"Just Don't Eat the Apple"
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Season: China
Episode Number: 9/15 (224)
Original Release: November 15, 2007
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Just Don't Eat the Apple is the ninth episode of Survivor: China.


Day 25

James Clement woke early to tend to the fishing nets and prepare breakfast, but internally, he was still shaken by his close call at the previous Tribal Council, where he was only one vote shy of going home. He woke the rest of the sleeping Hae Da Fung tribe with a loud song: "Good morning, good morning! I've come to say good morning! Good morning, good morning to you!" The tribe stirred reluctantly, but Courtney Yates woke joyfully, exclaiming that it was "Christmas" since Jean-Robert Bellande had been voted out. However, not all was rosy in camp as Denise Martin, a member of the Fei Long Alliance, had not been informed about the change of plan to vote out Jean-Robert instead of Peih-Gee Law. Courtney and Amanda Kimmel noticed Denise shooting them daggers with her eyes, and feared that she might switch her allegiance.

I had a narrow escape last night. I had three votes. I mean, all I do is tell my P's and Q's, but the odds of me actually getting kicked off with the two idols are not that high. So, from now on, I'll have them with me at Tribal Council.

–James Clement

Camp life without Jean-Robert is much nicer and I think that everyone else is also kinda happy to have him gone. Jean-Robert is such a complainer and demanding people to fetch him things and just... just generally unpleasant. Denise was, like, shooting daggers at myself and Amanda because she was mad. By blindsiding Jean-Robert, we had to blindside her too and it could come back to get us.

–Courtney Yates

Denise was indeed frustrated with her alliance's betrayal of her trust, and approached James later in the morning. He apologised and lied that the plan had changed at the last minute, but she was supposed to have been informed about it (when in actuality, James had advocated keeping Denise in the dark). Denise voiced her frustration, saying she felt "like an idiot" being the only person to vote for Peih-Gee, and asked if this meant that she was the next one on the block. However, James tried to assure her that she was safe.

We have a plan here that the former Fei Long were gonna vote out the Zhan Hu people. So last night at Tribal Council, I went with the original plan. I voted Peih-Gee like we were supposed to. But I guess in the last moment, everybody changed their minds and half the tribe voted for Jean-Robert. It kinda makes me feel on the outside, 'cause I had an opportunity to switch over to Zhan Hu and I decided to stay with the group that I'm close to and I still get backstabbed! It's a hard position for me right now. James has two Hidden Immunity Idols. It's smart to stick with him. I mean, you never know what's going to happen, but it is hard to trust people in this game.

–Denise Martin

Day 26

The next day, Peih-Gee complained to James as they cooked up some fish, lamenting that she was on the outs with the tribe. Todd Herzog watched on in amusement as Peih-Gee began to backseat-drive the food preparation, irritating James. Todd also observed Courtney and Frosti Zernow cuddled up by the fire, flirting as they awaited a meal, making him question Courtney's long-term allegiance. However, Amanda and Peih-Gee soon returned from Tree Mail, bearing a small drum. Although the tribe was excited about the challenge and enjoyed the new toy at camp, Peih-Gee was hungry for a win to break her losing streak.

Oh my gosh! Jean-Robert's annoying and now he's gone. But all of a sudden, Peih-Gee just had to step in and take his place! Even though Peih-Gee's not playing a very smart game, the thing is Courtney – she's tight with Frosti and she's flirting with him. I mean, it's scary, it really is because you never know if she's gonna want to twist and turn. And that kind of worries me.

–Todd Herzog

I just wanna win. I just hate that, like, I'm the most losingest Survivor left in this game right now. Like, I've lost the most challenges out of everybody, like, that sucks. And it makes me want to win even more.

–Peih-Gee Law

At the Reward Challenge, Jeff Probst outlined the challenge: Drum Roll. Divided into two team of four, each contestant would take control of a differently-sized drum and work as a team to bounce a small ball up along a course comprising a series of wooden fences and two gates. If the team dropped the ball, they would either return to the starting mat or to the gate they'd most recently crossed. At the end of the course, the team would have to bounce the ball into an upright pot. The first team to get three balls into the pot would win an overnight cruise on the Li River, including a nice dinner.

The team were chosen by Schoolyard Pick, with Erik Huffman and Peih-Gee randomly selected as the team leaders. For the Red Team, Peih-Gee won the first pick and without hesitating, chose James. For the Yellow Team, Erik selected Frosti. James then chose Todd and Frosti picked Amanda. Faced with the last choice, Todd chose Denise to round out the Red Team, leaving Courtney as the last member of the Yellow Team.

