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Keep on Your Toes
Jeremiahwootrish Jeremiah, Woo, and Trish competing in Cagayan.
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring endurance challenge
Appearances: Cagayan
Worlds Apart

Keep on Your Toes is a recurring endurance challenge in Survivor. It first appearing in Survivor: Cagayan and reappeared in Survivor: Worlds Apart.


The castaways would each stand on a small wooden perch in an a-frame. They would brace a wooden block on their head and keep it in place using the wooden board above them. The structure would force the contestants to stand on their toes slightly, increasing the difficulty. The last person left with their wooden block intact wins immunity.


In Survivor: Cagayan, the challenge came down to Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox. After 1 hour and 30 minutes, Tasha's block suddenly dropped, giving Spencer the win.

In Survivor: Worlds Apart, the challenge came down to Tyler Fredrickson and Jenn Brown. After over 30 minutes, Tyler won after Jenn's block dropped, giving Tyler individual immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Mad Treasure Hunt"

| Individual Immunity

S28 spencer c
Spencer Bledsoe
Worlds Apart
"Livin' on the Edge"

| Individual Immunity

S30 tyler t
Tyler Fredrickson



  • Both times this challenge was used, it was in a three-tribe season with a black merged tribe.
  • Only males have won this challenge.


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