Individual Start (Koh-Lanta)
Survivor Gameplay
Description: 11 castaways begin the game in a sole tribe, while 2 others live isolated until they reach the challenge site and compose new tribes
Appearances: Koh-Lanta: La Nouvelle Édition

Individual Start is a twist used in Koh-Lanta: La Nouvelle Édition, the 16th season of the French version of Survivor, Koh-Lanta.

Twist History

Koh-Lanta: La Nouvelle Édition

Sole Tribe


On Day 1, 11 castaways are marooned. After a starting challenge that rewarded an Immunity Necklace (the French equivalent of Hidden Immunity Idol) to one man (Martin) and one woman (Sandra), the 11 are told that they will not be divided into teams: instead, they will be the members of a sole tribe. On Day 3, they compete in an individual Immunity Challenge won by Laurent, and Isabelle is voted out at the first Tribal Council.



Unknown to the sole tribe members, on Day 1, Freddy and Teheiura are left in the jungle by a truck. During the first three days, they have to get through the rainforest to join the other castaways on the challenge site, on Day 4. Then everybody is told that a Schoolyard Pick will be held to determine two new tribes, with Freddy and Teheiura as the captains. The pick is followed by a Reward Challenge: by winning the challenge, Freddy's tribe (Simban) is allowed to stay on the former sole tribe camp, while Teheiura's tribe (Tengah) is sent to an untouched site.


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