Let's Just Call Jeff on the Jeff Phone is the fourth episode of Survivor: Fiji.


Day 9

Day 10

Day 11


Challenge: By the Numbers
One tribe member at a time, the two tribes must move across a narrow beam and around the other tribe members. The person crossing can only touch one member at a time. If they touch two people at once or fall into the water, they must start all over. Once a member reaches the platform, the next person goes. The tribe who gets all their members across first wins.
Reward: Fish, rice, spices, pillows, blankets, and a king-sized bed with sheets and pillows.
Winner: Moto (exiled Yau-Man Chan)

Challenge: Crab Pots
Four players have keys on lanyards and are locked into cages on pontoons. A fifth swims out to the nearest cage and unlocks it with their own key, releasing the prisoner, who crosses a set of small platforms to the second, and so on. Once all four prisoners are released, the final prisoner and their rescuer get into a waiting boat with the sixth player, who has a bunch of keys, then the three row to shore picking everyone else up on the way. These six form a human pyramid on the beach, and the person on top uses the key ring to unlock a hanging cage containing the seventh and final tribe member.
Winner: Moto (gave up immunity to Ravu)

Tribal Council

Day 10

Removed from Camp
S14 gary bw
Gary Stritesky

Final Words

Day 11

Tribal Council 4:
S14 liliana t
Liliana (6 votes)
S14 alex tS14 boo tS14 dreamz t
S14 edgardo tS14 lisi tS14 stacy t
Alex, Boo, Dreamz, Edgardo, Lisi, Stacy
S14 cassandra t
Cassandra (1 vote)
S14 liliana t
S14 lisi t
Lisi (1 vote)
S14 cassandra t
S14 liliana bw
Liliana Gomez

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Liliana) Sorry, Liliana. I fought for you. It's a democracy. I wish you the best. Stay true to yourself. You're a wonderful person.


(voting for Liliana) You aren't part of our alliance. Sorry. I wish you the best.


(voting for Cassandra) I'm going to miss you. You're such a great person. I really did see the strength of you. I hope you have open arms waiting for you when you get home. I'll see you when I get back.


(voting for Liliana) I know I promised, but it wasn't my decision.


(voting for Liliana) Sorry, Liliana, but it's a tribe of snakes.


(voting for Liliana) The alliance is five, not six!


(voting for Lisi) Lisi, I feel you're speaking different languages for an intentional way of dividing the group.


(voting for Liliana) Lili, I had to do this, because the girls I'm aligned with needed you gone. Au revoir.


Final Words

Well I'm definitely, 100% shocked. To me, it is ridiculous to get rid of one of your stronger people in the beginning. I just wish I could have stayed in longer. Because I definitely would have kicked some butt. Wow. They are some good liars great liars.

I think the weaklings are staying behind and the strong one is leaving today.

–Liliana Gomez

Still in the Running

S14 jessica bw
S14 erica bw
S14 sylvia bw
S14 gary bw
S14 liliana bw
S14 alex t
S14 anthony t
S14 boo t
S14 cassandra t
S14 dreamz t
S14 earl t
S14 edgardo t
S14 lisi t
S14 michelle t
S14 mookie t
S14 rita t
S14 rocky t
S14 stacy t
S14 yauman t


  • This marks the first and only time that the Moto tribe visited Tribal Council.
    • This also marks the only Tribal Council of the season not attended by Mookie Lee, either as a contestant or as a member of the jury.
  • This episode is the only time that the By the Numbers challenge was used in a non-Battle of the Sexes season.
  • For the first time in the show's history, two people were eliminated from the game without ever losing a challenge.
  • This marks the first time that an episode contains both an elimination outside Tribal Council and an elimination at Tribal Council.
  • The title of the episode is said by Rocky Reid when he threw a tantrum after Ravu lost their fifth challenge in a row.