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"It Will Be My Revenge"
0011-s30 press images ep2 0011 Mike's hard-working approach to the game rubs most of his tribe mates the wrong way.
Episode Information
Season: Worlds Apart
Episode Number: 2/14 (415)
Original Release: March 4, 2015
Viewership (in millions): 9.77[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.3/7 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: It's Survivor Warfare
Next: Crazy Is as Crazy Does

It Will Be My Revenge is the second episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart.


Previously On... Survivor: Eighteen new castaways were divided into three tribes, White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar. At the No Collar tribe, it was all about harmony and open arms. But Joe's popularity began to rub Vince the wrong way. For the Blue Collar tribe, it was all about hard work. They made fire and even found food. The only thing that didn't work was Dan's personality. The White Collar tribe was all business. But a bunch of bosses without employees just didn't work. At the Immunity Challenge, the White Collar's struggles continued. And at the first Tribal Council, Joaquin's ally So, was the first person voted out. Seventeen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Jeff Probst

Day 4

Dan lost his underwear and made this makeshift shirt-pants where he's got his belt wrapped around his waist with a shirt folded in such a way where he doesn't show his rear or his junk.

Mike Holloway

Socially, I think Dan's game is downright dumb. I think what happened was Dan was plotting how he could become funny or entertaining because he's starting to, like, lose the novelty of being annoying and, like, the fat guy or whatever. So he decided that he would be the guy to lose his manties. I think it was just Dan's next ploy. The thing is, the joke's on him because I want you to leave me alone long enough for us to get to Tribal Council so I can see your sweet ass go home.

Lindsey Cascaddan

It's Day 4-- we just got fire. And barely at that. We have struggled around camp to get the basic necessities to sustain life. And the fact that we don't work with our hands sets us apart from Blue Collar. I wouldn't be surprised if the Blue Collar tribe has been making fires, hooting and hollering and causing havoc, but the one thing that we haven't struggled for is that we have a beautiful beach right out there that we can go swimming in. As a fan, student and teacher of this game, I feel like it's only right for me to tip my cap to some of the greats who have come before me.

Max Dawson

Max is an interesting character. He's got this little bit of a No Collar streak in him, just kind of does whatever he wants, will strip down and walk out and cruise around. He brings a little bit of levity, but I don't know how much of it is a show and how much of it is trying to distract us from how smart and how well he knows this game.

Tyler Fredrickson

I absolutely have no qualms with dropping trout and being in my birthday suit. It's freeing. It's comfortable. It gets you out of your wet Survivor garb for a little while. It's also a great way to get some time alone because, surprisingly enough, when you tell people you're going for a swim and they know that you're going to be naked there, it's pretty good odds you're going to be taking that swim alone. So I'm using it a little bit strategically in order to get a little bit of alone time, a little bit of private time away from the fray. Time for me to think.

Max Dawson

Max loves this game like I love this game, and it's an adventure for him. Which makes me love him, it makes me relate to him more. And he's kind of a trendsetter. It's actually super convenient to be naked a lot of the time.

Shirin Oskooi

Max and Shirin, they walk around naked all the time. Poor Tyler, you know, Tyler is married and is like, "Oh, no! I can't even look that way."

Joaquin Souberbielle

I've been trying to get to know Nina better and reach out to her because she's a nice woman, and with her disability, she's incredible just being out here. Unfortunately, because she's deaf, it's really hard having a conversation with her.

Hali Ford

A No Collar person is a kind, heart centered, compassionate human being. But there's a lot of snarky remarks coming from the girls. Nina, she really wants to be part of the tribe. She wants to be there and have conversations and sharing things. However, it's really difficult for her. And I think the girls are having a hard time just going with it.

Vince Sly

Ever since I lost my hearing, people have been pushing me aside because they don't know how to deal with it. I was hoping that out here it might be different. The girls in the tribe, they have excluded me on everything, since Day 1. And the straw that broke the camel's back was they've gone swimming. They didn't ask me to go. They never asked me to do anything with them. (crying) I mean, I knew coming out here was going to be hard, but I thought that the people on my tribe would at least try to make me feel like I belonged.

