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Koror Alliance
Koror alliance
Survivor Alliance
Version: United States
Season: Palau
Founder: Tom Westman
Members: Remained Loyal:
Tom Westman (Day 10-39)
Katie Gallagher (Day 10-39)
Ian Rosenberger (Day 10-38)
Jenn Lyon (Day 10-37)
Gregg Carey (Day 10-33)
Caryn Groedel (Day 24-36)
Enemies: Willard Smith
Coby Archa
Janu Tornell
Stephenie LaGrossa
Lowest Placing Member: Gregg Carey (6/20)
Highest Placing Member: Tom Westman (Sole Survivor)

The Koror Alliance is the majority alliance of the Koror tribe from Survivor: Palau.


Conquering Ulong

After successfully winning every Immunity Challenge against Ulong, their only remaining tribe member Stephenie LaGrossa, joined Koror provoking a merge.

The Unofficial Merge

Gregg's Reward

Tom Flips on Ian

Final Tribal Council



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