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I Hold On
Survivor.s27e10.hdtv.x264-2hd 333Monica and Tyson holding on in Blood vs. Water.
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring endurance challenge.
Appearances: Nicaragua
One World
Blood vs. Water
Worlds Apart

I Hold On (also known as Back Splash) is recurring individual endurance challenge that originated in Survivor: Nicaragua, and was modified for re-use in One World and Caramoan. It later returned to its original concept in Blood vs. Water and Worlds Apart.


Each contestant holds onto a rope whilst leaning out over a pool of water and balancing on a small platform. At designated intervals, the contestants will be lowered, increasing the angle at which they hang over the water (either by moving their hands down the rope, or by a crank automatically lowering them). The last person holding on wins the challenge.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Nicaragua as an individual Immunity Challenge. The contestants held onto a knotted rope, moving down to the next knot at five minute intervals. Jane Bright held on the longest by outlasting Chase Rice, winning the challenge and immunity.

In Survivor: One World, the challenge was again used for individual immunity. In this variation, players held onto a handle on a rope behind their backs, and a crank turned by Jeff Probst lowered the contestants face-first towards the water. Kim Spradlin last beat Kat Edorsson to win the challenge and immunity.

This modified variation appeared again in Survivor: Caramoan at the Final 6. Dawn Meehan won the challenge, beating out Brenda Lowe to win immunity.

The original version of the challenge reappeared the following season in Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Monica Culpepper outlasted Tyson Apostol and Laura Morett to win her second individual Immunity Challenge.

The challenge reappeared in Survivor: Worlds Apart for the final 7 Immunity Challenge. Carolyn Rivera last beat Tyler Fredrickson to win the challenge and immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"Stuck in the Middle"
Individual Immunity S21 jane t
Jane Bright
One World
"It's Gonna Be Chaos"
Individual Immunity S24 kim t
Kim Spradlin
"Don't Say Anything About My Mom"
Individual Immunity S26 dawn t
Dawn Meehan
Blood vs. Water
"Big Bad Wolf"
Individual Immunity S27 monica t
Monica Culpepper
Worlds Apart
"Holding On for Dear Life"
Individual Immunity S30 carolyn t
Carolyn Rivera



  • This challenge has only been used for individual immunity.
  • Brenda Lowe is the only contestant to compete in this challenge multiple times.
    • Coincidentally, this was the Immunity Challenge in both episodes in which she was voted out.
  • Only females have won this challenge.
  • Kim Spradlin is the only person to win this challenge and become the Sole Survivor.
  • Out of the 5 winners, Dawn and Carolyn Rivera are the only people to not be on a blue tribe in their Survivor career.


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