Lhitts Maciel
Nl2 lhitts
Contestant Profile
Born: (Age 35)
Hometown: Brasília, DF
Occupation: Programmer
Survivor Career
No Limite 2
Tribe(s): Lobos Guarás
Finish: 9/12
Challenge Wins: 2
Votes Against: 0
Days Lasted: 12

Lhitts Maciel is a contestant from No Limite 2.


Name (Age): Lhitts Maciel (25)
Tribe Designation: Lobos Guarás
Current Residence: Brasília, DF
Occupation: Programmer

Lhitts loves activities that take you from the monotony, especially the radicals. Her greatest stimulus for the program was the title: No Limite. With very short hair and a tattoo on her left shoulder, Lhitts considers her greatest virtue solidarity. As default, she points the impatience.

No Limite 2

Voting History

Lhitts' Voting History
Episode Lhitts'
Voted Against
1 Leon;
2 Lobos Guarás Tribe Immune
3 Antero -
4 Disqualified2
Voted Off, Day 12

^1 The vote ended with a 3-3 tie, forcing a revote. Lhitts did not changed her vote.
^2 After collapsing during a challenge, Lhitts decided to spend the night at the producers' camp, fearing getting sick again. The production saw it as a breach of rules she has not slept at the tribe's camp, and decided to disqualify her.

Post-No Limite

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  • Lhitts is the youngest member of Lobos Guarás tribe.
  • She is the first person to be disqualified in No Limite. She would be followed by Luiz Nascimento, in No Limite 4.
  • After analyzing Lhitts' disqualification, the production decided that her departure from the camp was for health reasons and decided to give her the consolation prize established in the contract.
  • Despite sharing the last name, Lhitts has no relation with No Limite 4 castaway Sibele Maciel.


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