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Jalapao Three
Jalapao Three & Erinn TC
Survivor Alliance
Version: United States
Season: Tocantins
Founder: Stephen Fishbach
Members: Remained Loyal:
J.T. Thomas (Day 17-39)
Stephen Fishbach (Day 17-39)
Taj Johnson-George (Day 17-37)
Erinn Lobdell (Day 27-38)
Day Formed: Day 17
Enemies: Sydney Wheeler
Joe Dowdle
Brendan Synnott
Sierra Reed
Timbira Alliance
Lowest Placing Member: Taj Johnson-George (4/16)
Highest Placing Member: J.T. Thomas (Sole Survivor)

The Jalapao Three was the main alliance from Survivor: Tocantins, consisting of the three members of Jalapao that remained after Joe Dowdle's evacuation.

Despite being down in numbers at the merge, this tight-knit group of three managed to take out all of their opposition, all making the final four.



Erinn Flips on Timbira

Taking Down Timbira

Turning on Each Other



  • J.T. and Stephen are the only members of the alliance to return and compete in a future season.
    • Taj declined the oppurtunity to return for Heroes vs. Villains.


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