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J'Tia Taylor
S28 J'Tia Taylor
Contestant Profile
Birth Date September 1, 1981 (1981-09-01) (age 34)
Hometown Chicago, IL
Occupation Nuclear Engineer


Tribe(s) Luzon
Placement 15/18
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 7
Day(s) Lasted 11

J'Tia Taylor is a contestant from Survivor: Cagayan.

J'Tia is infamous for dumping her tribe's rice into the fire and for her poor performance at challenges, which led to her being voted out early in the game.


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Name: J'Tia Taylor (31)
Tribe Designation: Luzon
Current Residence: Chicago, Ill.
Occupation: Nuclear Engineer
Personal Claim to Fame: Passing my dissertation defense, because I was the expert on the subject matter and held my own against my professors, and being the first black female to successfully defend and receive a PhD from the department.
Inspiration in Life: My mother who is 61 years old and still kicking, running marathons, traveling, and learning new things.
Hobbies: Watching movies, reading and playing strategic games.
Pet Peeves: Ignorant, close-minded people, being late/off schedule, and chunks in food/drinks (e.g. rocky road ice cream).
3 Words to Describe You: Intelligent, adaptable and competitive.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? My favorite "I Love Nerds" T-shirt, mint-flavored Mentos, and a really thick intricate novel that I could read repeatedly and find new meanings to.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Richard Hatch. He played the game authentically and originally since he had no precedence, and was true to who he was.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: Winning a million dollars and beating everyone else, while on the adventure of a lifetime.
Why You Think You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR: I'm very analytical so I'm good at breaking down/solving a problem and I'm also really good at getting people motivated and helping them achieve a goal.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I have an irrepressible drive and tenacity.
Do You Consider Yourself a Brain, a Beauty or a Brawn? I'm definitely easy on the eyes but I'm a true Brain at heart. I would say I'm 1/4 Beauty, 3/4 Brain. My answer, in which I give myself a narcissistic compliment and then use fractions, pretty much confirms this.
Who Do You Think Has the Best Chance in the Game of Survivor: Brains, Beauty or Brawn? Brains always win... "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." -Ghandi

Survivor: Cagayan

J'Tia was put on the Luzon tribe at the start of the game. From the first minute they got to camp, she explained that she works as a nuclear engineer and understood how the shelter should be built. She began to tell everybody what to do and how to do it, annoying her tribemates. She didn't pull her weight around camp, preferring instead to bark out orders. After Luzon lost the first Immunity Challenge by a large margin, J'Tia aligned herself with Tasha Fox. Kass McQuillen told J'Tia individually that she felt that J'Tia did nothing around camp and that the rest of the tribe was planning to vote her out. Garrett Adelstein, however, approached J'Tia and Tasha, saying that they would try to get out David Samson because he was too strategic. After arguing with David at Tribal Council, he was blindsided.

Once again, J'Tia contributed to the tribe loss at the second Immunity Challenge when she came last in the puzzle despite being the first person to start assembling it. After the challenge, Garrett suggested having an open forum discussion about Tribal Council in eliminating J'Tia, where Tasha objected that she would rather talk to people individually; this led to a small argument. The tribe made it clear that J'Tia was going home once again. Tasha decide to stir things up and try to get Kass to vote with the girls to form a majority. Garrett and Spencer Bledsoe came over to them to see what they were conversing about. J'Tia, left alone by the shelter, figured the vote was against her, so she dumped most of the bag of rice into the fire. When the tribe got back from the beach, she denied doing it even though she was the only one not by the water. At Tribal Council, J'Tia admitted to dumping the rice. Even though it was obvious that she was a large detriment, the females of the tribe decided to vote for Garrett, sending him home.

Although J'Tia was now in an alliance, she still managed to annoy her tribemates by asking if she could eat some of their dwindling rice supply before going to the next challenge. Luzon managed to win the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, winning the tribe a tarp. Luzon soon returned to their losing ways, losing both challenges in the following episode despite rival tribe Aparri attempting to throw the latter challenge. J'Tia pleaded her loyalty to Kass and Tasha, saying she would stick with them, while Spencer would not. Despite her lobbying, the tribe deemed her to be too big of a detriment and she was sent home by a unanimous 3-1 vote, finishing in 15th place.

Voting History

J'Tia's Voting History
Episode J'Tia's
Voted Against
1 David David, Kass
2 Garrett Garrett, Spencer
3 Luzon Tribe Immune
4 Spencer Kass, Spencer,
Voted Off, Day 11


  • J'Tia got married to her fiancé Graeme Ross Hart on March 20, 2015.[1]

    J'Tia on her wedding day

  • In January 16, 2016, Brice Johnston revealed on his Twitter J'Tia and Graeme are excepting their first child.[2]
    • They welcomed their daughter, Aashna Brynn, born on February 10, 2016.[3]


  • Despite being older than more than half the female cast of Survivor: Cagayan, J'Tia is the youngest female member of Luzon.
  • J'Tia is the lowest placing female member of the Luzon tribe.
    • She was also the first woman to be eliminated from Cagayan.
  • ​J'Tia is the first castaway to spell their name with an apostrophe.
  • J'Tia is the second castaway to dump their tribe's rice out, following Brandon Hantz in Survivor: Caramoan.
    • She did, however, survive the Tribal Council that she attended, whereas Brandon did not.
    • Coincidentally, both placed 15th and placed the lowest of their gender of both their tribes.
  • J'Tia only voted against the males of her tribe.
    • She has voted against each man in her tribe (Luzon) exactly once.
  • J'Tia received at least two votes at every Tribal Council she attended.
    • Every time she received two votes, it was from two people who haven't voted for her at the previous Tribal Council.
    • J'Tia became the fourth castaway to receive a vote from every member of their original tribe, but not be immediately voted out at the first Tribal Council they attended, following Shii Ann Huang, Ashley Massaro, and Gillian Larson.
  • J'Tia was mentioned by Jon Misch during “Method to This Madness” in Survivor: San Juan del Sur: "This is like, seriously, I'm thinking like I'm J'Tia right now. J'Tia poured the rice on the fire, and Jon lost the flint."
  • J'Tia was considered for Survivor: Cambodia, but was cut.[4]


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