Todd and Erik maneuvered the ball up to the first obstacle, but the Yellow Team gained the lead as Erik successfully passed the ball to Frosti, but James fumbled the pass for Red, sending them back to the start. Yellow managed to make it up through the first two gates and get their first ball into the bin before Red had even crossed the first fence. Peih-Gee took over receiving the ball for Red, but still dropped it, sending Red back to the start as Yellow started steady work on their second ball.

Both teams made it across the first fence and through the first gate side-by-side, but once again, Red lost control of their ball, allowing Yellow to extend their lead. Yellow had a few close calls, but managed to keep their ball alive and made it through to land their second ball in the pot. Red made up some ground, with Todd saving a wild bounce and allowing the team to make it up to their end pot, but they lost the ball at the last minute, sending them back to their gate. Panicking, Red fumbled once more at the end pot as Yellow slowly advanced through the course with their final ball, strolling up to their pot to score their winning point. With that, Amanda, Courtney, Erik and Frosti won the challenge 3-0, and left the challenge site directly to enjoy their reward, whilst the rest of Hae Da Fung returned solemnly to camp.

Back at camp, Peih-Gee was furious that they had lost the Reward Challenge and accused James of letting the team down, sarcastically saying, "I did not see your ass strolling back to the mat every time we dropped the ball." James casually told her to go away, but Peih-Gee continued to argue, stating her disbelief that he'd accused her of giving up in challenges. James quietly returned the accusations, calling her a "loser" because she was "quick to blame." The argument continued, with James warning Peih-Gee that no matter what she said, he'd "blast [her] back and make [her] look quite silly," while she continued to berate him for his poor effort in the challenge. Eventually, Peih-Gee walked away from the argument and went for a swim in the lake.

Peih-Gee, she just... stupid. I mean, she really came to me and said that I was the reason why they didn't win. It's all my fault. Maybe she's the problem. She's never won anything. I mean, maybe that's the sign. Maybe not everybody's crazy – you're the crazy one.

–James Clement

I'm probably pissed off that we lost the challenge and I'm taking it out on James. But I'm the only person that hasn't won any Reward Challenges! I'm pissed about it. Like, I'd love to go on a reward, but I don't have a single ally out here. I don't have anybody! I'm in, like, a really bad position. It's probably not smart to go 'round picking fights with people, but I can't, like, keep my mouth shut sometimes.

–Peih-Gee Law

Todd and Denise watched the whole confrontation from afar, and soon after, Denise joined James in the shelter, and he recounted his side of the story. The two agreed that they did not like Peih-Gee's attitude, noting that everybody had dropped the ball at the challenge. The two confirmed that the Fei Long Alliance was on track to succeed, but James raised a concern that Courtney's flirtatious relationship with Frosti could result in her flipping to Zhan Hu, which would devastate their game. Meanwhile, Todd kept to himself, brooding over his frustration at being stuck at camp with paranoid players and jealous of his friends' reward trip.

I'm just trying to keep away from the evil temptation from Zhan Hu. The little pretty boys and the little annoying little girl. They are still the enemy. They're still trying to infiltrate the force to get where we already have predestined ourselves to be. It makes no sense for us to mess it up now. But it's so human nature. It's right there in front of you. Just don't eat the damn apple. Be naked, be happy. Don't eat that damn apple.

–James Clement

This is probably the worst day I can have out here. People are freaking out around camp and the four people I get along best with are out having a good time on a boat somewhere. Today sucks.

–Todd Herzog

Meanwhile, cruising down the Li River, Amanda, Courtney, Erik, and Frosti toasted to their success in the challenge. They speculated about what might be happening back at camp, and although Erik tried to advocate Peih-Gee's good nature when she was relaxed, Amanda and Courtney argued that she was "too intense right now" and her frustration at losing was due simply to "a series of bad decisions."

I haven't won hardly any challenges since I've been out here, so I was amped up to win. The reward was for this cruise on the Li River. It was spectacular. I felt like it was a pretty cool group of people and, y'know, of course it was a good opportunity to just... to get to know them a little better and, y'know, try and develop relationships. As much as I'm like, still basically, on Peih-Gee's side, I don't mind her being talked about negatively so it means that if she's being talked about, then I'm not.

