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Tribe Profile
Season Tocantins
Namesake Jalapão state park in
Eastern Tocantins
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) ██ Timbira
Tribe Status Merged with Timbira on Day 19
Challenge Wins 5
Lowest Placing Member Carolina Eastwood (16/16)
Highest Placing Member J.T. Thomas (Winner)
S18 Jalap o Flag
S18 jalapao

Jalapao was a tribe from Survivor: Tocantins. Known for their extensive losing streak when it came to Immunity Challenges, they merged with only four members remaining. However, after the merge they were able to take control of the game, ending up with the Final Two being Jalapao members.

Their tribe color was red.


S18 carolina tS18 jt tS18 joe tS18 sandy t
S18 spencer tS18 stephen tS18 sydney tS18 taj t

Tribe HistoryEdit

In the beginning of Survivor: Tocantins, Jalapao had to vote one person to not go on a four-hour trek. The majority voted for Sandy, and she got to go by plane.

After losing the first Immunity Challenge Jalapao had to go to Tribal Council. The tribe had to decide between voting out Sandy for her presumed weakness and Carolina for her bossiness and weakness in challenges. In the end Carolina became the first person voted out of Survivor Tocantins in a 7-1 vote.

The tribe went on a lengthy winning streak, winning the next two Immunity Challenges but quickly fell to the dominant Timbira tribe, losing every Immunity Challenge before the merge. Sandy, Spencer and Sydney were eliminated in subsequent challenges. Jalapao eventually merged with Timbira on Day 22. The only remaining Jalapao members who made the merge were J.T., Stephen, Taj and Joe.



  • Jalapao contained the youngest person to ever play Survivor, Spencer Duhm.
  • The tribe names that start with "J" (Jaburu, Jacaré, and Jalapao) are all based in a season shot in Brazil.
  • Jalapao was the first red starting tribe that wasn't involved in a tribe switch.
  • Taj was the only female from this tribe to make the merge.
    • She was also the only member of the tribe to be a member of the Jury.
  • Jalapao was the ninth red tribe.
  • Spencer Duhm is the only male to be voted off of Jalapao. Joe was medically evacuated, while JT and Stephen were in the final two.


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