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The success of Survivor has led to several references across different forms of media in popular culture, particularly in American society, over the years.


30 Rock

  • In an episode titled "The Baby Show", Cerie becomes engaged to a man named Aris, an indirect reference to Survivor: Panama contestants Cirie Fields and Aras Baskauskas.
  • In an episode titled "MILF Island", everyone becomes obsessed with a Survivor parody of the same name. The TGS crew also have to choose a scapegoat, mimicking a tribe discussing whom to vote out.
  • In an episode titled "Don Geiss, America and Hope", Jack lists Rob Mariano as one of the reasons that Boston is the greatest city in the world.
  • In an episode titled "Murphy Brown Lied to Us", Jack learns that American engineers only know how to build roller coasters and Survivor challenges.


  • In an episode titled "High Steaks", Josh ditches Judy on Survivor night, forcing Judy to watch with Eve. Later on, Josh and Judy watch the Final Tribal Council together.

The Amanda Show

  • The segment "Stranded" is a parody of Survivor, featuring characters stranded in a strange location. The characters are forced to live with each other and outlast all the rest.

Celebrity Death Match

Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • In an episode titled "The Survivor", the primary joke is that a rabbi says one of his friends is "a survivor", Larry assumes he means a Holocaust survivor, but it is actually Survivor contestant Colby Donaldson playing himself.

Family Guy

  • In an episode titled "Screwed the Pooch", Peter cuts away to when he was a contestant on Survivor. After arguing with B.B. Andersen over the drinking water, Peter crashes into the set of The Price is Right with Bob Barker (voicing himself) and a contestant spinning the wheel. Colleen Haskell and Richard Hatch also appear in the cutaway.

How I Met Your Mother

  • In an episode titled "Natural History", Barney and Robin alluded to endurance challenges from Survivor when pulling a prank using an Egyptian Pharaoh.
  • In an episode titled "Glitter", Barney lists many ways that Ted needs to tell his friend Punchy to leave. One of the many references to reality TV shows was "Punchy, the tribe has spoken."
  • In an episode titled "Mystery vs. History", Lily apologized to Marshall for having watched Survivor without him.
  • In an episode titled "The Stinson Missile Crisis", Jeff Probst appeared from a cutaway scene. During the reward challenge for the castaways, he sponsored Dr. Barney's Breast Reduction Consultation.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • In an an episode titled "It's All In The Game," the macguffin of the day is used as the "Amnesty" idol on a Survivor-esque show.

Life In Pieces

  • In an episode titled "Swim Survivor Zen Talk", John creates an audition tape for Survivor. However, Tim attempts to use the video to showcase his own talents and get on Survivor himself. Ultimately when the tape reaches Jeff Probst, he is not interested in either John or Tim; but rather Clementine who accidentally ended up on the tape lounging by the pool.

Lizzie McGuire

  • Survivor: Borneo was referenced numerous times in the Disney show Lizzie McGuire.
    • In an episode titled "When Moms Attack", the tribe names Pagong and Tagi were used as team names at an outdoor camp.
    • In an episode titled "The Election", Lizzie's mother, Jo, claims that she knew Richard Hatch would win the series.


  • In an episode titled "Born to Run", Sawyer asks Michael if he is going to "vote him off" the raft.
  • Survivor gave ABC producer Lloyd Braun the original idea for Lost.[2]
  • Shortly before the series finale aired, the main cast of Lost filmed a crossover video with Jeff Probst, jokingly suggesting that the entire series took place as part of the reality show.[3]


  • There was a segment called Celebrity Survivor: Thousand Islands where seven idiotic celebrities compete for the one million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.
  • There was another segment that parodied Survivor: Cook Islands where the tribes were divided by ethnicity (just like the actual season). Through out the parody, "Jeff Probst", who is portrayed by an actor, seems to favor the Caucasian tribe the most, while he treats the African-American tribe very poorly.
  • There was a segment in which Bunifa Jackson (played by Debra Wilson) made an audition tape for Survivor: The Australian Outback.