–Erik Huffman

As the boat continued down the river, the four relaxed and enjoyed the scenery. Courtney and Frosti continued to flirt, and they both discussed the tentative nature of their relationship in confessionals. As the cruise drifted past a pair of goats on the shore, Erik showed off his goat impression, sending his tribemates into fits of laughter. Erik believed that he was ingratiating himself into Amanda and Courtney's good graces, which could save him in the game, and Amanda confirmed her softened opinion of him in her confessional. However, Frosti was wary of Erik's social game, noting that he was worried he might be replaced in the Fei Long Alliance. As the sun set, the foursome settled in to a delicious dinner of chicken and mashed potatoes.

I don't really understand my relationship with Frosti. He's young. He's only twenty. And he's kinda cute. He just wants to play.

–Courtney Yates

I like Courtney a lot and I think both of us feel that and it's good. She's a really attractive girl. She's smart. She's way out of my league! But having somebody you're just comfortable around is really nice.

–Frosti Zernow

I feel like we had a great time together. Maybe it helped me in Courtney and Amanda's eyes. And maybe that's enough to at least save me another round.

–Erik Huffman

I really like Erik. I know he's here to play the game as well, but I think he's adorable and I definitely want to see him around... around as long as possible. I really like him.

–Amanda Kimmel

Erik: he is a threat and he's been doing a really good job of getting close to Amanda and Courtney. I don't know. It does worry me just because, I mean, there's no reason they couldn't be like, "Oh, why don't we just take Erik instead of Frosti?" It's scary. I don't want to be replaced!

–Frosti Zernow

Day 27

A speedboat returned the reward-winners back to camp in the morning and were greeted by the remainder of the tribe, who demanded to hear the "juicy details."  Amanda lied, saying they had only gotten to eat Chinese food (in the same vein as previous challenges) in a bid to avoid jealousy, and the rest of the group downplayed the experience as much as possible.

We lied to everyone because if we had told them we would have had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and bread and butter, everyone would have hated us for sure.

–Amanda Kimmel

The four then went down to the lake to swim and Todd joined them, filling them in on the events of camp – particularly the James/Peih-Gee fight.  He re-enacted the verbal sparring for them (including an impression of James), entertaining the crowd.  Frosti noted that it seemed like Peih-Gee's fight-picking was a "Jean-Robert move," to which Todd agreed.  In a confessional, Erik noted that this was particularly good news as it made Peih-Gee more of a target at the next Tribal Council, assuming she didn't win the Immunity Challenge.

Peih-Gee is not necessarily in most people's good graces right now.  So hopefully, I'll be safe unless Peih-Gee wins the immunity and then it's a whole new story.

–Erik Huffman

Hae Da Fung later arrived at their Immunity Challenge: Chinese Zodiac Symbols.  The castaways would be given a list of zodiac animals, and would then use a knife to stab cards showing the animals, ensuring they selected the animals in the right order.  As an instant death challenge, if a castaway ever gave the incorrect answer, they would be eliminated from the challenge.  The last person standing would win immunity.  Jeff then revealed an additional twist: players could opt to sit out the challenge and gorge on a feast of cheeseburgers, French fries, cold drinks and "all the fixin's" for the duration of the challenge. The tribe was excited by the food choices, but were torn about the decision.  Jeff handed each contestant a black coin and a white coin, and were instructed to reveal one to indicate their decision (black to eat, white to compete).  Courtney, Denise, James, and Todd opted to eat, leaving Amanda, Erik, Frosti, and Peih-Gee to fight for immunity.

In the first round, the order was "Tiger, Rabbit, Rat, Monkey, Dog."  Erik misplaced the rat and was eliminated from the challenge, but claimed he wasn't bitter about missing out on the food, "I'll just sit here and smell it!"  The second round's order was "Rat, Ram, Dragon, Rooster, Ram."  Frosti struggled to remember the order and was cheered from the sideline by Courtney.  However, he scraped through, but Amanda was eliminated after substituting a Rat for the Rooster.

In the final round, Frosti and Peih-Gee squared off with the order: "Snake, Rat, Rabbit, Tiger, Rooster, Ram."  As before, Peih-Gee acted quickly but Frosti was more uncertain about his answer.  However, Peih-Gee's confidence fell as Jeff began to read through her answer, but her doubts were misplaced as she correctly recalled the order. Frosti's order, meanwhile, was incorrect (having misplaced the Rabbit).  With that, Peih-Gee won immunity.

Back at camp, the four who sat out the challenge were quizzed about their meal, but Frosti sat alone in the shelter, frustrated by those who sat out, but confident that he was still safe at the vote. Erik approached him to congratulate him on his efforts, and the two Zhan Hu men commiserated over their precarious situation in the game, saying, "If I'm voted out tonight, good luck to you!"

