley Massaro and Sherea Lloyd whether their first priority should be getting some food in their systems, and the two women agreed.

I have specific goals. We still have some shelter stuff to fix, but we have enough shelter – I think that's alright. The priority now that we have flint is to get a fireplace going. That's a very realistic and achievable goal today. I want to keep goals achievable.

–Dave Cruser

All I asked was to make a little baby fire to make a handful of rice for everybody, but instead we try to build an elaborate barbeque pit. And I'm not too thrilled about it.

–Jaime Dugan

We got the flint last night at Tribal Council and we haven't even attempted to make a fire. And we're starving! It just seems like we take the longest route possible to make something happen. I'm losing faith, rapidly.

–Ashley Massaro

As Ashley and Sherea later lay in the shelter, Ashley suggested that their efforts were being put into the wrong things. However, Dave took offense, and argued that no energy was wasted in putting the fireplace together, and that he'd moved half the bricks himself, but didn't want to be building the pit around a burning fire. Ashley returned that they should get a fire started somewhere else, just so long as it was done before the rain arrived, but upon realizing that Dave wouldn't back down, stormed off, claiming that he was the leader and he could do what he wanted. However, Dave continued the debate, patronising her by asking her, "How many fires have you lit, sweetheart?" The argument escalated into bickering, with Dave eventually storming off, "Stop bitching!" to which Ashley answered that she wasn't bitching, but merely thought the tribe would agree with her that some food would be a good idea.

I don't want to fight with Ashley, and if she wants a fight, I can give her a fight. Rest of the team is great. Ashley... Oh. (sighs)

–Dave Cruser

Later that day, the two tribes were welcomed to their first Reward Challenge in a large mud pit, with Fei Long getting their first glimpse of the new Zhan Hu, with Chicken Morris voted out at the prior Tribal, which surprised Denise Martin. Jeff Probst then revealed the challenge: Chinese Checkers. In teams of three, each tribe would attempt to push one of two large wooden balls across a deep mud pit and through their opponent's goal. They were permitted to use physical contact with the other tribe to do so. The first tribe to score two goals would win the reward: fishing gear and a fishing boat. Additionally, Jeff warned the tribes that a further twist would be revealed after the challenge. Required to sit out a man to even the gender balance for Fei Long, James Clement pointed immediately at Todd, their smallest male, who sat out the challenge.

The first round, with two women and one man for each tribe, saw Aaron, Amanda, and Denise take on Erik, Jaime, and Sherea. As the rain began to fall, Fei Long edged an early advantage with Amanda being able to push one ball a few feet before Jaime intercepted. Meanwhile, the rest of the competitors were bunched up at the other ball, and despite Sherea taking down Denise, Amanda swapped balls, gaining some ground. However, this left Jaime with a ball and a wide open shot. However, Aaron intercepted and Sherea came to the defense, yet Aaron pulled the two women down, allowing Amanda, yet again, to push the ball towards the Zhan Hu goalpost. She was quickly stopped, and at the other ball, Denise pulled Jaime down into the mud, allowing Aaron to push it forward before being stopped by Erik. Jaime started a trend by pulling off Denise's shoe and throwing it across the arena, and soon Sherea had Amanda by the buff and the two other girls had the men by their underpants. As Aaron, Denise, Erik, and Jaime became entangled, Amanda got away from Sherea and was able to take a pull the ball across the Zhan Hu line to score for Fei Long. Only after the round ended did she realize that her top had been pulled down, leaving her exposed, horrifying her as she exclaimed, "My mom is going to kill me!"

In Round Two, Leslie, James, and Jean-Robert squared off against Ashley, Dave and Frosti. As Dave, Frosti and James collided at one ball and Ashley put her wrestling skills to work to out Leslie, Jean-Robert seized the opportunity to shift the ball in Fei Long's favor. Ashley soon latched on to him, but was no match for him, who was able to drag her with him as he pushed the ball forward. Leslie pried Dave off of the other ball, and Frosti managed to escape and latch on to Jean-Robert, taking him down into the mud. However, this left James free to take over Jean-Robert's ball and roll it almost unhindered to the finish line, scoring the second point and the win for Fei Long.

Upon celebrating their win, Fei Long was informed of the twist: kidnapping. They would get the opportunity to choose one member of the losing Zhan Hu tribe to stay with them until the next Immunity Challenge. Fei Long chose to kidnap Jaime, and a further twist was revealed. Jaime was given a sealed bamboo tube marked "Open in Private" for her alone to open upon reaching the Fei Long camp.

