We are not the Brain tribe. We're the crap-for-Brain tribe.

–Kass, on her tribe after a series of failures

Tribe Profile
Version: United States
Season: Cagayan
Namesake: Luzon, the largest island group in the Philippines.
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Aparri
Tribe Status: Disbanded on Day 12
Challenge Wins: 1
Lowest Placing Member: David Samson (18/18)
Highest Placing Member: Kass McQuillen (3/18)


Tribe Emblem


For the Luzon tribe from Survivor SA: Philippines, see Luzon (South Africa).

Luzon is a tribe from Survivor: Cagayan.

Informally known as the tribe of "Brains", the tribe failed to live up to their description as a tribe steeped in intelligence due to their overall dysfunction. Their tribe color is green.


 David Samson
45, Plantation, FL
Miami Marlins president
S28 david t
 Garrett Adelstein
27, Santa Monica, CA
Professional poker player
S28 garrett t
 J'Tia Taylor
31, Chicago, IL
Nuclear engineer
S28 jtia t
 Kass McQuillen
44, Tehachapi, CA
S28 kass t
 Spencer Bledsoe
21, Chicago, IL
Economics student
S28 spencer t
 Tasha Fox
37, St. Louis, MO
S28 tasha t

Tribe History

The tension in the Brains tribe started the moment the game started, when their elected leader, David Samson was tasked to remove which tribe member he felt was the weakest, where he chose Garrett Adelstein, a curious choice since he was the most muscular in the tribe. David blatantly explained his decision, saying he was already preparing for the final two-thirds of the game. David's decision, however, sent Garrett to their camp via helicopter while the rest of the tribe walked their way to it. At Luzon camp, Garret was given a choice between a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol or a bag of rice, in which he chose the former. With the help of the clue, Garrett found the idol just in time before his tribemates arrived.[1]

Dysfunction set in early as Luzon found itself under the hapless leadership of J'Tia Taylor, whose ideas on how to build their shelter proved to be a failure in execution. The tribe's ineptitude carried over at the inaugural Immunity Challenge on Day 3, continually stumbling throughout the course and barely even started with the puzzle-solving phase of the challenge. The Brains lost, and at Tribal Council, Garrett collected his revenge for David selling him out on Day 1, voting him out, 4-2.

Kass McQuillen found herself to be a swing vote between two factions: the men, Garrett and Spencer Bledsoe, and the women, J'Tia and Tasha Fox. At the second Immunity Challenge on Day 6, J'Tia proved to be a liability, single-handedly losing the challenge after blowing a large lead. Putting the blame on J'Tia's head, Garrett initiated an open forum, stating that the best move for the tribe was to vote out J'Tia, a gesture which the rest of the tribe detested, most notably Tasha, who wanted to play strategically as opposed to Garrett's perceived ethical approach. While the rest of the tribe was scrambling around the beach, a disgruntled J'Tia, who was left alone in the shelter, threw much of the tribe's rice supply to the fire.

At Tribal Council, Tasha and Garrett argued over their conflicting strategies, with Tasha even blaming Garrett for the rice incident because had he not started the open forum, J'Tia would not have done what she did. During the heated argument, Garrett accidentally mentioned having an alliance with Spencer and Kass. In the end, Kass was convinced to join the women, voting Garrett, who left his idol with him at camp, out, 3-2.[2]

On Day 8, desperate for a win, Tasha insisted that they should practice before the Immunity Challenge. Though the practice proved to be inconsequential as the tribe still floundered at the actual challenge. However, Luzon secured second place, winning their first challenge.[3]

For Luzon, however, the third Immunity Challenge would be the first and last challenge they will ever win. Despite Spencer's efforts to win the next Reward and Immunity Challenges, the Brains found themselves at Tribal Council for a third time, mostly due to J'Tia's questionable challenge ability and capacity to volatility. Despite her loyalty to the women, Kass and Tasha sided with Spencer, unanimously eliminating J'Tia, 3-1.[4] The Luzon tribe dwindled into a paltry tribe of three.

On Day 12, the Brains tribe was dissolved, with Kass, Spencer, and Tasha subjected to a Tribe Switch along with 11 other castaways. However, in a luck of a draw, all three remaining Luzon members were assigned to the new Aparri tribe, which was formerly known informally as the Brawn tribe, ending their days as members of Luzon.[5]