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Jenna Morasca

S8 Jenna Morasca

S6 Jenna Morasca

Contestant Profile
Born: February 15, 1981 (1981-02-15) (age 35)
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Swimsuit Model
Survivor Career
Version: United States
The Amazon
Tribe(s): Jaburu
Finish: Winner
Alliance(s): Jaburu Alliance
Challenge Wins: 9
Votes Against: 3
Days Lasted: 39
Tribe(s): Mogo Mogo
Finish: 16/18
Challenge Wins: 3
Votes Against: 0
Days Lasted: 9

Jenna Morasca is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: The Amazon. She also competed on Survivor: All-Stars.

Infamously known for stripping for peanut butter and chocolate, Morasca outlasted the competition in The Amazon by winning 4 individual Immunity Challenges, tying the record held by Kelly Wiglesworth. She was then able to win by a landslide vote of 6-1. She returned for All-Stars, but was worried for her mother's worsening health condition, prompting her to quit the competition to be with her mother.


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Jenna Morasca models swimwear on a freelance basis while also competing in beauty pageants. She has won the Venus Swimwear competition two years in a row (2001 and 2002) and was second runner-up in the Miss Pennsylvania U.S.A. beauty pageant in 2001. Additionally, she is currently a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in zoology.

Morasca's hobbies include horseback riding, sleeping and hanging out with her animals (she has a dog, a ferret, three birds, two guinea pigs and a fish). She describes herself as honest, outgoing and funny. If she could hold political office, she'd be President of the United States so she could make all the important decisions. Her favorite sport is football. Her favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Denver Broncos. Her hero is her mother, who has been fighting breast cancer for over ten years. If she wins the money, she wants to buy a car and put a huge sound system in it, chrome wheels and detailing. She also wants to pay off her family's bills and take a trip to Italy with her mom and dad.

Morasca is currently single. Her birth date is February 15, 1981.[1]

Since being crowned Sole Survivor of SURVIVOR: THE AMAZON, Jenna Morasca continues to model swimwear on a freelance basis. She and fellow contestant Heidi Strobel posed for the cover of Playboy, which ultimately became the second best-selling cover of 2003. She also did an anti-fur campaign for the animal rights group PETA. Jenna got a chance to test her acting skills when she guest-starred in the Off-Broadway play "Pieces" in New York City, which ultimately led to an invitation to join the cast permanently for its six-week run. She has won the Venus Swimwear competition two years in a row (2001 and 2002) and was second runner-up in the Miss Pennsylvania U.S.A. beauty pageant in 2001. Additionally, she is currently a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in zoology. 

Jenna's hobbies include horseback riding, sleeping and hanging out with her animals (a dog, a ferret, three birds, two guinea pigs and a fish). She describes herself as honest, outgoing and funny. If she could hold political office, Jenna would be president of the United States so she could make all the important decisions. Her favorite sport is football. Her favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Denver Broncos. Her hero is her mother, who fought breast cancer for over twelve years before passing away late last year. 

Jenna is currently single and living in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. Her birth date is February 15, 1981.[2]


The Amazon

Jenna Morasca was placed on the Jaburu tribe. Jenna was dismayed when she learned this season was a Battle of the Sexes because she wasn't able to use her "womanly powers" to manipulate the men. She was also annoyed by the Tambaqui men's cockiness. When the women arrived, Christy Smith told everyone she was deaf. Jenna viewed it as a problem because of a communication barrier. The women had a difficult time at camp. It took them a long time to make fire. They failed to make a shelter by sundown and were forced to sleep on the ground, which Jenna noted as a big no no. The next day, Jenna went fishing with Heidi Strobel and Janet Koth. Janet got exhausted very quickly, forcing to return empty handed. Despite the dysfunction at camp, the women won the first challenge of the season when Ryan Aiken and Daniel Lue had trouble crossing the beam. Although their shelter was built, it was not water proof. This resulted in being soaked during a heavy rain storm. The women won the Reward Challenge for fish bait, thanks to Joanna Ward. Things turned chaotic when a granola bar wrapper was found. Janet was blamed because of a rumor started by Jeanne Hebert. The women lost the Immunity Challenge and Janet was voted out for the wrapper incident and being the weakest. Jenna received a vote from Christy.

