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Mogo Mogo
Tribe Profile
Season All-Stars
Namesake Isla Mogo Mogo, Pearl Islands
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) ██ Chapera
██ Saboga
Tribe Status Merged with Chapera on Day 25
Challenge Wins 7
Lowest Placing Member Jenna Morasca (16/18)
Highest Placing Member Shii Ann Huang (6/18)
Mogo mogo insignia

Mogo Mogo was a tribe from Survivor: All-Stars.

Like its rival the Saboga tribe, Mogo Mogo had two winners within its roster (Richard Hatch from Borneo and Jenna Morasca from The Amazon), though it was the most diverse in terms of previous season representatives. By the time the tribes merged, those on Mogo Mogo had all been switched to the Chapera tribe. Their tribe color is green. This tribe was ruled by the Mogo Mogo Alliance



S8 colby tS8 jennam tS8 kathy t
S8 lex tS8 richard tS8 shiiann t

Post-Saboga DissolveEdit

On Day 13, Mogo Mogo absorbed two members of the dismantled Saboga tribe.

S8 colby tS8 ethan tS8 jerri t
S8 kathy tS8 lex tS8 richard tS8 shiiann t

Post-Tribe ShuffleEdit

On Day 22, a tribal swap assigned the following castaways to Mogo Mogo:

S8 alicia tS8 jennal t
S8 robm tS8 rupert tS8 tom t

Tribe HistoryEdit

The plotting started almost as soon as Mogo Mogo hit the beach, with the women planning a pre-emptive alliance against the men. However, when Richard Hatch overheard Jenna Morasca and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien scheming, the tribe aired its dirty laundry and agreed to put all talk of alliances on the back-burner for the time being. The tribe settled in, with Richard acting as a provider for the tribe. Mogo Mogo was also consistent in challenges, routinely placing second and avoiding Tribal Council. However, the game took a back seat to real life when Mogo Mogo became concerned with the well-being of ailing tribe member Jenna M. It became apparent that Jenna M. was preoccupied with thoughts of her mother, who was fighting a losing battle with cancer back home. After weighing her options, Jenna M. left the game to be with her mother on Day nine. Mogo Mogo was reduced to five members.

On Day thirteen, Mogo Mogo won the Reward Challenge that gave it the right to choose members from the dismantled Saboga tribe. The tribe chose Ethan Zohn and Jerri Manthey, under the pretense of eliminating Ethan as a threat. However, when Mogo Mogo lost the next Immunity Challenge, Colby Donaldson turned on Richard and swayed the tribe against him. Richard attempted to stage a comeback by making an alliance with the women, but it was no use. Richard was voted out in a unanimous 6-1 landslide.

Mogo Mogo's next trip to Tribal Council came on Day nineteen, after losing a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge that allowed Chapera to kidnap Kathy and prevent her from attending Tribal Council. Colby pushed to have his old rival Jerri voted off, but instead, Lex van den Berghe seized power within the tribe and betrayed his former ally. Colby was voted out, 3-2.

When asked by Tree Mail to select an ambassador to go scope out the remaining tribe's camp, Mogo Mogo chose Kathy, knowing she had already created rapport with Chapera, and thus would not be viewed with hostility. Kathy was to select three items to take from the Chapera camp in the event that Mogo Mogo won that afternoon's reward challenge; she chose their parachute, blanket, and tarp, but Mogo Mogo would go on to lose that challenge and in the process, their grill, Hawaiian sling, and one bag of rice were taken by Chapera. The loss of their rice was considered a particularly harsh blow by many members of the tribe.

As Colby's only remaining former ally, Ethan found himself in a similar precarious position to the one he'd been in at Saboga. Ethan appealed to his former ally, Lex, to vote out Jerri and keep him instead. When Mogo Mogo lost its third consecutive Immunity Challenge, however, Lex's alliance disposed of Ethan in a 4-1 vote. On Day 22, the tribe received a Tree Mail along with body paint, leading the castaways to believe a merge was imminent. Instead, the tribes were shuffled: by coincidence, Amber Brkich was the only castaway to remain on her original tribe while all other castaways were reversed. This meant that Jerri, Kathy, Lex, and Shii Ann Huang were no longer members of Mogo Mogo—and, as a result, the new incarnation of Mogo Mogo was comprised entirely of former members of Chapera—Alicia, Jenna L., Rob M., Rupert, and Tom.

