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Moto Maji
Moto maji tribal council
Tribe Profile
Season Africa
Namesake Swahili words for "fire"
and "water" respectively
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 20
Tribes Merged ██ Boran
██ Samburu
Lowest Placing Member Clarence Black (10/16)
Highest Placing Member Ethan Zohn (Winner)
Moto Maji Flag
Moto maji buff

Moto Maji was the merged tribe of Boran and Samburu from Survivor: Africa.

The tribe color is teal.


S3 brandon tS3 clarence tS3 ethan tS3 frank t
S3 kelly tS3 kimj tS3 kimp tS3 lex t
S3 teresa tS3 tom t

Tribe HistoryEdit

In the episode Will There Be a Feast Tonight? (Episode 7), on Day 20, both tribes received Tree Mail about the upcoming immunity challenge. Members of both tribes, however, were unsure if the merge was to come, as the latest twist in the game left them wondering if the merge would happen at the normal time. Upon arriving at the challenge, Probst shocked the 10 remaining castaways by asking them to drop their buffs, as they had finally merged. The castaways received new, green buffs, and celebrated making it to the merge. It was decided that the Boran camp was where the new tribe would live for the duration of the game. The tribe immediately took on their first individual immunity challenge. It came down to Teresa and Clarence, and the two decided to play a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine the winner. Teresa beat Clarence, and Clarence eliminated himself, giving immunity to Teresa.

Returning to the Boran camp, the castaways decorated their new flag, where Lex decided on the name "Moto Maji", which meant fire and water. The entire tribe bonded over food they received for making the merge, with the exception of Frank, who alienated himself from the tribe, feeling as though he did not fit in. The next day, before Tribal Council, the original Borans decided to vote out Clarence, who was a physical threat as well as an alliance outsider since the beginning. Lex told him of their plans, which Kelly did not agree with. Teresa promised Clarence she would not vote against him with everyone else, and at Tribal Council, the two voted against Lex, which shocked him. But ultimately, Clarence received the remaining eight votes, thus sending him packing.

The First 21 Days (Africa Recap) - aired 11/29/2001

Episode 9-10Edit

In Smoking Out the Snake (Episode 9), upon returning from Tribal Council, Lex approached everyone asking them if they were the mystery voter who voted against him with Clarence. However, everyone denied it. He did not realize it had actually been Teresa, who also lied about the incident. The next day, Ethan won the Reward Challenge, and the day after that, he got to chose one person to accompany him on the reward. He chose Lex for being the closest to beating him, and the two set off on the reward. At camp, Teresa and Frank reluctantly approached Kim P. and Brandon, whom they had problems with on the original Samburu tribe, to form an alliance out of necessity, as the original Borans had a 5-4 advantage over the original Samburus. The next day, Ethan won the Immunity Challenge.

At camp, Lex came to a wrong conclusion that Kelly was the mystery voter, and he and his alliance decided to turn on her. Realizing that her only hope was to align with the Samburus, Kelly did just that, and that gave them the 5-4 advantage. Lex, however, approached Brandon, who had reservations about joining the voting bloc with Frank and Teresa, to vote with them against Kelly. At Tribal Council, Brandon was the swing vote between the two four-person voting blocs, and ultimately decided to go with the Borans, eliminating Kelly in a 5-4 vote, and shocking her, Kim P., and Teresa. Kelly became the first jury member.

In Dinner, Movie and a Betrayal (Episode 10), At the following reward challenge, Brandon and Frank won the challenge. Lex wins the Immunity Challenge. At the Tribal Council, Brandon's treachery though, made both alliances distrust him, and the two factions joined forces, voting him out by a vote of 6-2, despite Lex's campaign not to do so. Brandon became the second jury member.

Episode 11-14Edit

In We Are Family (Episode 11), the Survivor Auction commenced. Lex wins the immunity challenge. Frank was voted off by a vote of 6-1 and became the third jury member.

In The Big Adventure (Episode 12), Lex won the reward challenge and invited Tom on the reward. Tom won the immunity challenge. Kim P. was voted of 4-2 and became the fourth jury member.

In Truth Be Told (Episode 13), Lex won the reward challenge. Lex also won the immunity challenge. Teresa was voted off by a vote of 4-1 and became the fifth jury member.

In The Final Four: No Regrets (season finale), Kim J. wins both immunity challenges. Tom was voted off by a vote of 3-1 and became the sixth jury member. At the penultimate tribal council, Kim J. voted off Lex, 1-0, making him the final/7th jury member.  Kim J. and Ethan faced the jury.

At the Survivor: Africa Reunion Show, Ethan was announced as the winner by a vote of 5-2 and losing Brandon and Kim P.'s votes.



  • Moto Maji was the first merged tribe that had an uneven number of people from each original tribe.
  • Moto Maji is also the first merged tribe to have an unequal number of men and women; there are six men, and four women.
  • Moto Maji was the first tribe to contain contestants that were part of a tribe switch.
  • Moto Maji was the first tribe to have two words instead of one.
  • Moto Maji is the third green tribe.
    • Moto Maji is the 2nd ever merged green tribe.
    • It would be the last merged green tribe until Dabu.
  • Moto Maji is the first merged tribe in which the highest ranking member and the lowest ranking member are the same gender.
  • Lex was the one who named this tribe, as a pun trying to imply that everyone would be in hot water at one point of the game.


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