"It's a Turtle?!"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Fiji
Episode Number: 10/15 (210)
Original Release: April 19, 2007
Viewership (in millions): 13.33[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 4.5/13 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
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It's a Turtle?! is the tenth episode of Survivor: Fiji.


Day 25

Day 26

Day 27


Challenge: Get Smashed Q & A
The nine contestants must answer questions about their fellow castaways, and guess the most common answer. For a correct answer, they will use a war club to smash one of three tile towers belonging to another player. Last one with a tile tower intact wins.
Reward: Spending the night on a 70-foot yacht, where they will get a feast.
Winner: Cassandra Franklin (shared with Boo Bernis, Dreamz Herd, and Yau-Man Chan, exiled Mookie Lee)

Challenge: Chimney Sweep
The castaways must brace themselves between two walls while standing on tiny footholds above the ground. After 30 minutes, they will step down to smaller footholds. After one hour, they must step down to the smallest footholds, less than a quarter of an inch wide. Only their arms and feet can touch the wall. Last one left wins.
Winner: Yau-Man Chan

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Bula Bula
S14 edgardo t
Edgardo (5 votes)
S14 boo tS14 cassandra t
S14 earl tS14 stacy tS14 yauman t
Boo, Cassandra, Earl, Stacy, Yau-Man
S14 cassandra t
Cassandra (3 votes)
S14 alex tS14 edgardo tS14 mookie t
Alex, Edgardo, Mookie
S14 mookie t
Mookie (1 vote)
S14 dreamz t
S14 alex t
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S14 edgardo bw
Edgardo Rivera

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Cassandra) Nothing personal, Cassandra. For me, it's best if you go.


(voting for Mookie) Strategic move. Let's still be friends.


(voting for Edgardo) Ed, I'm sorry; it was a last-minute switch. I got a coupla blondes to hook you up, though, if you'll forgive me.


(voting for Edgardo) I've enjoyed you during the game.


(voting for Cassandra) Only because you are better here than me. Let's see if this works.


(voting for Edgardo) It wasn't really your turn yet, but your boss has the Immunity Idol, so you have to go. Sorry.


(voting for Edgardo) Nothing personal, just business. I look forward to hanging out with you later.


(voting for Cassandra) Let's just call it revenge.


(voting for Edgardo) In order for me to stay in this game, I had to go with the majority this time.


Final Words

I am really disappointed that Dreamz messed me up in that vote. My plan was an all or nothing and it didn't work out. But I tried my best and to the guys that voted me out, best of luck. There's a couple of people who don't deserve the million dollars, But there's a couple that do. Cassandra, you should hopefully get voted off next, because I don't like you very much.

–Edgardo Rivera

Still in the Running

S14 jessica bw
S14 erica bw
S14 sylvia bw
S14 gary bw
S14 liliana bw
S14 rita bw
S14 anthony bw
S14 rocky bw
S14 lisi bw
S14 michelle bw
S14 edgardo bw
Bula Bula
S14 alex t
Bula Bula
S14 boo t
Bula Bula
S14 cassandra t
Bula Bula
S14 dreamz t
Bula Bula
S14 earl t
Bula Bula
S14 mookie t
Bula Bula
S14 stacy t
Bula Bula
S14 yauman t