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"Mad Scramble and Broken Hearts"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: All-Stars
Episode Number: 10/16 (108)
Original Release: April 1, 2004
Viewership (in millions): 21.70[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 8.3/23 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "A Closer Look"
Next: "Anger, Tears and Chaos"

Mad Scramble and Broken Hearts is the tenth episode of Survivor: All-Stars.


Day 22

Early in the morning at Chapera, Rupert and Big Tom consider themselves the "Worker Bee's" of the camp, considering Amber, Boston Rob, Jenna, and Alicia are sleeping in. Rupert and Big Tom are doing things such as cutting some wood and spearfishing, the latter event has Big Tom catching his first fish.

Mogo Mogo receives Tree Mail about making "new friends", and believe they are merging with Chapera. They also receive paint, but don't put it on as they don't want to look like fools, as Lex puts it. On the other hand, Chapera wears the paint (the women make dots and arrows on them, the guys make muscular signs).

Day 23

When the tribes meet Jeff the next day, he instructs the castaways to have a private chat with each other. The pairs are Boston Rob and Lex, Shii Ann, and Rupert, Kathy and Alicia, Big Tom and Jerri, and Jenna and Amber. Later on, Jeff asks the contestants to drop their buffs, and get new ones. It turns out that this was a tribe switch to make the tribes even. Every last Mogo Mogo goes to Chapera, and the entire Chapera tribe goes to Mogo Mogo, except Amber, who has entirely new tribemates.

At the new Mogo Mogo camp, the tribe does not celebrate considering how they lost Amber to the ex-Mogo Mogos and that their new camp was trashy. Chapera, however, celebrates because their new camp is organized and they got Amber on their team.

Day 24

The tribes receive news about a Survivor history challenge, and meanwhile, Rob thinks up a plan to make Amber stay.

At the Survivor history challenge, Chapera and Mogo Mogo both get ten points, forcing a tiebreaker: write down the contestants voted out first in order. Mogo Mogo gets it right, and wins immunity. Before Chapera leaves, Rob tells Lex that if he "takes care of" Amber, he'll take care of him later in the game, Lex agrees, and Mogo Mogo hopes Amber will make it.

At Chapera, the alliance of Kathy and Shii Ann at first conclude to vote out Amber, but change their mind to Jerri because Boston Rob would get angry. Amber pleads her case to Lex, and he tells her that Jerri will go. To be straight up, Lex tells Jerri. Despite her efforts to keep herself in, Jerri is the ninth "All-Star" booted out in a 4-1 vote.


Immunity Challenge: Survivor History
This is like Fallen Comrades, but with questions about the seven previous seasons, drawn at random from an urn. Tribes must come up with one unified answer. First to ten points wins. There will be sudden death questions if there's a tie.
Winner: Mogo Mogo

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
S8 jerri t
Jerri (4 votes)
S8 amber tS8 kathy tS8 lex tS8 shiiann t
Amber, Kathy, Lex, Shii Ann
S8 amber t
Amber (1 vote)
S8 jerri t
S8 jerri bw
Jerri Manthey

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Amber) Amber, I'm very proud of the way you're playing this game. You did go down fighting.

Jerri Manthey

(voting for Jerri) Well, it's crazy that it's come down to me voting you out to keep myself in this game. Um, I owe you a huge thanks for that.

Amber Brkich

Final Words

This has truly been, again, a life-changing experience. I think I've done the impossible. I have found a way to find peace in a very stressful situation, and now I'm ready to go out into the world and see what other craziness I can conquer.

Jerri Manthey

Still in the Running

S8 tina bw
S8 rudy bw
 Jenna M.
S8 jennam bw
 Rob C.
S8 robc bw
S8 richard bw
S8 susan bw
S8 colby bw
S8 ethan bw
S8 jerri bw
Mogo Mogo
S8 alicia t
S8 amber t
 Jenna L.
Mogo Mogo
S8 jennal t
S8 kathy t
S8 lex t
 Rob M.
Mogo Mogo
S8 robm t
Mogo Mogo
S8 rupert t
 Shii Ann
S8 shiiann t
Mogo Mogo
S8 tom t


  • This episode marks the only time in Jerri Manthey's three seasons that she was voted out pre-merge.
  • The only castaway to not change tribes in the switch was Amber Brkich.
    • In an interview with Rob Cesternino, Jerri revealed that the buffs inside were laid flat and arranged in order, claiming that it was the production's way of splitting Rob and Amber up.
  • After this episode's Tribal Council, both Boston Rob and Shii Ann have improved on their original placement finishes; they finished 10th place in their original seasons respectively.


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