Upon returning from their loss, Zhan Hu discovered that their camp had been flooded by the rain. As the tribe waded through the mud, Frosti realized that Dave's "inferno" firepit had withstood the flooding. This served to bolster Dave's confidence in his leadership ability and the validity of his ideas.

It was like somebody just took all the water from every ocean they could find and poured it right on top of us.

–Frosti Zernow

I'm really happy I took the time to build the pit versus the fire first because this just goes to show that I had a fairly sound idea and I'm glad I stuck with it and I think it was worth the time.

–Dave Cruser

Over at Fei Long, the tribe examined their newly delivered fishing boat, as Jaime got her bearings in her new environment. Meanwhile, Todd warned Amanda and Leslie to keep a close eye on the tribe's valuable possessions (like their flint) as he'd read about stealing from one's opponents in The Art of War. His strategic thinking prompted Leslie to entertain the idea of aligning with him in the game.

At the Reward Challenge, we won fishing gear and a fishing boat and after the challenge, we picked Jaime to kidnap because she is a spark of sunshine in the tribe. Taking away Jaime from Zhan Hu could completely demoralise them.

–Aaron Reisberger

Todd, he's a sharp kid and his head is in the game. So I want Todd on my side because I think – I think we work well together as a team.

–Leslie Nease

However, Jaime was more concerned with opening the sealed bamboo tube she'd received after being kidnapped. Inside, she found a note and a second, smaller bamboo tube. The note began with a quote from The Art of War reminding the reader to understand a person's intentions before making an alliance. It went on to inform the reader that the smaller tube contained a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol for the other tribe, and they must give the clue to a member of the opposing tribe before the next challenge.

I just got put with a different tribe. They picked me and then Jeff gave me this – (holds up the sealed bamboo tube) – to go with it. The note actually has a clue for the other team and it lets them know where the Immunity Idol is, so I'm allowed to pick any member of their team I want and give it to them.

–Jaime Dugan

Returning to the Fei Long's shelter, Jaime witnessed an argument between Aaron and Jean-Robert, after the latter asked the tribe to keep the noise down because he was trying to get rest. The two openly stated their dislike for each other, which Courtney feared would get back to their opponents. Sure enough, Jaime planned to reveal the cracks of Fei Long to her tribe to boost their morale.

Jean-Robert and Aaron got into a ridiculous bitch-fight and we were all just like: (sighs) In front of the spy? Really? You just gonna give her a map to who doesn't like who? Like, we not, like, have a little solidarity for, like, two seconds while she's here?

–Courtney Yates

When I go back to my team, I'm telling, I don't know why the heck we're not winning because when I've seen what I've seen, we should be winning.

–Jaime Dugan

Back at Zhan Hu, Dave continued to obsess over his firepit, suggesting that they pour the frash mud over the structure to act as mortar. Ashley asked what she could do, and Dave instructed her to break up firewood and began pointing out the piles of wood. Ashley interjected sharply, asking not to be told more than one thing at a time. Dave argued back that he was just giving her one task, and yet again, the two erupted into an argument as Ashley called him out on his attitude. Eventually, the mutual passive aggression resulted in Dave walking out, leaving Sherea and Ashley doubting his leadership abilities.

I do think that Dave is wrong in the way that he talks down to Ashley, telling her what to do. Y'know, you can't force adults around, really, not too much without pissing them off.

–Sherea Lloyd

I believe that Dave is gonna shoot himself in the foot. He's not a good leader because he's the most irritating person on the planet. He's just so patronizing.

–Ashley Massaro

Day 5

The following morning at Fei Long, Leslie was struggling with physical illness. Jaime, meanwhile, had made her decision about the clue to the idol, and chose to give it to Leslie, viewing her as Fei Long's weakest member. Jaime pulled Leslie aside and handed her the first clue and warned her not to tell anybody else about it. Invigorated by the gift, Leslie later read the clue alone: What is thought to be hidden may sometimes be seen. Though their eyes are not, yours must be keen. As Leslie began her search, the identity of the Idol was revealed to the audience: a wooden plaque attached to the archway leading into camp.

The last few days I have been really sick. I just feel dirty, I feel miserable. It's just hard because I don't have my Bible and I know that if I could read it, and just spend some time with God, it would be great, but... I mean, He has me here for a reason, so I'm gonna keep fighting.

–Leslie Nease

My strategy, as far as the clue goes, is that I want to give it to who I think is their weakest link, just so that I keep their team weaker.

