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Lillian Morris
S7 Lillian Morris
Contestant Profile
Born: April 3, 1952 (1952-04-03) (age 64)
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Occupation: Scout Troop Leader
Survivor Career
Version: United States
Pearl Islands
Tribe(s): Morgan
The Outcasts
► Morgan
Finish: Runner-Up (2/16)
Alliance(s): Outcast Alliance
Drake Alliance (affiliated)
Challenge Wins: 4
Votes Against: 10
Days Lasted: 30

Lillian "Lill" Morris is a contestant from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Known for wearing her Scout Leader uniform, Morris was an immediate target for elimination due to her perceived weakness in challenges. After being voted out, she returned as part of The Outcasts. She was voted back into the competition and became more powerful and crucial to the elimination of her former tribe.


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Born in Waterville, Maine, Lillian "Lill" Morris (or Big Lill to some) currently lives in Loveland, Ohio, which is north of Cincinnati. She has been married for 30 years to Lonnie and has two grown children, Clayton and Megan. She was most recently employed in customer service for an eyeglass company. She holds an Associates Degree in accounting from the University of Cincinnati. Her favorite hobbies include camping, backpacking through the Philmont Scout Reservation in Arizona and canoeing in Ely/Upper Michigan. She describes herself as adventurous, outspoken and daring. She's most proud of being a Boy Scoutmaster for 11 years. She started with seven scouts and, to date, Troop 617 has approximately 78 active young men under her supervision. She is also proud of representing her eyewear company in Thailand with the Gift of Sight Program when she helped distribute 23,000 pairs of glasses to people who were in need. Her favorite sport is baseball. She feels she's ready for this adventure because of her outdoor skills, leadership, patience, ability to be a team player, tolerance, acceptance, positive attitude and resourcefulness. Her primary motive is to experience something different in her life and live the ultimate high adventure experience. Her birth date is April 3, 1952.[1]

Survivor: Pearl Islands

Lillian Morris was teased by Jeff Probst about her scoutmaster's uniform when it was revealed that the castaways were going into the game with only the clothes on their back. Lillian was placed on the Morgan tribe. Both tribes were given their running shoes and 100 Panamanian Balboas to gather supplies. Morgan had a difficult time because of the language barrier. The tribe's running shoes were also stolen by Rupert Boneham when they left them unattended. When Morgan arrived at camp, everyone started scouting the area for shelter and water. Osten Taylor was confused by Lill's scoutmaster uniform. Lillian claimed that it was difficult to stop being a scoutmaster. The tribe had problems building shelter. Lillian and Ryan Shoulders bonded when the found the water source. Morgan lost the first challenge of the season to the Drake tribe, sending them to Tribal Council. Both Lill and Ryan S. were in danger for perceived weakness. However, Nicole Delma told Lillian that she wanted Tijuana Bradley out for annoying her. She relayed this to the tribe's leader, Andrew Savage. This would ultimately get Nicole unanimously voted out for being untrustworthy. 

After Nicole's ouster, everyone had problems with the sleeping arrangements. At the Reward Challenge, The tribe lost largely due to Ryan S.' lack of athleticism. An additional stipulation is that the winning tribe can loot one item from the losing tribe. Sandra Diaz-Twine came by with the intent to taking the water jug. However, because she was unable to find it, Sandra elected to take the tarp instead. Unfortunately for Morgan, Sandra had to dismantle the shelter in order to get the tarp. Unfortunately, Morgan continued its losing streak by losing immunity. Osten told everyone to vote for him because he was done. Lillian believed that Osten couldn't deal with losing. Andrew felt that Osten's physical strength would benefit the tribe more than Ryan S. ever could. In the end, Andrew got his way and Ryan S. was voted out in a 5-2 vote.

Lill made a pray for strength. Lillian was shocked and saddened that her closest friend was voted out over someone who had given up. Lillian decided to prove her worth and hope the tribe turn on Darrah Johnson, who did nothing. Lill talked to Andrew about why Ryan S. was voted out over a quitter. Andrew said that Osten hadn't really quit. Morgan was devastated when they lost the Reward Challenge for sleeping comfort items. Lillian decided to go fishing, but caught no fish before she lost the hook. Andrew was shocked that she lost the hook. Ryan Opray was irritated by this, because he would had been there had she waited. Christa Hastie from Drake later came by and took the tribe's water pot. Morgan lost the Immunity Challenge yet again. Lillian talked to Andrew about voting out Darrah. He said she was a huge asset to the tribe and he would get back to her if she was in danger. Andrew never did and Lillian was unanimously voted out for being the weakest.

