Morgan tribe
Tribe Profile
Namesake: Sir Henry Morgan
Tribe Type: Starting tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Drake
The Outcasts
Tribe Status: Merged with Drake on Day 20
Challenge Wins: 4
Lowest Placing Member: Nicole Delma (16/16)
Highest Placing Member: Lillian Morris (Runner-Up)


Tribe Sigil

Morgan has no sigil.


Morgan Buff

Morgan was one of the two starting tribes from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Best known for being one of the most dysfunctional tribes ever put together in Survivor history, most of the tribe proved to be inept in the game's survival aspect from the very beginning, which reflected in the early challenge losing streak, swiftly decimating themselves to five members. After suffering nine days of immense failure, the tribe managed to turn the game around after the rival Drake tribe threw the fourth Immunity Challenge, giving the Morgan tribe a chance to rebound, forcing the Drakes to also lose three members. Their tribe color was orange.


Original Tribe

S7 andrew tS7 darrah tS7 lillian tS7 nicole t
S7 osten tS7 ryano tS7 ryans tS7 tijuana t


S7 andrew tS7 darrah t
S7 lillian tS7 ryano tS7 tijuana t
  • Andrew Savage
  • Darrah Johnson
  • Lillian Morris
  • Ryan Opray
  • Tijuana Bradley

Tribe History

While aboard the ship that took the contestants to the Pearl Islands under the impression they would be going to take publicity photos, the tribe was formed by Jeff Probst with the following castaways (in the order they were called upon): Darrah, Osten, Lillian, Ryan S., Tijuana, Ryan O., Nicole, and Andrew. Shortly after, Probst told the contestants to get off the ship with a bag of 100 Panamanian money Balboas and take it to buy whatever necessities are needed in a nearby fishing village for their survival in the wilderness for the next thirty-nine days. Unlike Drake, who cleverly bartered and flourished thanks to Sandra's Spanish-speaking skills, the Morgan tribe failed to communicate with village members and foolishly left their raft of footwear next to Drake member Rupert, who was guarding for Drake's items. Rupert pillaged all the footwear and sold them to villagers for more Balboas and items. In a shop, in which the tribe met together and caught a glimpse at Drake, the tribe failed to communicate and give more Balboas to the complaining Tijuana. Osten sold most of his clothes as bartering items.

Hours before sundown, with little to no supplies, the tribe hired a boatman to take them to their camp with Ryan S. complaining they did not take advantage of the opportunity to control their own fate as a tribe in the game. After they got off the boat they began discussing what plan of action they were going to take. Morgan's ineptitude at camp life showed early on, Osten was quick to start barking orders at his tribe to find a perfect campsite, in which they foolishly selected a cliffside believing it would be efficient and would take less time to construct it, which was inhabited by a family of hermit crabs. Lillian was ordered to get a fire started in which she used a lighter to do so revealing that her troops at home would be disappointed in her for doing so. Tijuana alerted the tribe that there wasn't a sufficient amount of water available to them at that moment and that they should go find some to boil in the pot and drink. The tribe failed to realize the path to the water was located on the map Jeff gave them earlier, adding insult to injury. At night, Morgan had some troubles at their camp. They couldn't sleep, on account of the shelter not being situated in an efficient area or fashion as rocks were falling from above, and hermit crabs were biting them.

On the morning of Day 2, Tijuana suggested that they go scavenge for water as they barely had any. The male tribe members were insistent they should stay and finish the shelter, which was a penthouse suite they attempting to build, before going out to look however. Tijuana then discovered the map that was given to them by Jeff had the path to the location of the fresh water the whole time without noticing. The other members of the tribe were very shocked that they could have found the essential water they needed a long time ago and everybody was on board for looking now that they knew where exactly to find it. Ryan S. told Lillian that he was angry they didn't check the map earlier. Lillian told Ryan S. that she is used to acting and looking like a scout and because she's failing to do that out in the wild they will critique her heavily when she gets home which Ryan S. found amusing. Lillian and Ryan S. were very excited when they finally found the water and brought some back for the rest of the tribe. Ryan S. reveals he thinks he is Lillian's only friend on the tribe and Lillian confirms that only Ryan S. has befriended her.

The following day at the Morgan tribe, Ryan S., Nicole, and Darrah went out to check the Tree Mail. They found an orange boat with a treasure chest in it. Nicole opened the chest to find a piece of paper. The Tree Mail told them the game was on and the upcoming important Immunity Challenge would be a test of brains and brawn. Andrew gave the tribe a pep talk reminding them that the challenge won't last long and that they just need to focus to succeed. Nicole suggested that Andrew lead the tribe so that they stay coordinated in challenges. The tribe then got on their boat and headed for the challenge. At the Immunity Challenge, the Morgan tribe was confident to battle the Drake tribe, which was called Cannon Carry. Nicole held the Morgan flag and Darrah held the Morgan torch. The Morgan tribe was trailing in the first three obstacle courses, which consisted of getting the cannon parts through two fences, clearing a path of rocks to get it through and dragging it through thick mud. The Morgan tribe was still behind running to the finish line, but the Drake's cannon got stuck in the sand allowing Morgan to catch up. Unfortunately, the Morgan tribe got stuck as well just feet away from the finish line and the Drake managed to pull off a victory and were very cocky about it.

The tribe had lost their first challenge. Andrew told the rest they would pick themselves up, learn from it, and beat the other tribe the next challenge remembering how cocky Drake was when they won. Nicole, Tijuana, and Darrah were talking about the vote out and Andrew and Ryan O. joined them. Andrew told the girls he saw Ryan S. back at the camp quit on himself. Tijuana brought up that Lillian worked hard when around camp, but that they could all accomplish the same amount. Andrew said if the other challenges are strenuous keeping Lillian is a big mistake and wondered if Lillian could handle it or if they would keep Ryan S. Lillian discussed with Ryan S. stating she didn't fit in with anybody there. Ryan S. told Lillian to hang in there as the game changes every day. Nicole talked with Lillian and told her she felt Tijuana needed to go as the guys shouldn't go since still building the shelter. Lillian rushed to Andrew and Ryan O. and informed them that Nicole wanted to vote out Tijuana, because she is bugging her, which the guys found as a bad move. Andrew told Tijuana about Nicole's plans. Tijuana then approached and confronted Nicole. Nicole denied that she said she would vote Tijuana off that night. At Tribal Council, Nicole was deemed untrustworthy and voted out in a 7-1 vote.

A New Hope

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The Return of The Outcasts

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