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Marcelo Guimarães
Nl4 guimarães
Contestant Profile
Born: (Age 29)
Hometown: Itabuna, BA
Occupation: Student
Survivor Career
No Limite 4
Tribe(s): Taiba
Finish: 6/23
Challenge Wins: 12
Votes Against: 3
Days Lasted: 55

Marcelo da França Guimarães is a contestant from No Limite 4.


Name (Age): Marcelo da França Guimarães (24)
Tribe Designation: Taiba
Current Residence: Itabuna, BA
Occupation: Student

What is living on the edge for you?
Facing situations of survival in a place you don't know, no comfort, no tools, not knowing what might happen, in a dispute without knowing whether you will have enough to eat, what to drink, with strangers and unable to leave that place, being observed and tested all the time.
What feature from yours can hinder your stay in the game?
The highlighted. In a group of people, the one who stands between them, generate some sort of situation to others, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes security, therefore, that feeling uncomfortable, will somehow try to reverse this situation.
What would make you give up the dispute?
Anything goes in the struggle for survival?
Certainly, the quest for survival is instinctive, is something that is within each and every one will be fighting their way to survive.
Strength or strategy?
Strategy, those who thinks before uses the strength on the right time.
What is your asset to get to the final round?
Play in the best way possible, using everything you have for me.
Why do you deserve to win the show?
I never had anything easy in life, all I got was with great dedication and a lot of guts and courage, so I intend to stay that way and getting better to win and never give up.

No Limite 4

Voting History

Guimarães's Voting History
Episode Guimarães's
Voted Against
1 Taiba Tribe Immune
2 Sibele -
3 No Tribal Council
No Tribal Council
Taiba Tribe Immune
No Tribal Council
4 Taiba Tribe Immune
5 No Tribal Council
6 Taiba Tribe Immune
7 Isabel -
8 Taiba Tribe Immune
9 Rafão -
10 Taritza -
11 Felipe -
12 Gilson -
13 Marcelo -
14 Sandi -
15 Gabriela -
16 Luciana Gabriela,
Jéssica, Luciana
Voted Off, Day 55
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Post-No Limite

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  • Guimarães is one of three contestants named Marcelo in No Limite 4. The others are Marcelo Gaya and Marcelo Caminha.
    • He had the highest placing finish of them.
  • Before the start of the game, Guimarães fought for the public preference in a television show against Marcelo Caminha to become the 20th castaway in No Limite 4, and won with 64% of the votes.


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