Tribe Profile
Namesake: Malakal Harbor, Micronesia
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Airai
Tribe Status: Merged with Airai on Day 22
Challenge Wins: 5
Lowest Placing Member: Jon Dalton (20/20)
Highest Placing Member: Parvati Shallow (Winner)

S16 Malakal Flag

Tribe Sigil

Malakal has no sigil.


S16 malakal

Malakal was a tribe on Survivor: Micronesia.

This tribe was comprised of favorite Survivor players from previous seasons. Malakal's tribe color is purple.

At the final 16, a tribe switch occurred. The new Malakal consisted of four Fans and four Favorites. Malakal lost all four post-switch Immunity Challenges, merging with a 6-4 minority. Despite this more Favorites made the merge with a 6-4 majority over the Fans.


Original Tribe

S16 amanda tS16 ami tS16 cirie t
S16 eliza tS16 james tS16 jon tS16 jonathan t
S16 ozzy tS16 parvati tS16 yauman t

Post-Tribe Switch

S16 amanda tS16 ami tS16 chet tS16 cirie t
S16 erik tS16 joel tS16 ozzy tS16 tracy t

The Schoolyard Pick to choose the tribe went as follows:

  • Ozzy chose Joel.
  • Joel chose Amanda.
  • Amanda chose Erik.
  • Erik chose Ami.
  • Ami chose Tracy.
  • Tracy chose Cirie.
  • Cirie chose Chet.

Tribe History

Episode 1-4

In "You Guys Are Dumber than You Look", the tribe of fans (Airai) arrived on the mats when Probst announced that they are competing against favorites.  One by one the favorites came out and were introduced by Probst.  Probst stated that there was a special Immunity Necklace on a nearby island for one member of each tribe.  Kathy received Airai's special immunity, whereas Yau-Man received Malakal's special immunity.  Airai won the first challenge, which was a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge.  This sent the Favorites to Tribal Council, where Jon became the first voted off by a vote of 9-1.

In "The Sounds of Jungle Love", Malakal won the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge. Cirie and Kathy were exiled.  At Airai's first Tribal Council, Mary became the second voted off by a vote of 6-2-2.

In "I Should Be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing!", Malakal won the Reward Challenge, with Ami and Kathy being exiled. Airai won the Immunity Challenge. Despite Yau-Man being kind and helpful, many of his tribemates (especially Cirie) were worried he would find the Hidden Immunity Idol. Yau-Man became the third voted off by a vote 6-2-1.

In "That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried!", Malakal won the Reward Challenge.  Ozzy and Kathy are exiled.  This is the third time that Kathy is sent to Exile Island. Malakal won the Immunity Challenge, sending Airai to Tribal Council. Mikey B became the fourth voted off by a vote 6-3 due to his strength and vote manipulation.

Episode 5-8, Mixed Tribes

In "He's a Ball of Goo!", the two tribes were switched, thus dissolving the direct competition of Fans vs. Favorites and integrating these members into the two tribes.  The new Airai won the Reward Challenge. No one was exiled in this cycle. The new Airai won immunity, sending the new Malakal to Tribal Council. Joel became the fifth voted off by a vote of 6-2.

In "It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard", the new Airai continued winning challenges by winning both the reward and Immunity Challenge. Jason and Chet were sent to Exile Island.  Jonathan, who was on the new Airai, was evacuated due to an infected knee. Chet became the seventh castaway eliminated by a vote of 5-2.

In "Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store", Malakal won the Reward Challenge, with Tracy and Jason being exiled.  Airai wins the Immunity Challenge.  A member of the Airai Tribe, Kathy decided to quit. Tracy became the ninth castaway eliminated by a vote of 5-1.

In "A Lost Puppy Dog", the Airai tribe would win the last tribal challenge, being a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge. Alexis and Ozzy are exiled.  Ami became the tenth castaway eliminated by a vote of 4-1.

In "I'm in Such a Hot Pickle!", the two tribes merged into the Dabu tribe, consisting of six favorites and four fans.



  • Malakal and its rival tribe, Airai, were the first tribes in Survivor history to each have ten members on Day 1.
  • Malakal is the first starting purple tribe to produce a winner.
  • Erik Reichenbach was the only original Airai on post-switch Malakal to make the merge.
  • Six members of the original Malakal tribe wound up eventually returning for another season later on (Cirie Fields, Amanda Kimmel, James Clement, Ozzy Lusth, Parvati Shallow, and Jonathan Penner). By comparison, only one original Airai tribe member returned for another season; Erik Reichenbach in Survivor: Caramoan, another season that has the Fans vs. Favorites twist.
  • Not much information was known about James Clement and Amanda Kimmel due to Survivor: China being aired while Survivor: Micronesia was being filmed. Amanda did not reveal what became of her, while James hinted that he did "something stupid".
  • The color scheme used in this season is copied for Survivor: Caramoan.
    • The two tribes of favorites, Malakal and Bikal, are both purple. Coincidentally, both tribe names ended in -kal.
    • The two rival tribes of fans, Airai and Gota, are both orange.
    • The two merged tribes, Dabu and Enil Edam, are both green.
  • Similar to Bikal, after the tribe switch occurred, Malakal lost all remaining Immunity Challenges.
  • Parvati Shallow, Amanda Kimmel, and Cirie Fields were the only Malakal members to improve on their previous placements.
  • Malakal is Cirie Fields' second purple-colored starting tribe, following Casaya from Survivor: Panama.
  • Malakal (and Dabu) lived at the same camp used by Ulong in Survivor: Palau.