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"It's Gonna Be Chaos"
One World E12 PI
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: One World
Episode Number: 12/15 (364)
Original Release: May 2, 2012
Viewership (in millions): 9.43[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.6/8 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Never Say Die"
Next: "It's Human Nature"

It's Gonna Be Chaos is the twelfth episode of Survivor: One World.


Night 30

Day 31

Day 32

Day 33


Challenge: Connecting With Loved Ones
The castaways and their loved ones are hooked together and attached to the end of a rope. The castaways and their loved ones have to untangle certain areas of the rope in order to progress through. The first pair to reach the end of the rope would win Reward.
Reward: The winner chooses two other castaways (along with their loved ones) to go on a picnic.
Winner: Kat Edorsson(shared with Alicia Rosa and Kim Spradlin)

Challenge: I Hold On
The castaways will stand on a log, placed at the end of the platform with their arms behind them grabbing onto a handle. At certain times, Jeff will turn a crank, which uncoils the rope, which lowers the castaways and sends them closer to the water. When the castaways fall into the water, they're out of the challenge. Last person standing wins Immunity.
Winner: Kim Spradlin

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
S24 kat t
Kat (6 votes)
S24 alicia tS24 chelsea tS24 christina tS24 kim tS24 sabrina tS24 tarzan t
Alicia, Chelsea, Christina, Kim, Sabrina, Tarzan
S24 sabrina t
Sabrina (1 vote)
S24 kat t
S24 kat bw
Kat Edorsson

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Sabrina) Sabrina, I love you so much, but it's time for you to go.


(voting for Kat) Kat, you're a little bit untamed to take to the top. I'm sure you'll learn this life lesson later on.


Final Words

(tearfully) I'm proud of myself, but, like, I just don't believe it was my time to go. (crying) And I left before Christina and Tarzan, like, are you kidding? I'm so embarrassed. I'm gonna go down as the most naive person in the whole game. I'm gonna beg Jeff to let me play again so I can redeem myself.

Kat Edorsson

Still in the Running

S24 kourtney bw
S24 nina bw
S24 matt bw
S24 bill bw
S24 monica bw
S24 colton bw
S24 jonas bw
S24 michael bw
S24 jay bw
S24 leif bw
S24 troyzan bw
S24 kat bw
S24 alicia t
S24 chelsea t
S24 christina t
S24 kim t
S24 sabrina t
S24 tarzan t


Behind The Scenes

Life at Ponderosa

  • Kat walked out from Tribal Council sobbing, saying that "something was stolen from her." In her post-game medical, a still-emotional Kat received news she lost 15.5 lbs. (from 127 lbs. to 111.5 lbs). On the way to Ponderosa, Dr. Liza, the in-game psychologist, consoled Kat, who was angered because Tarzan and Christina outlasted her. Kat disclosed that Kim made her upset the most after betraying her. Kat then claimed nobody can start the fire now that she's gone. Kat reached Ponderosa, and was warmly welcomed by Troyzan, who cheered her on before he got voted out.[2]
  • On Day 35, the jury was taken to a ferry ride to Savaii island and went to the famous blowholes. Kat used the time out to free herself from the pain of getting blindsided last night. The jury then went shopping, where Jay revealed he was craving for donuts. At a nearby resort, the jurors played Texas Hold 'Em. They returned to Ponderosa the next day.[3]


  • Kat is the first original Salani member to be part of the jury.
  • Kat is the first woman to be voted out since "A Bunch of Idiots".
  • This is the first time the number of post-swap Salani and Manono members have been equal since "A Bunch of Idiots."
  • With the results of this episode's Tribal Council, everyone this season has gotten votes except for Kourtney Moon.


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