It's hard to know that I took a risk, made a sacrifice and nothing really came out of it. I'm upset that James, Denise, Todd and Courtney sat out. Like, we're here for twelve more days. You can't wait twelve days for a cheeseburger? Not winning immunity today and having Peih-Gee win means that we can't vote her out, so I think Erik kind of already knows he's on the chopping block.

–Frosti Zernow

Since Peih-Gee won immunity, it means Frosti and I are kind of the obvious one to go or, y'know, probably one of us and Frosti – I feel like, somehow, he's worked his way... I think he's in good with Todd and Amanda and Courtney, so that definitely makes it seem that Frosti might be higher up the ladder than he once was. But then again, y'know, I'm tight with that group now so maybe that puts me up the ladder as well. So, we'll see.

–Erik Huffman

Frosti and Todd met up later in the forest, and Frosti tried to persuade him to take out Erik, by pointing out his "smooth" ways with the girls as being threatening. Todd agreed that he played the "good ol' country boy from Tennessee" who would easily win the million dollars. However, Todd was also concerned about Frosti given his challenge ability and he later discussed the vote with Denise and James, who agreed that either Frosti or Erik had to go. Todd said he was confident that Courtney would vote with them even if they targeted Frosti, but Denise didn't think they could trust her, given the growing bond between Courtney and Frosti. When James agreed, Todd bluntly returned that if Courtney wouldn't work with them, "then maybe she's the next to go."

Tonight's vote's killer. I mean, Erik, if he makes it to the end, hands down, he's guaranteed a million dollars. But Frosti's a big threat! You watch him perform in any of the challenges and he is great, y'know? And that kinda worries me. So I don't know what I'm gonna do. It's a toss-up.

–Todd Herzog

Last Tribal Council that we went to, I thought everyone was voting for Peih-Gee. Turned out everybody was voting for J.R. Tonight, I really don't feel paranoid because I think I know who everybody's voting for. It's either gonna be Frosti or it's gonna be Courtney who goes tonight.

–Denise Martin

Later in the day, Courtney and Todd went to the well, and Todd let her in on the plan to get rid of either Erik or Frosti. He told her that Denise and James were scared that she wouldn't vote against her "Survivor boyfriend" Frosti and asked her, point-blank, if she would. However, she appeared reticent, though in a confessional later admitted that if she went against the group, it could have a significant effect on her own game. As night fell, Todd continued to entertain the notion of voting out an unreliable Courtney.

Frosti's kind of like my little munchkin and, y'know, everybody's kind of worried about me 'cause they know that he's, like, my good friend. It really does make a strategic difference whether or not, y'know, I go with the group on this one or I don't go with the group on this one. So I don't know. I honestly don't know who I'll vote for.

–Courtney Yates

James and Denise were very worried about Courtney and her friendship with Frosti. I'm worried. I mean, we don't know what to expect. She could literally take a sharp turn right at any moment. You know, I may have to vote for her.

–Todd Herzog

At Tribal Council, the jury, consisting of Jaime Dugan and Jean-Robert, entered. Jeff began the proceedings by targeting James and his surprising decision to sit out the Immunity Challenge for food. When asked what his initial response was upon seeing the opportunity for food, James answered, "Attack!" and noted that he had eaten seven of the twelve cheeseburgers, arguing that although he would have competed in the challenge with his whole heart, he couldn't turn down the chance to eat meat. Todd agreed that despite his best intentions not to give in to such temptations, and despite the effects that the decision could have, he couldn't ignore "the fat kid inside of Todd." On the other hand, Frosti said that he had chosen to compete because whilst some people had felt safe enough to risk their game (even when blindsides were not an uncommon occurrence), he wanted to make sure that he gave everything he had, so that if he did get voted out, he wouldn't regret his decisions. Erik added that there was a "firm distinction" between those who had competed and those who had eaten, pointing out that he knew he had to fight for immunity due his position "very far near the bottom" of the tribe. He added that he wouldn't be surprised if it was his time that night.

Jeff then turned the conversation to the two competing relationships at this point in the game: strategic relationships and those that might extend beyond the thirty-nine days. Amanda said that it was "a hard thing to juggle" as the two forms of friendship didn't always lead down the same path. Asked about the link between friendship and loyalty, Denise said that while she hoped that the two would come hand-in-hand, she knew that "down-to-the-bottom trust" did not exist in a game like Survivor.

