Jonathan Libby
S10 Jonathan Libby
Contestant Profile
Born: September 5, 1981 (1981-09-05) (age 36)
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Sales & Marketing Associate
Survivor Career
Version: United States
Tribe(s): N/A
Finish: 20/20
Challenge Wins: 0
Votes Against: 0
Days Lasted: 2

Jonathan Libby is a contestant from Survivor: Palau.

He was one of the first people (along with Wanda Shirk) to be eliminated from the game via Schoolyard Pick.


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Jonathan Libby was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, having attended Lake Highlands High School. He attended Richland College before transferring to Texas Tech University. Libby currently works in sales and marketing for a software company. He has previously worked as a martial arts instructor, a ski instructor and a club promoter.

A true survivor, Libby was diagnosed with and cured of testicular cancer in early 2005.

Libby describes himself as straightforward, blunt and intense. He enjoys skiing, fishing, wakeboarding and playing guitar. He teaches women's self-defense courses and competes in full contact fighting. He has also spent time over the last two years learning how to skillfully master the art of sushi-making. His grandmother is his hero, as he believes she is the backbone of their family and the best person he's ever met. He is most proud of being able to say, at 23 years old, he beat cancer.

Currently single, Libby resides in Dallas. His birth date is September 5, 1981.[1]


The contestants for Palau started the game by rowing to the island, and the first of each gender to reach the beach won immunity. Jonathan and Stephenie LaGrossa jumped off the boat early because they thought that that would help them get there quicker, but they ended up being the last ones to get to the beach (Ian Rosenberger ended up getting the Immunity Necklace for the men). When everyone arrived, there was no one on the beach so they went ahead on building a shelter. The next day, Jeff Probst announced that the tribes would be chosen in a Schoolyard Pick, with the last two castaways be eliminated immediately. For the men, the last two options were Jonathan, who didn't get along with a few contestants, and Willard Smith, arguably the weakest of the male players. Willard was ultimately chosen to be on Koror by Caryn Groedel. Jonathan, along with Wanda Shirk, were the last two and, therefore, eliminated.

Voting History

Because he was eliminated before the first Tribal Council, Jonathan did not have a voting history.

Jonathan's Voting History
Episode Jonathan's
Voted Against
1 Not Picked
Eliminated, Day 2


  • Jonathan has since married and has two children.[2]


  • Since he was left unpicked before Wanda Shirk, Jonathan is the first contestant to finish in 20th place.
  • Jonathan and Wanda are the only contestants to never be assigned to a tribe.
  • Jonathan is included as a member of Ulong in the opening credits, since if the Schoolyard Pick continued, he would have been placed on Ulong by default.
  • Jonathan is one of five contestants to never go to Tribal Council, along with Wanda Shirk, Kourtney MoonGary Stritesky, and Dana Lambert.
  • Jonathan, Wanda, and Kourtney Moon are the only contestants to be eliminated from the game in the first episode by means other than a vote.
  • Jonathan, along with Paschal English, Wanda Shirk, Sugar Kiper in Gabon, Rupert Boneham in Blood vs. Water, and Cirie Fields in Survivor: Game Changers, is one of six castaways (excluding evacuees and quitters) to never have a vote cast for or against them over the course of a season.
  • Jonathan placed second to last in Survivor Oz's ranking of all players from seasons 1-29.