"Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Micronesia
Episode Number: 7/15 (237)
Original Release: March 19, 2008
Viewership (in millions): 11.56[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 3.8/N/A Summary: Link
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Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store is the seventh episode of Survivor: Micronesia.


Day 18

The episode starts with Malakal huddled around the campfire, discussing the fate of the three remaining chickens. Tracy and Ozzy argue whether to kill them now or keep them around to lay eggs.

Over at Airai, James becomes annoyed at his tribe's constant complaining about the conditions. Kathy especially seems affected by the hardships of the game, stating that there are good days and there are bad days, and today is a bad day.

Back at Malakal Erik fawns over Ozzy's survival skills, and tries to learn as much as he can from Ozzy. Cirie notices this relationship and compares them to The Lion King. The tribe decides to row their boat to the back beach in order to catch bigger fish. Cirie expresses her fears, not being a strong swimmer and never have been so far out in the ocean before. The tribe tries to convince her to join them in the water, but Cirie decides to stay in the boat.

The tribes enter the Reward Challenge site and Airai gets their first look at the new Malakal tribe. Nobody on Airai is surprised at the outcome of the challenge. Jeff explains the rules and reward of the challenge, thoroughly exciting the contestants. Eliza is picked as the caller for Airai, while Cirie is the caller for Malakal. Both tribes are even for most of the blindfolded portion of the challenge, with Malakal gaining a slight lead. Malakal extends their lead during the puzzle portion of the challenge and solves their puzzle first, winning the challenge. Malakal chooses to send Jason and Tracy to Exile Island.

At the reward, Ozzy expresses his pride over winning, and how funny it was watching Erik finally get to experience a reward. Ami, Amanda, and Ozzy go to shower together, which Cirie finds hilarious.

The mood is completely different on Airai, with a storm hitting the beach. Kathy points out how different it is watching the show from home and actually experiencing it in real life. She talks about how savage it is, everybody clawing at the food and sleeping in the dirt.

Day 19

The next day Kathy is still feeling depressed, which is much worse when she no longer feels connected to her family. Kathy finally reaches her breaking point and decides to quit the game. Kathy profusely apologizes to her tribe for letting them down, but the tribe is more concerned with Kathy feeling better, rather than being disappointed with her for quitting. Despite the loss of one of their tribe members, the game still continues for everybody left.

Day 20

Early in the morning on Malakal beach, Cirie and Amanda discuss Amanda's arrogance and make shaky plans to eliminate Erik in order to weaken Ozzy.

At the challenge, Malakal is shocked to see Kathy has quit. Jeff explains the challenge and the game is underway. Once again Malakal takes the early lead, with Airai struggling to keep up. During the puzzle stage, however, Airai manages to catch up and eventually win the challenge.

Back at camp, Amanda apologizes for her poor performance in the challenge, and the Favorites discuss who to eliminate between Erik and Tracy. Ami comes up with a plan to get the Favorites to split the votes so she, along with the remaining Fans can blindside Ozzy. The Favorites are conflicted between sticking with Ozzy and voting out Tracy, or weakening Ozzy and voting out Erik or Ozzy. Everybody is unsure going into Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council Jeff points out how poorly the tribe is doing, and how the only reason they still have a shot is because of the other tribes' misfortunes. Tracy immediately calls out Ozzy as the leader, which he instantly rebuts. The tribe generally seems to agree that Ozzy is a leader, however, he is a necessary leader. Ami talks about how voting out the future threats now may be the smartest move, which worries Ozzy. Tracy also pushes hard against voting Ozzy out, which comes back to bite her as it causes the tribe to turn on her, eliminating Tracy in a 5-1 vote.


Micronesia Money Roll
Challenge: Money Roll
Four members of each tribe would be blindfolded and push a large money stone through a forest course while being verbally directed by the two other tribe members. Along the course, the money stones would crush four tiles that would reveal a pair of smaller money stones. Three tribe members would then use these eight stones to solve a rotating cog puzzle.
Reward: A trip to an island to enjoy a spa and food
Winner: Malakal (exiled Jason Siska and Tracy Hughes-Wolf)

Challenge: What-er Drag
One tribe member would race across a floating bridge carrying one end of a rope. The rope would then be attached to a bundle of giant puzzle pieces. The rest of the tribe would turn a winch that would reel in the bundle and the tribe member back to the beach. Five bundles would need to be hauled to the beach in this manner. Two tribe members would then assemble the puzzle pieces.
Winner: Airai

Tribal Council

Day 19

Removed From Camp
S16 kathy bw
Kathy Sleckman

Day 20

Tribal Council 7:
S16 tracy t
Tracy (5 votes)
S16 amanda tS16 ami t
S16 cirie tS16 erik tS16 ozzy t
Amanda, Ami, Cirie, Erik, Ozzy
S16 ozzy t
Ozzy (1 vote)
S16 tracy t
S16 tracy bw
Tracy Hughes-Wolf

Voting Confessionals

(votes for Tracy) Tracy I think you're a doll, but we're just going to go with the majority vote on this one, we're going to go on short-term challenges now. It was between you and Erik but Erik is better at challenges, I'm sorry.


(votes for Tracy) Trace I wish you woulda stayed in the game a little longer, we would have had fun together, I'm sorry to see you go.


(votes for Tracy) You said you were honest and that's bull. And you owe me a grand.


(votes for Tracy) Whew, sorry.


(votes for Tracy) I'm voting for Tracy because otherwise, it would be me, and it's about survival of myself right now. Sorry, good luck. Better you than me.


(votes for Ozzy) This is because you wanted me out. Good player, no hard feelings.


Final Words

Going up against the favorites was quite difficult. Ozzy's a wonderful player in this game. He is manipulative and he is strategic. He will definitely take the rest of the tribe down. They need to get rid of him ASAP, or they don't stand a chance. I wish I could have stayed in longer. I went out kicking and did everything I could and I'm just grateful to be here.

–Tracy Hughes-Wolf

Still in the Running

S16 jon bw
S16 mary bw
S16 yauman bw
 Mikey B.
S16 mikeyb bw
S16 joel bw
S16 jonathan bw
S16 chet bw
S16 kathy bw
S16 tracy bw
S16 alexis t
S16 amanda t
S16 ami t
S16 cirie t
S16 eliza t
S16 erik t
S16 james t
S16 jason t
S16 natalie t
S16 ozzy t
S16 parvati t


  • The Reward Challenge is the only time the post-swap Malakal tribe would win a challenge.
  • This episode aired on a Wednesday instead of the normal Thursday airdate, due to CBS's coverage of the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
  • The episode title was said by Ozzy Lusth when he was talking about how Erik Reichenbach reacted to the reward since the latter had not won a reward ever since the first challenge of the season.