–Jaime Dugan

I feel like the Lord really gave me a gift with the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Wow. This is... This is a really big deal. I feel really confident that I could find the Hidden Immunity Idol. In the clue, it said it's obvious and I think, y'know, this is probably something we see every day and we'd never consider that it would be the Hidden Immunity Idol.

–Leslie Nease

Day 6

At Fei Long, Leslie was doubting her ability to find the Idol on her own, and decided to use the clue to gain leverage long-term. Ironically standing in the shadow of the Idol, Leslie disclosed the secret to Todd in order to gain his trust. Although he agreed, he revealed in a confessional that if Leslie had to leave, then he'd be the only one to know about the Idol, which was his optimal scenario.

I'm looking everywhere for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Looking for something that would be obvious. My mom used to always say, "If it was a snake, it would have bit you." And I feel like that's what it's like. If it was a snake, it would have bit me by now. I think what I really want to do with this information that I have is use it to gain someone's trust. It has to be someone who's witty, somebody who can think and Todd's pretty witty, so I want to team up with him. I told Todd that the Idol is here, so we're gonna team up and use it together and I trust him.

–Leslie Nease

I can't believe she told me! I'm in shock! I would never tell anybody! What was she thinking? Leslie's sick, so if she goes, I'll be the only one that knows about it, so my goal is to find that thing as fast as I can and if Leslie gets sick and has to leave, I'll be the only one that knows about it and that's fantastic.

–Todd Herzog

The tribes then met for the Immunity Challenge, where Jaime thanked Fei Long for their hospitality and rejoined Zhan Hu. Taking the Immunity Idol back from Fei Long, Jeff revealed the challenge: Gatecrasher. Each tribe would use a large battering ram to break through two gates, and then maneuver the log through a shaft by solving a maze etched into the surface of the log. Once solving the maze, the tribe would use the ram to ring a gong, with the first tribe to do so winning Immunity. As the challenge only required six competitors from each tribe, Courtney and Leslie sat out for Fei Long and Jaime sat out for Zhan Hu.

Fei Long was the first tribe through the first gate, but Zhan Hu was close behind, chanting their tribe name to keep rhythm. However, Dave's energy quickly plummeted at the second gate. As Fei Long burst through the second gate and began working on the maze, Frosti swapped places with weary Dave (who was at the front of the ram), giving Zhan Hu the opportunity to make up some ground as they broke through their final gate. Despite their lead, Fei Long reached a dead end on the maze, giving Zhan Hu the chance to narrow the gap and briefly take the lead until they too reached a dead end. Under the guidance of Aaron and Todd, Fei Long solved the puzzle and ran to the ram into the gong, winning Immunity and their third straight challenge.

Zhan Hu returned glumly to camp, and Dave apologized to the tribe explaining that he lost his footing, rhythm and subsequently power, and thanked Frosti for taking the initiative to swap places. However, Dave was not concerned about his place in the game, certain that Ashley would be voted out. Ashley, on the other hand, knew she was on the line, but planned to wait until Tribal Council to try to reason with the tribe, instead of scrambling madly beforehand.

I feel really bad because, y'know, we blew it today and I... I feel like I let the tribe down. I take full responsibility for the challenge today. At the same time, the last six days haven't been about one challenge. It's been about day in, day out in camp, and how you contribute and what your attitude's like. I'm fairly confident how things are going to go this evening. Y'know, you reap what you sow. Nothing's carved into stone yet, but I'm pretty confident I'm not going home.

–Dave Cruser

I know that Dave is the pushing for me at tonight's Tribal Council. At this point, I see my options are this: I could either confront everybody, act like a crazy woman and say - (crazy nagging sounds) – and make myself look like an idiot. Or I could keep my head together, go to Tribal Council and tell everyone, like, look, Dave is a crazy person.

–Ashley Massaro

Meanwhile, Erik, Jaime and Sherea discussed which way to vote. Erik felt that Dave's strength was an asset, but Jaime pointed out his poor performance at the challenge, and preferred to keep Ashley. However, all three agreed that the problematic pair needed to be split up to reduce the conflict in camp, and regardless of whether Ashley or Dave went home, that goal would be achieved.

The vote is probably dead-even between Ashley and Dave. It puts me in a hard place because Ashley's my friend, but then Dave's such a hard worker and he knows what he's doing out here. So I'm not really sure what's going to happen tonight.