Mogo Mogo won the next Immunity Challenge, a trivia contest, leading Rob M. to assume that Chapera would vote off Amber at the next Tribal Council. Spurred by this, Rob told Lex after the challenge that he would reward Lex if Lex protected Amber.

Not knowing Amber's fate, Rob struck a side deal with Alicia Calaway. Amber, however, had survived the most recent Tribal Council. On Day 26, the tribes merged into Chaboga Mogo, the name being a portmanteau of the starting tribe's names. As the tribes merged Rob and Amber were reunited.

Following the merge, the original Mogo Mogo members—Lex, Kathy, and Shii Ann were largely Pagonged by the Chapera majority (Shii Ann's elimination was delayed by one Tribal Council when she won immunity as the only remaining member of the original Mogo Mogo).

Tribe campEdit

The three tribes on Survivor: All Stars started out with equal, albeit very bleak, living conditions. Each tribe was given only a machete, a bucket, and a map to a well containing contaminated water which must be boiled before drinking. Eventually, all three tribes were given a tool kit and instructed to use it to build a shelter, and the tribe with the best shelter would win a reward.

The Mogo Mogo tribe built a sturdy shelter that kept them dry, but was judged as inferior to the Chapera tribe. As a result, the tribe did not win the reward of comfort items. The tribe ultimately did not win very many reward challenges and as a result the tribe memebers hoped to live at the Chapera camp when the merge came. However, both tribes were instead forced to move to the former Saboga camp to spend the remainder of their days.



  • In terms of distribution of castaways per season, Mogo Mogo was the most diverse tribe on Survivor: All-Stars, boasting one castaway from each of the first six seasons. Mogo Mogo was also the original tribe of Shii Ann Huang, the only castaway from Survivor: Thailand.
  • Mogo Mogo was very consistent in challenges: out of seven challenges in which all three tribes originally competed, Mogo Mogo placed second in five.
  • Mogo Mogo was considered by the castaways to have had the worst of the three original camps. Chapera was able to fashion a comfortable and functional camp in the shelter-building challenge on Day 7, and Saboga's camp was near a grove of plantains. Mogo Mogo's camp, on the other hand, was described by Jenna Lewis as a "crap camp," located near nettles and teeming with mosquitoes.
  • On the morning of the tribal shuffle, the Mogo Mogo tribe was given a jar of green body paint as part of Tree Mail. Due to the lack of explicit instructions, Mogo Mogo opted to bring the paint with them to the event rather than use it on themselves.
  • Mogo Mogo is the only green tribe in the show's history to not produce the show's winner or ever have the winner at any point due to a tribe switch. In fact, Amber Brkich was the only member of the merged tribe to have never been a member of Mogo Mogo.
  • Mogo Mogo went the second longest without voting someone out with 15 days. The longest is Tandang from Philippines, with 19 days.
  • The Bulgarian version of Survivor also had a tribe named Mogo Mogo.
  • The French version Koh-Lanta: Panama starter tribe was also named Mogo, a shorter version of Mogo Mogo. Its rival tribe, coincidentally, was named Chapera.
  • After the tribe switch on Day 22, there were no more original Mogo Mogo members left at Mogo Mogo camp, as all the remaining original members were sent to the Chapera tribe.
  • Mogo Mogo was the first tribe to have a repeating name.
  • Mogo Mogo is the third starting tribe to have two words in its name, following Sook Jai and Chuay Gahn.
  • Mogo Mogo is the fourth green tribe.
  • Mogo Mogo has many similarities to Kalabaw from Survivor: Philippines:
    • Both tribes won all the Immunity Challenges when there were three tribes.
    • Both tribes lost their first member due to them having to withdraw under serious circumstances.
    • Both tribes had seven members after one tribe was absorbed.
    • Both tribes lost most of the challenges post-absorption.
    • Both tribes had three post-absorption members enter the merge, two were middle-aged and the other one of which was in their 20's.
    • Both tribes were the first tribe to have all of their original members eliminated, with their highest-ranking member being unanimously voted out and finishing in 6th.
  • This is the only tribe on All-Stars to not have a 4-time returnee.
  • Mogo Mogo is the fifth tribe to have its lowest and highest placing members be women.
  • Mogo Mogo is Colby Donaldson's second green-colored starting tribe, following Ogakor of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


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