Nina Poersch

I'm on this amazing high, going skinny dipping with my friend. Get back, and Nina is crying. And angry, and calling us mean girls for not including her, and I was like, "Are you serious?" Like, "Get it together, Nina! You're crying on Day 4!" I guess she's used to people coddling her a little more, but you don't do that in this game. You got to have a little thicker skin than that, you know. So I guess Nina is someone we're gonna kinda have to baby a little bit 'til... 'til we don't have to anymore.

Jenn Brown

Nina is a sweet person, but you can see it in her face that she's just lost. I'm very sympathetic to her problems. So I just hope she can keep it together. But at this point I'm pretty sure that she's already put a target on her back.

Will Sims II

Day 5

Where I grew up, it's all about working hard. And that's what I've been doing the whole game. But Mike keeps on busting my balls in camp 'cause he's the type of guy that needs to be doing something. He can't relax. At the end of the day, if we're working hard, we need to play hard too, man. We got to have to some fun out here.

Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Coming from a background where I pretty much had to work hard for everything my whole life, it is in my nature to be a hard worker. So it is very frustrating to me being a true Blue Collar and then looking around and other people just aren't. Yeah, I want to play basketball with everybody, but there are stuff to be done out here to where we have to survive. You shouldn't have to tell an adult "Hey, there's stuff to be done. Get it done."

Mike Holloway

Mike's just pushing people's buttons. We already got a five feet pile of firewood sitting right there. So, why are you so mad? I may not bring back the most firewood, but guess what? I don't start nothing with nobody. You just start one fight with somebody, you're 100% target on your back.

Rodney Lavoie Jr.

I probably work harder than anybody on the No Collar tribe, but around camp, it's all about Joe. He's got that young man bravado and wants to prove himself. And I completely understand that. I was young once, too. I'm 32 now. And I feel like my hormones have chilled out to a point where I can let a lot of that stuff slide. But Joe is kind of that center of attention kind of guy, and it's pissing me off.

Vince Sly

Ever since we got here, Joe and Vince are just fighting for power. They're both trying to be the alpha dog, and it's getting to where it's making everybody uncomfortable.

Will Sims II

Vince pulled me aside this morning and pretty much said, "Look, man, I need you to admit that you do this, and this, and this, and this." And, uh, I didn't know what to say, to be honest. I think he's got a lot of issues that he needs to deal with himself. I think he wants to be the provider and he wants to be the guy who is calling the shots, because that's his personality. But he's a loose cannon, and I don't like it.

Joe Anglim

Joe said all the right things, and I want to believe him, but here's the thing: in my everyday life, I'm surrounded by people who I can have a comfortable, loving embrace with them, ten seconds of beauty, bliss, peace. But with Joe, I just don't feel that. I just don't.

Vince Sly

Vince scares me a little bit with his crazy, in-your-face bull(expletive censor). There's no doubt in my mind that he's going to do something just off-the-wall-nuts that will screw up everything for this tribe. I just feel like Vince is dangerous. The guy's on another planet, and I feel like he's just a little too No Collar for his own good.

Jenn Brown

Day 6

Tonight, somebody's going to go home, and where Joe and I stand, as of right now, it really is cold war with missiles pointed. I mean, we're ready to start firing away. And it's going to get crazy.

Vince Sly

So the challenge blew up major, and now we're going to Tribal. And this is going to be really interesting because this is the point where we have to make a decision, and being the No Collar tribe, that's really not one of our strengths.

Hali Ford

We're all feeling the lack of sleep and nutrition, but Will's exhaustion showed itself in this challenge. And that worries me. Still, this is an opportunity to blindside a power player, which is Joe.

Vince Sly

Me, Vince and Will have to stay true to each other. Otherwise, we're all going home, and I could get voted out first because after my blow-up, I know they want me out. So I'm very nervous.

Nina Poersch

At this point it sucks but, you know, Nina is the weakest link. She's 54 years old and her hearing also doesn't help. She's on the bottom, you know, and she knows it. So she's probably looking for the Idol. So we got to be careful.

Joe Anglim

I've aligned myself with the girls and Will as a four. I'm hoping he's being honest with me. I have my doubts just because of how much time he's been spending with Nina. But you have to trust people in this game, so hopefully Will's on board with me because if he's not, he's going to muddle up a lot of plans.

