"It's a Fickle, Fickle Game"
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Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Worlds Apart
Episode Number: 14/15 (455)
Original Release: May 20, 2015
Viewership (in millions): 9.74[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.3/7
Episode Chronology
Previous: "My Word Is My Bond"
Next: "Reunion"

It's a Fickle, Fickle Game is the season finale of Survivor: Worlds Apart.


Day 35

Day 36

Day 37

Day 38

Day 39


Challenge: The Home Stretch
The castaways will each race under a net crawl. They will then make their way to a table where they will slide tiles into a target. Once all the tiles are through, they will use a machete to transport those tiles over a teeter-totter and balance beam to the finish table. They will then sort the tiles into pairs. Three of the tiles will not match up. Those three hold the code to a combination that will unlock their box. The first person to unlock their box and raise their flag wins.
Reward: Advantage in the next Immunity Challenge, along with their Loved One spending a day at camp with them.
Winner: Mike Holloway

Challenge: Going Blind
The castaways will be blindfolded in the center of a giant maze. They will race to find four medallions in the North, South, East, and West corners of the maze. There are guideposts to help them navigate. Once they find all four medallions, they must then find the Immunity Necklace. The first person to find the necklace wins Immunity.
Winner: Mike Holloway

Challenge: Final Four-Titude
The castaways have to untie knots to open a gate and then race up a huge tower. When they get to the top, they will retrieve a key and then fly down a giant waterslide. They will then make their way through a multi-level obstacle course where they will use the key to release a bag of puzzle pieces. They will drop the bag on a table and head back up the massive tower to retrieve the next key. Once they have collected all three keys and bags, they will use the pieces inside to solve a lighthouse puzzle. The first person to get it right wins immunity.
Winner: Mike Holloway

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 14:
S30 sierra t
Sierra (4 votes)
S30 carolyn tS30 mike tS30 rodney tS30 will t
Carolyn, Mike, Rodney, Will
S30 rodney t
Rodney (1 vote)
S30 sierra t
S30 sierra bw
Sierra Dawn Thomas

Voting Confessionals

Sierra was shown writing down Rodney's name, but didn't give a confessional.

(voting for Sierra) We've been together for 37 days. And guess what? I just outwitted you, baby girl.

Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Final Words

I've never been surrounded by people who lie as much as these people do. But if they're playing the game as me being a threat, I guess it's kind of a compliment and that's how it went tonight. I gave it my best and it wasn't enough.

Sierra Dawn Thomas

Day 38

Tribal Council 15:
S30 carolyn t
Carolyn (2 votes)
S30 rodney tS30 will t
Rodney, Will
S30 rodney t
Rodney (2 votes)
S30 carolyn tS30 mike t
Carolyn, Mike
S30 carolyn tS30 rodney t
Carolyn, Rodney (2 votes each)

Tiebreaker Challenge:
Carolyn vs. Rodney
Participant Result
S30 carolyn t
S30 rodney t
S30 rodney bw
Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Voting Confessionals

No re-vote or voting confessionals for it were shown.

(voting for Rodney) I hope my skills take me to the Final Three tonight.

Carolyn Rivera

(voting for Carolyn) I got a lot of love for you, Mama C. But just remember, this game is cutthroat and you gotta do what you gotta do.

Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Final Words

I wish I just got to the Final Three. It would've been a breeze. I would've easily won this game. And for this scumbag redneck to make me do a fire competition? It's a bunch of horse(expletive censor). He's a scared little baby. He's a silly redneck. And he's going to get what's coming to him.

Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 16:
Jury Vote
Voted for
S30 mike t
Mike (6 votes)
S30 dan tS30 hali tS30 jenn t
S30 joe tS30 shirin tS30 tyler t
Dan, Hali, Jenn, Joe, Shirin, Tyler
S30 carolyn t
Carolyn (1 vote)
S30 sierra t
S30 will t
Will (1 vote)
S30 rodney t
S30 carolyn bwS30 will bw
Carolyn Rivera and Will Sims II
S30 mike t
Mike Holloway

Voting Confessionals

Dan's confessional and vote were not shown. However, he was shown loudly banging his head on the voting booth while deciding who to vote for.

(voting for Mike) Will did nothing. Carolyn did nothing. Mike, 150,000% deserves this money and have this title.

Jenn Brown

(voting for Will) I kept it real in this game. You kept it real in this game. And I hope everybody realizes how good of a person you are, brother. Love you to the death of you.

Rodney Lavoie Jr.

(voting for Carolyn) I genuinely believe you played the best game in its entirety. That's why my million dollar vote goes to Mama C.

Sierra Thomas

Final Results

S30 so bw
S30 vince bw
S30 nina bw
S30 lindsey bw
S30 max bw
S30 joaquin bw
S30 kelly bw
S30 hali bw
S30 joe bw
S30 jenn bw
S30 shirin bw
S30 tyler bw
S30 dan bw
S30 sierra bw
S30 rodney bw
S30 carolyn bw
S30 will bw
S30 mike t


Behind the Scenes


  • This episode was the first finale to contain a Loved Ones Challenge.
  • Mike Holloway ties the record for most individual Immunity Challenge wins, with five.
  • This episode makes the first tie in the final four and first fire-making tiebreaker since "Say Goodbye to Gabon".
  • In a rather interesting coincidence, the Final Three consisted of one representative from the original three tribes: Carolyn Rivera represented White Collar, Mike represented Blue Collar, and Will Sims II represented No Collar.
  • According to Carolyn in a post-game interview, there were no opening statements made to the jury.[2]
  • In her jury speech, Shirin Oskooi incorrectly stated that Carolyn voted out every member of the jury, as Carolyn did not directly vote Joe Anglim out. However, one could say that her vote against Jenn Brown during that Tribal Council was part of her alliance's split vote plan, and Joe being the primary target of the alliance as a whole means that Carolyn possibly wanted to vote out Joe.
    • Dan Foley is the only jury member to vote for his same-collar representative, Mike, as the other Blue Collars voted for either Carolyn or Will, while the No Collars and the White Collars voted for Mike.