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Marsha Wessels
Sa5 marsha wessels
Contestant Profile
Born: 1973 [Age 41]
Hometown: Retreat, WC
Occupation: Army Sports Officer
Survivor Career
Survivor: Champions (South Africa)
Tribe(s): Selatan
Finish: 19/20
Challenge Wins: 3
Votes Against: 5
Days Lasted: 5

Marsha Wessels is a contestant from Survivor: Champions (South Africa).


Anyone who has completed 10 Iron Man challenges deserves the utmost respect. Military lady Marsha Wessels also boasts Protea Colors in Duathlon and Triathlon and is used to keeping army officers are in tip-top shape. She's been with the SANDF for 22 years. In her line of work, a tough exterior, stability and strong principles are important – but when she goes home, she's the loving mother of three.

Survivor: Champions (South Africa)

Voting History

Marsha's Voting History
Episode Marsha's
Voted Against
1 No Tribal Council
2 Shona -
3 Philip Altaaf, Gena,
Graham, Philip, Shona
Voted Off, Day 5


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