Legacy Advantage
Survivor Gameplay
Description: A game advantage that is provided early in the game, may only be used much later in the game
Appearances: Millennials vs. Gen X
Game Changers

The Legacy Advantage is a twist introduced in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X and later seen in Survivor: Game Changers.


The Legacy Advantage is a secret advantage that can only be used at certain Tribal Councils. If the castaway wielding the Legacy Advantage is eliminated anytime earlier than the said day, the castaway must will it to another castaway still in the game. Through the player's final words confessional, the person voted out with the Legacy Advantage will state who will inherit the advantage note. The advantage would then be tucked by production inside the new owner's bag in private.[1] This goes on until the advantage's intended day of use, in which it can be played similarly to a Hidden Immunity Idol at that night's Tribal Council.


Millennials vs. Gen X

The Legacy Advantage was first seen in the Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X marooning where it was nestled beneath the supplies scattered around a beach, where Jessica Lewis found it. After Jessica was eliminated on Day 30 by the rock drawing tiebreaker, she left the advantage to Ken McNickle.

On Day 36, Ken was allowed to read the contents of the Legacy Advantage envelope, indicating that it gives its final owner immunity at the immediate Tribal Council, and must be played similarly to the regular Hidden Immunity Idol; it had to be played after the votes had been cast, but before they were read. Ken used the advantage, which cancelled Jay Starrett's vote against him.

Game Changers

The Legacy Advantage returned for Survivor: Game Changers. It was found by Sierra Dawn Thomas. This time, the advantage could be used only when there are either 13 or 6 castaways remaining. At the merge with 13 players remaining, Sierra felt that she would be in the majority at the next vote and kept her advantage. This proved to be the case.

On Day 32, Sierra told Sarah about her Legacy Advantage in the hopes that she could convince Sarah to align with her. With the knowledge that it could be willed to her, Sarah focused her attention on voting out Sierra. The plan worked: Sierra was voted out and willed it to Sarah Lacina. When the advantage was finally played during the Day 36 Tribal Council, Sarah was able to use it, negating 3 votes that could have voted her out (albeit not revealed due to the nature of that vote).[2]

Legacy Advantage History

Season Hiding Place Episode Found Found By Willed To Advantage Episode Used Effective?
Millennials vs. Gen X Under assorted fruits during the marooning "May the Best Generation Win" S33 jessica t
Jessica Lewis
S33 ken t
Ken McNickle
Negates votes similar to a Hidden Immunity Idol. "I'm Going for a Million Bucks" No!
negated 1 vote
Game Changers Under a box of supplies during marooning "The Stakes Have Been Raised" S34 sierra t
Sierra Dawn Thomas
S34 sarah t
Sarah Lacina
Grants player individual immunity "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" Yes!
negated 3 votes



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