Tribe Profile
Namesake: From Bakota, a Gabonese ethnic group
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Fang
Tribe Status: Merged with Fang on Day 27
Challenge Wins: 9
Lowest Placing Member: Paloma Soto-Castillo (16/18)
Highest Placing Member: Bob Crowley (Winner)

S17 Kota Flag

Tribe Sigil

Kota insignia 1

Kota insignia 2


S17 kota

Kota was a tribe from Survivor: Gabon.

Kota was one of two tribes with 9 castaways that began in "Want to See the Elephant Dung?". The tribe was known for their extensive winning streak in challenges before losing almost all of its original members after the merge due to Gabon's two tribe swaps. Kota's tribe color was yellow.


Original Tribe

S17 ace tS17 bob tS17 charlie t
S17 corinne tS17 jacquie tS17 kelly t
S17 marcus tS17 paloma tS17 sugar t

As Gabonese tradition dictates, the elders were given utmost respect. With this, the oldest cast members of both sexes initiated a tribe-picking activity. The oldest male chose the members of Kota. The following castaways comprised the original Kota tribe, existing from Days 1-9:

  • Bob chose Ace;
  • Ace chose Sugar;
  • Sugar chose Marcus;
  • Marcus chose Charlie;
  • Charlie chose Paloma;
  • Paloma chose Kelly;
  • Kelly chose Jacquie;
  • Jacquie chose Corinne.

Post-First Tribe Switch

S17 bob tS17 charlie tS17 corinne t
S17 dan tS17 marcus tS17 randy tS17 susie t
  • Bob Crowley
  • Charlie Herschel
  • Corinne Kaplan
  • Dan Kay, an attorney from Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Marcus Lehman
  • Randy Bailey, a wedding videographer from Eagle Rock, Missouri.
  • Susie Smith, a hairdresser from Charles City, Iowa.

The Schoolyard Pick to choose the tribe went as follows:

  • Marcus chose Dan;
  • Dan chose Charlie;
  • Charlie chose Randy;
  • Randy chose Corinne;
  • Corinne chose Susie;
  • Susie chose Bob.

Post-Second Tribe Switch

S17 bob tS17 crystal t
S17 ken tS17 marcus tS17 susie t
  • Bob Crowley
  • Crystal Cox, an Olympic champion from Durham, North Carolina.
  • Ken Hoang, a professional gamer from Westminster, California.
  • Marcus Lehman
  • Susie Smith

Tribe History

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  • Bob Crowley is the only original member of Kota to remain on the tribe until the merge.
  • Kota, along with its rival Fang tribe, are the third and fourth tribes to have its tribe name originated from an actual tribe or ethnic group, following Africa's Boran and Samburu tribes.
  • Kota, along with Fang, are the first two tribes to be a part of two full tribe switches.