At the Reward Challenge, Matchmaker, Jenna told Rob Cesternino that his wit was talked about at camp. The women nominated Deena Bennett to be the projects manager. Under leadership, camp life improved drastically. The women won the challenge for bath and beauty products. Jenna bathed with her friends, Heidi and Shawna Mitchell. The women also won immunity. However, Jenna got a rude awakening from Joanna and Jeanne. They felt that the working women were trying to make them feel bad. Joanna said that beauty is vain and your faith to god is what is important. Jenna however, felt that Joanna was picking on the younger women for having better bodies. The young women (sans Christy) aligned themselves. Under Shawna's suggestion, they tried to get Deena on their side, which she agreed to. The women lost the fire building contest to the men, costing them a fridge filled with Coca-Cola. After the loss, Shawna had a breakdown and asked to be voted out. The women also lost a fishing contest for immunity. Deena felt it was best to vote out Joanna, who was a threat for her work ethic and strength in challenges. Deena had gotten Christy's vote and Joanna was voted out in a 4-2-1 vote.

Jenna and Deena tried to convince Jeanne that she was important to the tribe because of her work ethic, but Jeanne didn't believe it. Jeanne was angry with the women for voting out a strong person like Joanna over Shawna, who asked to be voted out. Shawna was also complaining that the others didn't respect that she was breaking down and wanted out. The tribe received Tree Mail, asking for its youngest member for a night of fun and wine. As Jenna was the youngest woman (and youngest contestant overall), she went to represent Jaburu. She met up with Tambaqui's youngest member, Dave Johnson. They bathed, ate, and talked about their tribes. The next morning, the pair had more food awaiting them. Jeff arrived, telling them that they were picking new tribes. Dave immediately snatched up her best friend Heidi. Jenna picked Alex, Deena, Rob, and Shawna. Matthew von Ertfelda was also placed on Jaburu by virtue of being the last man left. The new tribe bonded well and they won the Immunity Challenge. At the reward challenge, Jenna lost to Christy both times she went up, costing them spices and seasonings. Jenna sat out of the Immunity Challenge, which Jaburu lost. Jenna agreed with sending home Shawna, who was more loyal to Alex than the women.

After the Tribal Council, Rob announced a plan to pretend that the men were sticking together. This was so that the votes of the Tambaqui men would would be diverted, allowing for the blindside of one of them. The tribes went to meet Jeff for the merge. When they arrive at the new camp site, a feast awaited them. However, Roger Sexton started to irritate everyone when he protested against using the ice for cooling the beer. Roger's attitude and bossiness caused the women to view him as a chauvinist. Jenna and Heidi successfully convinced Deena to vote out the sexist Roger over the athletic Dave, under the argument that Roger would not vote for a woman at the Final Tribal Council. At the Immunity Challenge, Jenna wanted peanut butter and chocolate so badly that she take her clothes off. Jeff complied and Heidi would join her. Butch Lockley tried not to watch the spectacle. Eventually Deena won immunity and Roger was voted out in a 7-3 vote. At the Reward Challenge, Jenna was teamed with Matthew and Heidi. They lost the first round. When Dave and Deena returned from the reward they still wanted Manioc. This irritated Heidi and Jenna because they had Ice Cream. Jenna won the Immunity Challenge and Dave was unanimously voted out.

