Jacqui Patterson
Survivor 2017 Bio Jacqui
Contestant Profile
Hometown: Byron Bay, New South Wales
Occupation: Wedding Celebrant
Survivor Career
Version: Australia
Australian Survivor (2017)
Tribe(s): Asaga
Challenge Wins: 5
Votes Against: 3

Jacqueline "Jacqui" Patterson is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2017).


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Name (Age): Jacqui Patterson (50)[1]
Tribe Designation: Asaga
Current Residence: New South Wales
Occupation: Wedding Celebrant

A self-confessed “straight shooter” and “bold and entertaining”, Jacqui is one of the oldest contestants this year but she is not going to let that get in her way.

“I feel I have something to prove. I want to demonstrate to women of any age, but particularly of my era, that life doesn’t end at 30 – married with ankle biters, a housewife perm and stuffing your face with cupcakes,” she said.

A lover of life and the odd glass of champagne, Jacqui is a wedding celebrant on the NSW North Coast. Married with two kids, she is super-fit and does boot camp, running, biking and stair work daily to keep her in shape. She also likes to surf with her husband Gaz.

Physically ready, there are a few things on the island that Jacqui is not looking forward to: “I’m not excited about sleeping outside and in the cold. That won’t be much fun.” Jacqui has been inspired by a few game players from last year’s Australian Survivor.

“I think I’ll have a bit of Kylie’s ‘get out of my way’ attitude, Craig’s silly one liners and hopefully Lee’s mental and physical strength. And, the final challenge between Kristie, El and Lee – what a cracker,” she said.

“I don’t think I’m annoying but in saying that I do have a strong presence. Game strategy-wise, I would try to curtail this and go a little under the radar.”

Australian Survivor (2017)

Voting History

Jacqui's Voting History
Episode Jacqui's
Voted Against
1 Joan;
2 Asaga Tribe Immune
3 Asaga Tribe Immune
4 Asaga Tribe Immune
5 Asaga Tribe Immune
6 Samantha -
7 Mark W. Jericho,
Luke, Mark W.

^1 In Episode 1, the vote ended with a 6-6 tie between Joan and Kent, forcing a revote. Jacqui did not change her vote on the revote.


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