Moto Maji Tribal Council
Tribe Profile
Namesake: Swahili words for "fire" and "water" respectively
Tribe Type: Merged Tribe
Day Formed: Day 20
Tribes Merged: Boran
Lowest Placing Member: Clarence Black (10/16)
Highest Placing Member: Ethan Zohn (Winner)

Moto Maji Flag

Tribe Sigil

Moto Maji has no sigil.


MotoMaji Buff (replica)

Moto Maji is the merged tribe of Survivor: Africa. Their tribe color is green.


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S3 frank tS3 kelly tS3 kimj tS3 kimp t
S3 lex tS3 teresa tS3 tom t

Tribe History

The Moto Maji tribe was born moments before the Day 20 Immunity Challenge. Six hours into the endurance challenge, Clarence brokered a deal with Teresa to let him win the challenge, having no allies and and being branded as a physical threat in future challenges. Despite Teresa's initial reservations, she and Clarence played a single-round game of Rock-paper-scissors to determine the winner. Clarence was defeated, winning Teresa the challenge. The merged tribe agreed to move to the old Boran camp.

The next day, Lex deliberately claimed to Clarence the tribe unanimously agreed to vote him out, citing his strength in challenges, to the ire of Kelly and Kim J., with the latter wanting to target outcast Frank instead. Despite his efforts to convince his fellow ex-Borans to take advantage of their 6-4 majority over the ex-Samburus, both factions sent Clarence home in an 8-2 vote. Teresa, who promised to not vote for Clarence, cast the same vote as him: Lex.

On Day 22, a disgruntled Lex attempted to identify who cast the second vote against him. He mistakenly accused Kelly of casting the mystery vote, which Kelly vehemently denied. At the Reward Challenge, Ethan won a trip to town and two goats to be bartered for any object he wished to buy. As a last minute surprise, Ethan was tasked to pick a companion to join him. Disliking the prospect of political backlash, Ethan begrudgingly picked Lex by virtue of him finishing second at the challenge. Back at camp, while the tribe was elated by the absence of the unpopular Lex, old tribal lines seemed to be reconsidered, with the Borans and Samburus regrouping. On Day 24, Ethan won his second challenge, this time for immunity. Back at camp, Lex was convinced that Kelly cast his mystery vote and campaigned to his fellow Borans that she had defected. Fed up by Lex's misguided instincts, Kelly returned the favor by actually flipping to the Samburu alliance. Unbeknownst to her, the Samburu alliance had cracks of its own, notably Brandon's disdain of Frank's outlandish personality. In the end, Brandon's refusal to be in an alliance with Frank swung him to the Boran side, sending a blindsided Kelly to the jury in a decisive 5-4 vote. Brandon immediately found himself in hot water for switching his vote.

The next day, the survivors were tasked to pair up for the Reward Challenge. To each other's disappointment, Brandon and Frank ended up pairing with each other. In a surprise turn of events, the unlikely duo dominated and ended up winning the challenge, winning themselves a movie date, a feat that was seen as hilarious and awkward by their tribemates. With Brandon away, Ethan and Tom expressed to Lex they distrust the bartender, while Lex argued otherwise, leading Ethan and Tom to question Lex's own allegiance. Realizing his protectiveness of Brandon had put him in jeopardy, Lex went on to win the Immunity Challenge on Day 27. Despite Lex's attempts to save Brandon, the Borans joined forces with the Samburus, voting Brandon out, 6-2.

Over the next three days, Tom and Ethan continued to question Lex's loyalty even after Brandon's elimination, thus forcing Lex to win the next Immunity Challenge on Day 30. Back at camp, Teresa proposed to Kim J. to vote off the congenial Ethan in hopes to save the eccentric Frank. Unable to sway Kim J., Teresa had no choice but to join the tribe in eliminating Frank in an emotionally-charged Tribal Council.

The Day 31 Reward Challenge required the survivors to answer a set of personal questions which their family had previously been asked through videotape. Displaying great familiarity with his wife, Lex won this third challenge in a row, winning himself a two-day resort accommodation at the Masai Mara and a hot air balloon ride the next to watch the migrating wildebeest, all charged to Jeff's credit card. Lex chose Tom to join him in an attempt to make amends. At the Immunity Challenge on Day 33, which challenged the survivors to throw a traditional African weapon called rungus, Tom was unstoppable force, winning him the challenge. Back at camp, Teresa continued to persuade Jim J. to join her and Kim P. in voting out Lex, believing Tom, who was still holding a grudge on Lex for protecting Brandon, will join them. However, the Borans held strong, and Kim P., believed to more fit to win challenges than Teresa, was voted out, 4-2, leaving the latter as the last remaining original Samburu left.

At the Day 35 Reward Challenge, the survivors competed for a car and the role of ambassador to a hospital, to which the winner will donate medical supplies, citing Kenya's growing AIDS problem. Teresa became emotional, as her brother died of the said disease. Lex won the challenge, brewing jealousy among the remaining four players, particularly Tom. With Lex gone for the day, Kim J. finally contemplated on turning on Lex, approaching Ethan if he was open to it. Lex returned to camp and felt the tension, but Kim J. once again retracted and shot down Lex's doubts herself.

The next Immunity Challenge consisted of elements from past challenges. In a tight race between Lex and Ethan, Lex won his third Immunity Challenge, securing him another day. Desperate to save herself, Teresa finally admitted to Lex she was Lex's mystery voter at Moto Maji's first Tribal Council, and also warned him about Tom secretly gunning after him. Though she fought valiantly, Teresa, the last remaining Samburu, was voted out, 4-1. Back at camp, Lex confronted Tom about him secretly plotting against him.

With paranoia expected to sink in further, Lex and Tom finally settled their differences. the next day. The next Immunity Challenge was held at Tribal Council, where the final four was quizzed about their fallen comrades. Kim won her first challenge, while Tom, who was viewed as charming and secretly manipulative, was voted out, 3-1.

Dawn of Day 38, Jeff arrived at camp, informing the final three about the rites of passage ceremony to be led by the real-lfe Samburu tribe, where they will pay respects to the thirteen fallen castaways before competing in their Final Immunity Challenge. Lex, who was up all night because of stomach pains, struggled at the challenge before stumbling after three hours, leaving Ethan and Kim to vie for the final immunity. In the end, Kim won her second consecutive challenge. Ultimately, Kim chose Ethan join her in the final two, voting out Lex. 

At the Final Tribal Council, Kim was lauded for her motherly role but was criticized for her passive approach to the game; while Ethan was praised for his amiable personality and challenge strength, but was criticized for his lack of deep social relationships beside Lex and Tom. The jury voted, and in a 5-2 decision, Ethan won the title of Sole Survivor, garnering the votes of Kelly, Frank, Teresa, Tom, and Lex.



  • Moto Maji is the first merged tribe that had an uneven number of people from each original tribe, with six members of the original Boran and four members of the original Samburu.
  • Moto Maji is also the first merged tribe to have an unequal number of men and women; the tribe contained six men and four women.
  • Moto Maji is the first two-word merged tribe.