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Tribe Raid
Trish steal
Trish Dunn loots a lantern from the Morgan camp
Survivor Gameplay
Description Getting one minute to gather as much as you can from the other camp to bring to yours.
Appearance(s) Marquesas
Pearl Islands

Tribe Raid is a form of reward implemented during Survivor: Marquesas, Survivor: Pearl Islands, and later on in Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Cagayan.

During Marquesas, the winning tribe of a Reward Challenge would get one minute to grab whatever they could from the opponent tribe's camp, and as long as they could carry it, they can return to their own camp with it. Many items, such as blankets, lanterns, and tools, switched hands very often.

Whilst this only occurred at one point during Marquesas, Tocantins and Cagayan. Pearl Islands had a contestant from the winning tribe visit their opponents to take one item from them and bring it back to their own camp. In Pearl Islands looting happened after most tribal Reward Challenges.

Occurrences Edit

In Survivor: Marquesas, In a surprising victory, a very underrated Maraamu beat Rotu in the Blind Leading the Blind Reward Challenge earning themselves the first tribe raid. Maraamu went to Rotu and had two minutes to take anything they wanted. They did so and returned to camp with high spirits.

In Survivor: Pearl Islands, A tribe raid, also called "looting", happened in the majority of the pre-merge episodes. In this twist the tribe that won the Reward Challenge got to pillage one item from the losing tribe's camp. Drake won the majority of the reward challenges and stole items from Morgan often. First Sandra took Morgan's tarp, then Christa took their boiling pot, then Trish took their lantern. (shown on left) Morgan finally rebounded from their losing streak and won the reward challenge to send Andrew to loot Drake. Drake won the final tribal reward challenge and they sent Jon Dalton to loot Morgan.

In Survivor: Tocantins, Jalapao defeated Timbira in the Shoulder the Load Reward Challenge in The Strongest Man Alive and they earned a tribe raid. Jalapao sent J.T. and Joe to raid Timbira. They took one bag of beans, but didn't want to completely wipe out Timbira's food supply. So they took a watering can and returned to camp.

In Survivor: Cagayan, Solana was allowed to raid Aparri after they won the Idol Hands Reward Challenge in We Found Our Zombies. They sent Tony and Woo to raid Aparri and while doing so they pulled Jeremiah aside to raise suspicion in the other tribe mates that they were working with him. Tony and Woo took Aparri's comfort items.



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