Lillian returned along with the five other people voted out for one last shot to get back in the game. The called themselves The Outcasts. Because they had the numbers advantage and they strategically used their buffs, The Outcasts won the challenge. Drake and Morgan would both go to Tribal Council and voted someone out. The Outcasts would vote two people back into the game. Lillian voted for her friend Ryan and Trish Dunn. Lillian received votes from Ryan, Trish and Nicole. This was enough to get her back into the game, along with Burton Roberts. As a part of her resurrection, Lillian had immunity. Although Lill was overjoyed that she was back in the game, she was dismayed as she was placed back with the Morgan tribe. Although her tribe welcomed her back in open arms, Lillian was still wary about her tribe. This was particularly true for Andrew, who was partially at fault for Lill being voted out and he was disgusted by The Outcasts. The tribes merged at the next Immunity Challenge. After the challenge, a feast awaited the new Balboa tribe. Lillian felt she was alienated by her tribe. Burton, the other returning Outcast,  told Lillian that she was his only loyalty because he wanted an Outcast to win and he would take that her as far as he could. Jon Dalton offered Lillian a good position if she flipped to Drake. Due to resentment towards Andrew, Lill complied. Because of Lillian, Andrew was blindsided in a 6-4 vote.

Unlike most times she failed to keep a promise, Lillian felt she had stood up for herself. Ryan O. tried to get Burton to convince Lillian to flip back to Morgan. At the Reward Challenge, Lillian made it to the final round and almost won. However, Rupert beat her out. Rupert gave up his reward to Burton, who picked Lill to join them. The pair talked about how Rupert should go. Any plans of voting out Rupert was thwarted when he won immunity. The tribe unanimously voted out Andrew's second-in-command and athletic threat Ryan, sending him to the jury. Both Jon and Burton wanted Rupert out due to threat status. The men easily recruited Darrah and Tijuana for the cause. At the Reward Challenge, Burton and Lillian won the challenge. Lillian kept her reward, while Burton gave his to Jon. While on reward, Jon talked about voting out Rupert. Lillian was apprehensive as she gave Rupert her word. At the Immunity Challenge, Burton won immunity. Rupert tried to get Lill's loyalty, but Lill voted against him. Rupert was blindsided in a 5-2-1 vote, much to Sandra's shock.

Sandra cursed out Jon for causing Rupert's elimination and told the women to he was untrustworthy. After the confrontation, the fish that Rupert caught disappeared. The fish was found the next morning on the ground. Christa was blamed for the fish incident, upsetting her. The true culprit was Sandra, who wouldn't allow them to have the fish her friend caught after he'd been blindsided. The Reward Challenge was the Loved Ones Challenge. Lillian became emotional seeing her husband, Ronnie. Like almost everyone, Lill was saddened when she heard that Jon's grandma died. This would cause everyone but Sandra to give him the reward. Jon won the reward and later revealed that he told his best friend to say that in order to win. At the Immunity Challenge, Burton was initially declared the winner, but he misspelled a word. In a runoff competition, Darrah won immunity. Christa and Sandra convinced Darrah and Tijuana that Burton was too dangerous. However, Jon convinced the women to vote out Tijuana instead and she was in a 5-2 vote. 

The Drake women regretted their decision as they felt they would be better with Lillian and Darrah. At the Reward Challenge, Lillian's team consisting of herself, Darrah and Jon won the challenge. This was largely because of Sandra's lack of athleticism and her having to do the most swimming. Lillian was shocked by how she looked in the mirror. During the reward, Lillian was impressed my Jon's knowledge of foods. However, during the time, Jon made a finals deal with Darrah, stating that Lill was a Jury threat. After returning from reward, Jon told the others in detail about the experience. That night, Lillian asked Burton if they were still the final two, but Burton told her they'd take it one step at a time. Darrah won immunity again. At Tribal Council, Sandra told Lillian that she doesn't want to be against her in the final because she was too likable. Christa was the one voted out in a 4-2 vote, with Lillian getting the other votes against her.

The men told Lillian that Darrah was the next target for her challenge performance. Lill didn't view that as right as they had an alliance with her. This lead to Lillian believing that the men can turn on her easily as the did with Darrah. The Reward Challenge was the Second Chance challenge. Lillian had problems in the second stage of the challenge, costing her the win. Burton won the challenge and picked Jon to join him. Lillian revealed to the women that the men wanted Darrah out over Sandra. Lill was angered by the fact the men were willing to turn on her. Sandra convinced her that she was better off with the women than the men. The women decided Burton should go over Jon. The men dismissed the women aligning themselves. Lillian began developing pains and Sandra believed this was stress pain from fearing Burton's wrath. Sandra planned to act like she was going home in order to fool the men. Darrah won immunity over Jon. The men decided to vote against Lillian because they believed that she was physically and mentally breaking down, causing them to lose trust in her. 

