Jorge Luis Vázquez

2016Jorge Luis


Contestant Profile
Born: August 9, 1979 (1979-08-09) (age 38)
Hometown: Guadalajara, Jalisco
Occupation: Actor
Survivor Career
Version: Mexico
La Isla 2015: El Reality
Tribe(s): Agua
► Fuego
Finish: 9/24
Alliance(s): Agua Alliance
Fuego Alliance (affiliated)
Challenge Wins: 10
Votes Against: 9
Days Lasted: 40
La Isla 2016: La Revancha
Tribe(s): Zafiro
► Jade
Finish: Winner
Alliance(s): Fantastic Four
Jade Alliance (affiliated)
Oro Alliance (affiliated)
Challenge Wins: 19
Votes Against: 2
Days Lasted: 64

Jorge Luis Vázquez is the Sole Survivor of La Isla 2016: La Revancha. He firstly competed in La Isla 2015: El Reality.

Being sent to the Agua tribe, Jorge Luis developed an early friendship with Roberto Pérez, but he quickly defected from the tribe, without his tribemates knowing so. When he was switched to the Fuego tribe, he formed a quick friendship with Jorge Alberti while also forming a rivalry with Intocable. Being deemed a puzzle threat at the merge, he was targeted by his past alliance, voted out first at the merge.

When he was back for La Revancha, Jorge Luis was sent to the Zafiro tribe, where he formed an early alliance with Ana Ransanz and Ricardo Alcalá, and eventually being joined by Dr. Wagner, Jr.. When the tribes switched and Jorge Luis was sent to Jade, he became the swing vote in almost all of the trials he was part of, taking out threats like Fernando Alonso and Rafael Mercadante, while also losing an ally along the way. When the tribes merged, he was essential in taking out Julio César Frías, but also had the misfortune of facing off against his close ally Ricardo, being backstabbed by Ana that same week. Nevertheless, he managed to earn a spot in the Final 2, beating Ana at the Finale.


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35 años. Nacido en Guadalajara, Jalisco. Actualmente vive en la Cuidad de México. Estudió Artes Escénicas. Ha trabajado en varias telenovelas entre las cuales se encuentran: La Loba, Cielo Rojo, La Teniente, Los Rey y Destino. Actualmente forma parte del elenco de 'Tanto Amor'.


Entérate de todo lo que tienes que saber sobre la personalidad de Jorge Luis Vázquez. Síguelo en La Isla La Revancha.

Jorge Luis Vázquez La Isla La Revancha

Jorge Luis Vázquez La Isla La Revancha


La Isla: El Reality


Voting History

Jorge Luis's Voting History
Week # Jorge Luis's
Voted Against
Jorge Luis
1 Agua Tribe Immune
2 Agua Tribe Immune
3 Agua Tribe Immune
4 Agua Tribe Immune
5 Sergio -
6 Fuego Tribe Immune
7 Fuego Tribe Immune
8 Karla -
9 Intocable1 -
10 Jorge L.;
Ana, Deborah, Intocable,
Jorge L., Roberto;
Ana, Deborah,
Intocable, Roberto1
Voted Off, Day 40

^1 On Week 9, Jorge Luis used a Hidden Immunity Idol, but he didn't negate any votes against him.
^2 On Week 10, the Judge didn't save either Jorge Luis or Jorge L., so they were both nominated, and nobody changed their vote on the revote.


Statistics of Jorge Luis Vázquez
Seasons competed: 2
Days lasted: 104
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins: 18
Individual wins: 9
Total wins: 27
Tribal Council
Total votes received: 11
Exile Island
Times exiled: N/A
Redemption Island
Duels won: 0
Days spent on Redemption Island: 0

Voting History

Jorge Luis's Voting History
Week # Jorge Luis's
Voted Against
Jorge Luis
1 Ivonne Intocable
2 Geraldine Geraldine
3 Zafiro Tribe Immune
4 Zafiro Tribe Immune
5 Ana S. Emmisary
6 Fernando -
7 Jade Tribe Immune
8 Rafael;
Individual Immunity
9 Jade Tribe Immune
10 Ivonne -
11 Ivonne Individual Immunity
12 María F. -
13 Julio César;
Individual Immunity
Jorge Luis's Duel History
Week # Duel # Duel Placement
14 1 Individual Immunity
15 2 First
16 3 First
4 First
5 (Finale) First
Sole Survivor, Day 64

^1 On Week 8, the vote ended in a 4-4 tie between Rafael and Delia, Jorge Luis didn't change his vote on the revote.
^2 On Week 13, Julio César was saved by the Judge, negating Jorge Luis' vote cast against him, forcing a revote.