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Kristie Bennett
AusSur3 Kristie Bennett
Contestant Profile
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales
Occupation: Senior Account Executive
Survivor Career
Version: Australia
Australian Survivor (2016)
Tribe(s): Aganoa
► Vavau
Fia Fia
Finish: Winner
Challenge Wins: 7
Votes Against: 11
Days Lasted: 55

Kristie Bennett is the Sole Survivor of Australian Survivor (2016).

A lifelong superfan, the slightly kooky Kristie initially started the game with intense paranoia; however, she soon mellowed out and formed a bond with multiple members of her tribe, including Lee Carseldine and El Rowland. Once on Vavau, Kristie avoided being voted out multiple times and was the instigator of power player Phoebe Timmins's blindside. Despite this, Vavau entered Fia Fia with a severe numbers deficit. Kristie, on the other hand, outlasted her entire switched tribe and slipped through the cracks to avoid elimination, in turn outlasting Saanapu as well; she became infamous for her loyalty to El and Lee, flabbergasting many jurors as her sole bet to make the Final Two was to win the Final Immunity Challenge. Against all odds, she won the challenge and took Lee to the Final Tribal Council. Facing an apprehensive jury, Kristie's intense articulation and confidence floored many and gave her a landslide victory, becoming the first female Australian Sole Survivor.


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Name (Age): Kristie Bennett (24)[1]
Tribe Designation: Aganoa
Current Residence: Sydney, New South Wales
Occupation: Senior Account Executive

Kristie is candid, confident, charismatic and kooky. She describes herself as independent, effervescent, tactful, curious and stubborn. Kristie is well traveled and physically fit. She is in it to win it and will not let anyone get in her way. Sydney-based Kristie describes herself as independent, brutal, defensive, effervescent, tactful, curious and stubborn and says she is in Australian Survivor to win. In preparation for her time on the island, Kristie upped her exercise routine and started yoga and meditation to help her handle the fast pace and strategic game play. She also prepared by not washing her hair for the six weeks leading up to the show.

Candid, confident and kooky, Kristie shares her love of Survivor with her father and wants to make him proud. She says: "Since season one of Survivor, my dad and I would watch and strategise the show together. I told him I would get on Survivor and win it for him."

Proud of her strong will and "never say die" attitude, Kristie already knows what will set her off with her tribe mates.

"People's inability to make decisions and take action makes my blood boil. Stop faffing about, if you say you're going to do it, bloody well do it."

A senior account executive, Kristie likes meeting new people, studying cognitive psychology and behavioural change and "getting up to mischief" in her spare time.

Australian Survivor

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Voting History

Kristie's Voting History
Episode Kristie's
Voted Against
1 Des -
2 Aganoa Tribe Immune
3 Evan -
4 No Vote
5 Aganoa Tribe Immune
6 Aganoa Tribe Immune
7 Aganoa Tribe Immune
8 No Tribal Council
9 Rohan -
10 Andrew -
11 Andrew Andrew,
Conner, Sue
12 Craig -
13 No Vote1
14 Phoebe Phoebe
15 Conner -
16 Nick2 -
17 Nick -
18 Kylie -
19 Sue Jennah-Louise,
Lee, Sam, Sue
20 Jennah-Louise El, Jennah-Louise,
21 Brooke -
22 No Vote
23 Matt;
24 Matt -
25 Flick -
26 El Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Kristie
Brooke, Flick, Jennah-Louise,
Kylie, Matt, Nick, Sam, Sue
Sole Survivor, Day 55

^1 In Episode 13, Brooke, a member of Saanapu, was allowed to attend Vavau's Tribal Council and choose one member of Vavau to join her tribe. She chose Sue to become a member of Saanapu.
^2 In Episode 16, Nick used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Kristie's vote against him.
^3 In Episode 23, the vote ended with a 2-2-1 tie between Matt and Sam, forcing a revote. Kristie voted for Sam on the revote.


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