The New Adventures of Old Christine

  • In an episode titled "Get Smarter", Christine says that Russell Hantz' ability to locate three Hidden Immunity Idols without a clue is an accomplishment, and that she will go on record saying that will never happen again.

The Office

  • In an episode titled "The Alliance", Dwight forms a Survivor-esque alliance with Jim and Pam against the other employees amidst rumors of downsizing.
    • The line "Can I trust Jim..." was apparently a direct reference to the show and was a "last-second addition" according to producer Greg Daniels. In addition, Randall Einhorn, the camera man for the episode, was a camera man for Survivor.
  • In an episode titled "Business Ethics", Ryan references Survivor: The Amazon contestant JoAnna Ward, claiming that he "hooked up with a girl that looked just like her" in New York City.

Parks and Recreation

  • In the episode titled "Ron and Tammy", Ann mentions that Andy sent audition tapes to both "Survivor" and "Deal or No Deal." A cutaway follows of a Survivor-esque audition tape.

The Simpsons

  • In an episode titled "Helter Shelter", The Simpsons end up stranded in the Amazon. They run into people with torn clothing who were abandoned by the crew from a reality show they were competing on that was similar to Survivor.
  • In an episode titled "Bart vs. Lisa vs. 3rd Grade", the Simpsons watch a TV show titled "Animal Survivor," a spoof of Survivor.


  • In an episode titled "Malleus Maleficarum", the demon Astaroth describes murdering people as them getting "voted off the island".

Two and a Half Men

  • In an episode titled "The Salmon Under My Sweater", when Jake is doing a book report on The Lord of The Flies, Alan asks him if he read the book and Jake lies saying he did. When Alan ask's what he learned from the book, Jake nervously replies "The first kid who got voted off the island".
  • In an episode titled "Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie", Walden and his date are looking through his telescope and see Jeff Probst cooking bacon on the beach. The next night, Walden goes to her apartment and finds out she is now dating Probst (playing himself) and he is at her apartment cooking bacon wearing no clothing. After she closes the door, Walden says in annoyance "Damn you, Jeff Probst".

Total Drama

  • In general, the Total Drama franchise is an animated parody of Survivor.
    • The cliff jumping challenge in the second episode of Total Drama Island was similar to the Day 4 Reward Challenge in The Australian Outback.
    • At the end of the second season, Total Drama Action, the winner is decided by a vote as a reference to the Final Tribal Council.
    • During the third season, Total Drama World Tour, After the decimation of Team Victory, Chris reads the passports aloud by opening them as a reference to Survivor.
    • The first half of the fifth season, Total Drama: All-Stars, uses the Heroes vs. Villains theme to divide the contestants into teams. The first episode of the season was also titled "Heroes vs. Villains".

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

  • In the fifth episode of the third season, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, and Greg Proops improvise a scene in a game called "Survival Show" where one was the host and the other three were contestants.


Halloween: Resurrection

  • When Bill was annoying Jenna, she says "You are this close to getting voted off the island" and smacks him.

Into the Blue 2: The Reef

  • During a volleyball game, Parvati Shallow and Amanda Kimmel (playing themselves) lose and one girl on the opposite team says to them "Survive that, biotch".[4]

Komodo vs. Cobra

  • Sandra Crescent (played by Jerri Manthey) says at one point "If there was ever an island you wanted to be voted off of - this one is it".

Scary Movie 2




Front page of the July 28, 2017 issue of New York Post, parodying Survivor.

  • The front page of the July 28, 2017 issue of the New York Post features the headline, "Survivor: White House", with members of the Trump administration photoshopped over photos of former castaways, in a direct parody of the show.[5]

Music Video

  • Destiny's Child 2001 music video "Survivor" is an entire parody of the show.[6]
  • Canadian singer Snow's 2001 music video "The Joke Thing" has him walking on a beach and at 1:50 seconds into the video, he walks by the filming of a TV show called "Stranded" which is a parody of Survivor.[7]
  • Eminem's 2002 music video "Without Me" features one scene at the 3:37-3:39 mark where Eminem and two girls (played by Jenna Lewis and Lindsey Richter) are on a log stranded in the middle of an ocean.[8]