At the next Reward Challenge, Jenna lost in the first round. However, Alex selected her to join him on reward. The ate pastries and drank a lot of iced coffee. They returned with cookies for the others. Jenna was upset when Heidi told her that Deena was targeting Alex, feeling like she had betrayed the alliance. Matthew won an eating contest for immunity and Deena was voted out in a 6-2 vote. In the majority, Jenna relaxed instead of doing camp chores. The others were irked by this, especially Christy, who had a conflict with Jenna since the early days of Jaburu. Jenna was concerned for her mother, who was having health problems before she left to compete. At the Survivor Auction, Jenna brought a chocolate bar with peanut butter for $320. She completed against Christy for letters from home, but Christy won. However, Jeff allowed for more letters from home, which Jenna brought for $120. Jenna cried tears of joy when she learned that her mother's health was improving, which made Heidi cry too. At the Immunity Challenge, Jenna learned that she was deemed most likely to use sex appeal as a weapon and was deem unable to survive on her own. After Rob won immunity, the alliance targeted Matthew for his athleticism. However, Jenna was shocked with Alex was voted out instead.

Jenna and Heidi made it clear that they were angry with Rob for his betrayal. The girls the to get Christy on their side, saying that she can go further with them than the men. At the Reward Challenge, Matthew won. However, he decided give up a visit from his mom so the others can spend time with their loved ones. Jenna spent time with her father, Michael. He told her that her mom's health was getting better. Rob tried to make a final deal with Jenna, but she was embarrassed at the thought and told him that she had morals. At the Immunity Challenge, Jenna scored the most pucks for Shuffleboard. She was the one to win immunity. Rob approach the Jenna and Heidi about voting out Swing Vote Christy, which they happily accepted. That night, Jenna gave immunity to Heidi. Rob kept his word and Christy was blindside in a 4-2 vote.

Jenna started to claim she had problems with her tonsils. Jenna and Heidi were thankful that Rob saved them and didn't mind being told that they were the next to go. The Reward Challenge was Second Chance, which Matthew won for a car. He wanted to take everyone, but was only allowed to take one person. Matthew elected to take Rob. When Jenna, Heidi, and Butch returned to camp, they discover that it was burned down. Jenna had lost everything, including her letters from home and her Sorority Jacket, which was only obtainable via Hand-my-Down. The women didn't help rebuild shelter because they knew they were the next two to go on the jury. After Matthew won the Immunity Challenge, Jenna had a breakdown because of physical and emotional status. Although the men consider expelling her from the game, they voted out Heidi for being a bigger threat instead.

Jenna knew that she was the next to go and accepted it. She was proud for being the last woman standing and being in the final four. However, she still tried 110% in challenges. Jenna beat out Matthew for immunity. Matthew convinced Jenna that Butch didn't deserved to be there because he didn't play strategically. At the same time, he made a final deal with her. The next day, the final three gotten a scale at Tree Mail. Then Jeff came to camp and said that they were going on a sea plane ride to view the amazon. Then they would decorate themselves for the Final Immunity Challenge. Jenna defeated Rob for a guaranteed seat at Final Tribal Council. She decided she had a better chance of winning against Matthew than against Rob, and would vote out her former ally Rob. On the last day, the final two had a impromptu Rites of Passage. Jenna reflected on her time in the Amazon. Matthew dismantled and burned the shelter.

At Final Tribal Council, Jenna saying that the jury was educated enough to make the right decision. When Rob asked why Jenna didn't deserve to win, Matthew said because of her lack of contributions and wanting to be voted out. Christy questioned Jenna about how her beauty was a handicap. Jenna gave the jury straight to the point and honest answers. In the end, Jenna won in a landslide 6-1 vote, only losing Butch's jury vote and surprisingly getting Christy's vote after Christy said she wouldn't vote for either Jenna or Heidi if one of them made it to the end.

Voting History

Jenna's Voting History
Episode Jenna's
Voted Against
1 Jaburu Tribe Immune
2 Janet Christy
3 Jaburu Tribe Immune
4 Joanna -
5 Jaburu Tribe Immune
6 Shawna -
7 Roger -
8 Dave Individual Immunity
9 Deena -
11 Matthew -
12 Christy Butch, Christy1
13 Rob -
14 Butch Individual Immunity
Rob Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Jenna
Alex, Christy, Dave,
Deena, Heidi, Rob
Sole Survivor, Day 39

^1 In Sour Grapes, Jenna had won Individual Immunity, but gave it to Heidi during Tribal Council.


