This is a complete list of Survivor (U.S.) contestants. This page includes challenge wins and votes against. Also, a separate table is dedicated to returning players.

List of Contestants and Statistics

This is a complete list of Survivor contestants. Here will also be stated each contestants' challenge standings and votes against. Take note that the ages and hometowns stated in this table are the contestants' age and residence at the time of filming. Redemption Island duels will be considered in the "Individual Challenge Wins" column, while the "Votes Against" column will also include votes that are negated by Hidden Immunity Idols and votes cast during a second round of voting, if tied. Jury votes are excluded from the table.

"N/A" signifies that the contestant was not eligible for having individual challenge wins because they either did not make the merge, or never competed in an individual challenge (if there was an individual challenge during the pre-merge phase of their season). Challenge wins count does not include circumstances where a person received free immunity from someone else, or being taken as reward invitee.


  • The overall statistics of contestants who played more than once are listed in the "Returning Contestants" section.

Tribal Council Statistics

This section states each contestant's votes against, elimination, Tribal Council attendance, and other statistics that relate to voting.

Votes Against

  • Includes votes negated by Hidden Immunity Idols.
  • Includes votes cast in tie-breaking rounds.
  • Ranked from the most total votes against to the least.
  • Red: Most votes against (each season).
  • Blue: 0 vote against.
  • Blank Cell: 1) Departure before attending Tribal Council 2) Contestants who made it to the end without being voted out 3) Contestants eliminated pre-jury.

Tribal Council

  • Includes impromptu voting at challenge site.
  • Includes when contestants quit at Tribal Council.
  • Excludes The Outcasts' Tribal Council voting for returnees, and No-Elimination Tribal Councils.
  • Distributes votes against contestants received at each Tribal Council.
  • Green: Most Tribal Council attendances/survivals (each season).
  • X: Immune by winning individual Immunity Challenge.
  • X: Received individual immunity from another contestant or tribe.
  • H: Immuned by Hidden Immunity Idol before the vote (specific to Guatemala).
  • (Number in Brackets) (such as (4)): Votes negated by Hidden Immunity Idol (including Legacy Advantage).
  • Number with Asterisk (such as 2* or 4*): Votes against after giving up immunity.
  • F: Final Tribal Council.
  • J: Tribal Council in which the Reward Challenge winner eliminates a jury member from the game.
  • Orange: Successfully eliminated most contestants (each season).