Joe Anglim

Joe wants me, him and the girls to vote Nina out, and I don't want to do that. We have a lot in common. She thinks she's odd man out because she can't hear, and I know how she's feeling because I'm the only brother in the whole game. But the thing is, since we know they're going to split the vote, if me, Vince and Nina vote out one of them three, we control the tribe.

Will Sims II

Will told me that those three are going to split the vote, which is huge, because this is the perfect time to make a big move. In my heart and my gut, I want to get rid of Joe. He's a huge threat, huge threat. However, Joe is so strong in challenges, I feel like that asset value is tremendous, and I don't know if I'm willing to let go of that.

Vince Sly

Apparently, Vince has been going around telling people that I'm not feeling well 'cause, you know, my performance today in the challenge, and that's bull(expletive censor). Me getting tangled up in the buoy didn't cost us the challenge. Us not making the shot cost us the challenge. And it just pissed me off. At this point, there is so much scheming, conniving going on, I don't know who to believe. Those three are tight so, I'm pretty sure Joe came to me just because they need my vote. But at the same time, I don't know if I can really trust Vince. I'm the swing vote and I get to decide who goes. So, God knows what's going to happen. But I know one thing, this one's going to be a doozy.

Will Sims II



Challenge: Basket Case
One at a time, they will dive into the water and swim to a platform where they will find buoys attached to a rope. They will maneuver a buoy through a series of obstacles and swim to the next platform, then the next person in the tribe goes. Once a tribe has collected all five buoys, they will attempt to toss them into a basket. The first two tribes to get all five buoys in their basket win immunity and reward.
Reward: Fishing Kit (1st place); spear (2nd place).
Winners (in order of finish): Masaya & Escameca

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Basket Case
Finish Tribe Competitors Sit-Out
1st Masaya S30 carolyn tS30 joaquin tS30 max tS30 shirin tS30 tyler t
Carolyn, Joaquin, Max, Shirin, & Tyler
2nd Escameca S30 dan tS30 lindsey tS30 mike tS30 rodney tS30 sierra t
Dan, Lindsey, Mike, Rodney, & Sierra
S30 kelly t
3rd Nagarote S30 hali tS30 jenn tS30 joe tS30 vince tS30 will t
Hali, Jenn, Joe, Vince, & Will
S30 nina t

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S30 vince t
Vince (3 votes)
S30 hali tS30 jenn tS30 will t
Hali, Jenn, & Will
S30 jenn t
Jenn (2 votes)
S30 nina tS30 vince t
Nina & Vince
S30 nina t
Nina (1 vote)
S30 joe t
S30 vince bw
Vince Sly

Voting Confessionals

Nina is shown writing down Jenn's name but she does not give a confessional. Will's voting confessional was shown in the Previously On Segment of the third episode.

(voting for Vince) This is nothing personal. This is strictly strategic.

Hali Ford

(voting for Nina) Nina, you're just not the strongest player on the tribe.

Joe Anglim

(voting for Vince) Sorry brother, but you got to go.

Will Sims II

Final Words

These are some players. They're players. They made a good move because I was going to take them all out. But this is seriously one of the greatest experiences that I've-I've ever had. And I enjoyed exploring every element of myself, aspects that otherwise are unexpressed or unexplored and every opportunity that's shown to me. And this... this was fantastic.

Vince Sly

Still in the Running

Escameca Masaya Nagarote
S30 dan t
S30 kelly t
S30 lindsey t
S30 carolyn t
S30 joaquin t
S30 max t
S30 hali t
S30 jenn t
S30 joe t
S30 mike t
S30 rodney t
S30 sierra t
S30 shirin t
S30 so bw
S30 tyler t
S30 nina t
S30 vince bw
S30 will t


Behind the Scenes


  • This episode marks the first time in a three-tribe season that the first two Tribal Councils were not attended by the same tribe.
  • This episode was the only time on Worlds Apart where Jenn received votes at Tribal Council and one did not come from Carolyn or Tyler.
  • This episode was the only one where someone from the Nagarote tribe sat out during a challenge.

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