Statistics of Jenna Morasca
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 48
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 8
Individual wins 4
Total 12
Tribal Council
Total votes received 3
Exile Island
Times exiled N/A
Redemption Island
Days spent at Redemption Island N/A
Duels won N/A

Jenna was invited back to play once more on Survivor: All-Stars, and was placed at the Mogo Mogo tribe. Jenna originally had plans to start an all-female alliance with fellow tribemates Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien and Shii Ann Huang, but things were quickly broken up when the first Survivor winner, Richard Hatch, overheard them scheming on the first day and reported it back to the two other tribe members of Mogo Mogo. Mogo Mogo need not worried though, as the tribe won the first two Immunity Challenges.

However, from Days 6-8, Jenna revealed that she wasn't as focused on the game, stating that she "felt a vibe" that her mother's condition was worsening. Kathy saw she wasn't eating and told her to eat something. When Jenna told Kathy about her mother's declining health, Kathy comforted her and told her she wouldn't hate her if she quit. When the tribes convened at the supposed Immunity Challenge in Day 9, Jenna decided to quit the game, regretting leaving her dying mother, who was in a battle with cancer. Amber Brkich from rival tribe Chapera gave Jenna a hug after getting Jeff Probst's approval. After Jenna announced she was withdrawing from the game, Jeff called in a boat for her, cancelled the Immunity Challenge and she received hugs from all remaining players in the game. While walking to the boat, Jeff told her they were thinking of her. She went home and rushed to her mother's bedside. Eight days after Jenna returned home, her mother passed away.

Voting History

Jenna M.'s Voting History
Episode Jenna M.'s
Votes Against
Jenna M.
1 Mogo Mogo Tribe Immune
2 Mogo Mogo Tribe Immune
3 No Tribal Council
Quit, Day 9


  • In Summer of 2009, Jenna hosted the TVGuide special "Survivor Millionaires: Where Are They Now?" and appeared along side the first eighteen Survivor winners.[3]
  • On January 9, 2010, Jenna attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • In 2012, Jenna graduated from Columbia University where she earned a master's degree in counseling and clinical psychology.

Relationship with Ethan Zohn

  • Morasca dated fellow winner and Survivor: All-Stars contestant Ethan Zohn. In 2013, after a ten year relationship, Ethan and Jenna have officially ended their relationship.[4]

Other Media

Jenna heidi playboy

Jenna and Heidi at the cover of "Playboy".

  • Morasca's strip with fellow contestant Heidi Strobel led to a spread in Playboy magazine, which reportedly earned her yet another million dollars. She also appeared near-nude in an anti-fur ad for PETA with Survivor: Africa winner Ethan Zohn that featured the slogan "I'd Rather Dance Naked Than Wear Fur!" In addition, Morasca modeled swimwear and was the CEO of a model scouting company called Model Challenge USA, which she founded in 2004.
  • In 2003, Morasca had a part in the Off-Broadway play 'Pieces'.
  • In 2004, Morasca was on the Board of Directors for Animal Friends in Pittsburgh.
  • In 2005, Morasca replaced Richard Hatch as co-host (with Dalton Ross) of CBS's Survivor Live, an internet talk show devoted to the current season of Survivor. She has since hosted the show throughout five entire seasons - Survivor: Palau, Survivor: Guatemala, Survivor: Panama, Survivor: Cook Islands, and Survivor: Fiji.
  • Morasca also had a minor role in the TV movie The Scorned in 2005.
  • Jenna was also a contestant on a the February 28, 2005 episode of Fear Factor, which starred former reality television contestants. She was eliminated in the second round by Omarosa.
SurvivorFamilyFeud Women

Jenna with Richard Karn and the "Cha-Ching" tribe on Family Feud.


Ethan and Jenna's promotional photo for the Amazing Race 19.



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The Amazon
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