The morning after Burton's expulsion from the game, Jeff came by and gave the remaining castaways breakfast. He handed them letter from home. Lillian asked Jeff if he wanted to join a boy scout troop, which he replied someday. Lillian became extremely emotional. Jon accused Lillian of playing theatrics,  which would cause her to win the game.  Lillian asked Darrah if she would take her to the end, which the latter responded she didn't know but she believed that Lillian would win. Because of this, Lill believed she was screwed because she was a Jury threat. Lillian lobbied to the others to vote against Darrah because she would likely win the remaining challenges. At the next Immunity Challenge, The Jury was also eligible to play. Because they won, no one had immunity. After the challenge, Lillian revealed that she hated what the game turned her into. Sandra and Jon turned on Darrah over Lillian and the former was voted out unanimously. The next morning, the final three completed the Rites of Passage. At the Final Immunity Challenge, Lillian had little difficulty. She also shot down Jon's multiple attempts to make a deal with her. Eventually, Jon fell, giving Lillian the Final Immunity and the right to pick her opponent. Jon tried to sway Lillian to pick him because the jury hated him and Sandra would win easily. Under the emotional perception that she would be unable to beat either Jon or Sandra, Lillian picked the more deserving Sandra. 

After Jon's elimination, Sandra was very shocked. Lillian talked with her about her experience and how much harder it is than it's seen on TV. Sandra believed the jury vote would be a 4-3 vote. At Final Tribal Council, Lillian made her opening statement by pointing out her work ethic and how she stayed herself throughout the game. The jury criticized her for being an Outcast and questionable game play ethics that conflicted with her being a Scoutmaster. Lillian also gave honest but poor answers to the jury. In her final statement, Lillian admitted she should have left the uniform at home. The Jury also accused her of being insincere when she talked of honour and integrity. Lill said that she played the game to the best of her abilities and was respectful. In the end, Sandra won in a landslide 6-1 vote. Lillian only received Tijuana's vote.

Voting History

Lillian's Voting History
Episode Lillian's
Voted Against
1 Nicole -
2 Osten -
3 Darrah Andrew, Darrah,
Osten, Ryan O., Tijuana
Voted Off, Day 9
8 Ryan S.,
Ryan S., Trish
Returned, Day 19
8 Andrew Individual Immunity
9 Ryan O. -
10 Rupert -
11 Tijuana -
12 Christa Christa, Sandra
13 Burton Burton, Jon
14 Darrah Darrah
Jon Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Lillian
Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 In What the...? (Part 2), Lillian voted for two people she wanted to bring back into the game, while Trish, Nicole and Ryan S. wanted her to return. Her votes were enough to bring her back to the game. As part of her resurrection, she was given immunity at her first Tribal Council back in the game.


In 2012, Lillian left her scout troop and was replaced by Craig Easterday. Many of the older scouts still respect and see her from time to time. (Personal account from one of the scouts of her troop.)


  • Lillian was the oldest contestant in Pearl Islands.
  • Lillian is the first contestant from Ohio.
  • When Lillian was voted out, her torch did not go out on the first try.
  • Lillian and Burton Roberts are the first two castaways to return to the game after being voted out.
  • Once she reentered the game, Lillian voted for the person who left at every Tribal Council (Andrew and all seven members of the jury).
  • Lillian is the only player to return into the game after being voted out (either from the Outcasts twist or Redemption Island) and make it to the Final Tribal Council. Burton Roberts was eliminated prior to the final two in Pearl Islands, Matthew Elrod and Andrea Boehlke were immediately eliminated after returning in Redemption IslandOzzy Lusth returned twice in Survivor: South Pacific, but was officially eliminated right before the final three, and Laura Morett and Tina Wesson were both eliminated shortly after their returns in Survivor: Blood vs. Water.
  • Lillian is the only contestant to reach a Final Tribal Council without being in the game for the entire 39 days, only staying in the game for 30 days, discounting the days in between her ejection from Morgan and her return as an Outcast.
  • Lillian is tied with Burton Roberts for most votes cast against her in Pearl Islands, with 10.
  • Lillian was voted "biggest goat" by Survivor Oz.[2]


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