–Jaime Dugan

At Tribal Council, Jeff first asked Frosti about the effects of the tribe's leadership election at the last council. He answered that Dave had already taken on the leadership role, but he was worried he might have gone too far and done too much, leading Dave to say that it was "a hard habit to kick." Ashley rolled her eyes and pointed out that she and Dave had personality conflicts, but that she respected him as a leader and would ask questions "even if [she wasn't] supposed to." Dave agreed that people should feel free to ask questions, and welcomed the tribe to do so in order to improve camp. However, Ashley turned it back by pointing out how patronizing he was towards his tribe in treating them like children.

Asked if the problems with Dave's leadership were only felt by her, Ashley countered that many others felt the same way, due to Dave's circular talking and martyred leadership. Dave answered that his leadership skills were rusty, and he was just trying to do the best he could. Jaime was asked if Dave was trying to prove too much rather than lead effectively, and she believed it was the former, citing his constant working from dawn until dusk. She added that the way he talked to people was sometimes "intimidating" and Dave interjected to say that he'd asked the tribe to "check" him if he was out of line. Ashley noted that he'd immediately gone into "defense mode."

Sherea then added that she hadn't had any fun in the last six days, and that she'd barely gotten to know her tribemates, claiming she didn't even know Dave, Frosti, or Peih-Gee's surnames. Dave countered that that was because they were working hard, and Sherea asked him if he'd heard what she'd just said. She then stated that the tribe had never come together to decide the gameplan, and weren't working together. She concluded by using Ashley as an example, pointing out how Dave would always snap back at her anytime she said something, and Ashley agreed, pointing out that his actions had put her on the chopping block.

Asked what she was basing her vote on, Ashley bluntly answered that she was voting for Dave. He added that he expected more than one vote to come his way, but felt that if Ashley went home instead, there would be fewer "eggshells" to walk on, and added that he only had conflict with Ashley.

The vote then began. Erik and Sherea cast their votes, followed by Dave, voting for Ashley. Frosti voted next, followed by Ashley who returned a vote to Dave. Peih-Gee and Jaime cast their votes, before Jeff tallied the results.

In a unanimous vote, Ashley was voted out, becoming the second person out of Survivor: China. Telling Dave she would "see him soon," she brought Jeff her torch, which he snuffed, eliminating her from the game.


Challenge: Chinese Checkers
Three players from each tribe (with even gender matches) attempt to push one of two large wooden 'balls' released by Probst across a waterlogged field to the finish line to score a point. Physical contact is allowed, intentionally causing injury is not. First tribe to two wins.
Reward: Fishing gear, a fishing boat and kidnapping a member from the other team.
Winner: Fei Long (kidnapped Jaime Dugan)

Challenge: Gatecrasher
Each tribe uses a puzzle log to break through two sets of gates; then, they must turn, pull and push the puzzle log to navigate a maze that is worked into the surface of the log. Once the log is cleared from the maze station, the first tribe to hit a gong at the end of the course wins immunity.
Winner: Fei Long

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Zhan Hu
S15 ashley t
Ashley (6 votes)
S15 dave tS15 erik tS15 frosti t
S15 jaime tS15 peihgee tS15 sherea t
Dave, Erik, Frosti, Jaime, Peih-Gee, Sherea
S15 dave t
Dave (1 vote)
S15 ashley t
S15 ashley bw
Ashley Massaro

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Ashley) Any different setting or circumstance, you might be having famous fun. I wish you the best of luck.


(voting for Dave) I'm voting for Derek Zoolander. Oh, I mean Dave. Enough said.


Final Words

I think I got voted out because of a personal conflict with our leader and Dave is going to show them the reason that he shouldn't be in control, and I guarantee you that I see him on the flip side way sooner than he imagined. Dave... if I had one word to describe him, he'd be a tool because that is the perfect word for him. He's a tool.

Ashley Massaro

Still in the Running

S15 chicken bw
S15 ashley bw
Fei Long
S15 aaron t
Fei Long
S15 amanda t
Fei Long
S15 courtney t
Zhan Hu
S15 dave t
Fei Long
S15 denise t
Zhan Hu
S15 erik t
Zhan Hu
S15 frosti t
Zhan Hu
S15 jaime t
Fei Long
S15 james t
Fei Long
S15 jeanrobert t
Fei Long
S15 leslie t
Zhan Hu
S15 peihgee t
Zhan Hu
S15 sherea t
Fei Long
S15 todd t


  • The Immunity Challenge is the only tribal challenge of the season where both tribes sat out a member.
  • The title of the episode is said by Amanda at the first Reward Challenge after she realized that she went unwittingly went through the it while topless.