Frosti continued by stating that it was his relationship-building that had kept him in the game until this point (despite the targeted kidnapping at the Tribe Switch), but said that although everybody knew it was a game, people could still get hurt. Asked about the personal nature of the game, Erik said that he had also worked very hard to form relational bonds with a select few, and added that working the relationships could also be detrimental if it became threatening. He concluded that he had "very few options at this point."

Peih-Gee elected to keep the Immunity Necklace, and the voting then commenced with Todd and Denise. Frosti cast a reluctant vote for Erik. James and Peih-Gee voted next, followed by Erik who cast a similar defensive vote for Frosti. Courtney followed, and Amanda cast her vote for an "amazing person" (although her vote was not revealed).

(voting for Erik) One of us will be eating cheeseburgers before the other. Neither of us deserved it.

–Frosti Zernow

(voting for Frosti) It's you or me tonight, bro. Nothing personal.

–Erik Huffman

I think you're an amazing person, but you're just too big of a threat. And the majority decision. I'm sorry. I hope we can be friends later. Bye.

–Amanda Kimmel

Jeff tallied the votes. Erik received a single vote, but the decision was unanimous, and Frosti became the ninth person voted out of Survivor: China and the third member of the jury. He hugged Courtney and Amanda goodbye, and as Jeff snuffed his torch with the usual "the tribe has spoken," Frosti interjected, "With cheeseburger still on their breath!" Jeff noted that the next twelve days would test the remaining contestants' adaptability and shocked them when he revealed that the test would begin immediately: they would not be returning to camp for there was more business to attend to at Tribal Council.


Challenge: Drum Roll
Each member of a four-person team holds a different-sized drum, and they attempt to bounce a ball between them down a course and to the team's finishing barrel, heading over several waist-high hurdles, and returning to the last of two gates they passed through (or to the start) if they drop it. First to get three balls into their barrel wins.
Reward: Overnight cruise on the Li River, including dinner.
Winners: Yellow Team (Amanda Kimmel, Courtney Yates, Erik Huffman, and Frosti Zernow)

Challenge: Chinese Zodiac Symbols
The contestants must listen to a list of animals in the Chinese zodiac called out by Probst, then use a knife to stab into the corresponding symbols on a solving board in the right order. Get it wrong and they're out. Last one left wins. The contestants were also given the option to sit out of the challenge and eat cheeseburgers if they wanted to.
Winner: Peih-Gee Law

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Hae Da Fung
S15 frosti t
Frosti (7 votes)
S15 amanda tS15 courtney tS15 denise t
S15 erik tS15 james tS15 peihgee tS15 todd t
Amanda, Courtney, Denise, Erik, James, Peih-Gee, Todd
S15 erik t
Erik (1 vote)
S15 frosti t
S15 frosti bw
Frosti Zernow

Voting Confessionals

(votes for Frosti) It's the hardest vote that I've had to do so far. Sorry, but you're tough. Gotta go.


(votes for Frosti) Frosti, I think you're a great kid. You're gonna be a huge success someday. I wish you good luck.


(votes for Erik) One of us will be eating cheeseburgers before the other. Neither of us deserved it. Sorry, man.


(votes for Frosti) I mean, you're good.


(votes for Frosti) I'm sorry. It's purely strategic.


(votes for Frosti) It's you or me tonight, bro. Nothing personal.


(votes for Frosti) I'm really sorry, Frosti. The curse has hit you. That's what you get for being friends with me. And I hope you don't hate me, and we can hang out and eat mustard in Chicago.


(votes for Frosti) I think you're an amazing person, but you're just too big of a threat. And the majority decision. I'm sorry. I hope we can be friends later. Bye.


Final Words

I expected some people to kind of backstab, but I didn't expect it right now. I got beat by the tiny flight attendant, the sassy New York waitress and the lady with the mullet, but I wanted to prove that somebody who's younger, smaller could come out her and do the same job anyone else can do. And I have proved that.

–Frosti Zernow

Still in the Running

S15 chicken bw
S15 ashley bw
S15 leslie bw
S15 dave bw
S15 aaron bw
S15 sherea bw
S15 jaime bw
S15 frosti bw
Hae Da Fung
S15 amanda t
Hae Da Fung
S15 courtney t
Hae Da Fung
S15 denise t
Hae Da Fung
S15 erik t
Hae Da Fung
S15 james t
Hae Da Fung
S15 peihgee t
Hae Da Fung
S15 todd t


It makes no sense for us to mess it up now. But it's so human nature. It's right there in front of you. Just don't eat the damn apple. Be naked, be happy. Don't eat that damn apple.

–James Clement