"I'm Not as Dumb as I Look"
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Season: China
Episode Number: 7/15 (222)
Original Release: November 1, 2007
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I'm Not as Dumb as I Look is the seventh episode of Survivor: China.


Day 18

Upon returning from Tribal Council, Fei Long lay awake in the shelter trying to put the rivalry between Courtney Yates and Jean-Robert Bellande to rest. Amanda Kimmel noted that the dispute was between the two of them and that nobody else on the tribe could solve it, and Todd Herzog told Jean-Robert that his opinion of him had improved with time, but that the "tiff" with Courtney was a problem. However, Courtney felt unsupported by her tribe, as revealed in her nighttime confessional.

Jean-Robert... He's horrible to me. He's not nice to me. They suck up to him, even the two people who want to be, like, my friends. (air quotes) Like, "friends." Todd and Amanda. I don't really feel like I need to be anybody's friend in this game. I dislike everyone else more than I dislike Todd and Amanda, and I think they mistake that for friendship.

–Courtney Yates

Day 19

The next morning at Zhan Hu, Peih-Gee Law talked to James Clement and tried to get him on the side of the Zhan Hu Alliance, but James was skeptical saying that he only thought they were "loyal to each other." Peih-Gee then asserted that she would willingly sacrifice one of her former allies for James, believing he deserved to stay in the game. However, when Peih-Gee later joined Erik Huffman and Jaime Dugan at the river, saying she hoped James was with them, the former Fei Long member began his search for the Zhan Hu Hidden Immunity Idol. He first removed a panel from the archway, but having seen Todd's Idol, he knew that the real Idol had a message on the back. He discarded the panel and removed a second, which proved to be the actual Idol. He immediately returned to hide it in his bag, but did not get a chance to dispose of the first panel.

I really like James personally, I do, whether he's a really good con man or he is exactly how he puts himself out to be. From what I've seen so far, my gut instinct is to trust James.

–Peih-Gee Law

I was kidnapped, so, y'know, I got the clue for the Idol. I wasn't gonna do like Todd and be impatient. There's so many time you're by yourself. I picked off one [panel] - it was the wrong one. It was a blank sheet of wood. So I hurried and picked off the second one. It was actually real with the "Congratulations, this is an Immunity Idol," not a blank piece of wood. So I kinda had to hustle off to my bag and hide it so I didn't get a chance to place the other one back without being too obvious. So I have it now. I have it in my possession. I have the two Idols. That's funny. I'm a Survivor with two Idols!

–James Clement

Meanwhile, at Fei Long, Courtney's perpetual bad attitude was beginning to grate on her tribemates. Courtney approached Todd, Amanda, and Denise Martin to complain that Jean-Robert could have gone home the previous night, and while Todd argued that he was valuable to his own game, she persisted that the group knew Jean-Robert was mean to her, but they did nothing about it. She asked them not to pander to him, but Todd argued that it was important that Jean-Robert was unaware that everybody disliked him. However, Courtney returned that they could let her know that they didn't like him. The four reluctantly smoothed over the discussion, but animosity lingered, as evidenced in Todd's confessional.

This morning I slept in, was in a good mood and Courtney comes up and sits down and she's like: (dramatic sigh). And we're all kind've look at her like, "Uh, are you okay, Courtney?" [...] It does worry me that Courtney will continue to vote for Jean-Robert every single time, because all the other tribe – if there is a merge – needs to know is that one person is voting against Jean-Robert and they will automatically have Jaime, Peih-Gee and Erik with Courtney voting against Jean-Robert, and that's a campaign to get him off which is losing one of our numbers. What does she want? Like, what does she expect from me? Right now, I need my numbers, and Jean-Robert is one of my numbers. Deal with it. Bitch.

–Todd Herzog

Back at Zhan Hu, Jaime noticed the missing signs on the archway and pointed out the peculiarity to Erik and Peih-Gee. Erik investigated, and found the panel that James had discarded during his hunt for the Idol. He later gave it to Jaime to store in their possession, speculating that it could be the Hidden Immunity Idol.

(holding up the discarded panel) This used to be hanging on the archway and it looks like someone took it off. I don't know if it was James, 'cause James now knows that there's a Hidden Immunity Idol as well. I don't know if he knows where it is or what it is, but, y'know, it looks... idolish... Peih-Gee didn't really think much of it. She doesn't know there's a hidden Idol yet. So, when Peih-Gee left, I thought I'll grab it and put it in my bag.

–Erik Huffman

It could definitely say, like, "Immunity Idol" in Chinese and I'd have no idea. It's a weird symbol, so I don't know what it stands for.

–Jaime Dugan

That night, as James and Peih-Gee were out looking for food, Jaime searched James' bag. With Erik on lookout, she found James' two Idols, one stuffed into each leg of his pants. She was very surprised by the discovery, but did not notice the writing on the back side of the panels.

Peih-Gee and James went off to go frog hunting, so I saw James' bag sitting there and I figured it might be a good idea to look through it, 'cause, y'know, James would've had a good idea where the Immunity Idol was.

–Jaime Dugan

Day 20

The next day at Zhan Hu during the morning routine, James discovered that the first blank panel had disappeared. He subsequently engages in fits of laughter at the thought of one of the Zhan Hu alliance believing it to be the real idol, and gave one of the most iconic confessionals of the season:

The first board where the Immunity Idol could've been was a blank board. Well, apparently it's missing 'cause I didn't see it. I know an animal didn't come up and take it away, so one of them picked it up and thinks it's the Idol. I figure Jaime would've been lookin' for it, but there's no way their dumb asses taken the wrong one 'cause it would have to say "Immunity somethin'" on it! The thought of this woman havin' a blank one... I would not be able to take it. I would pass out in pure joy. My... (begins laughing) Please let that happen. Please! That would be the best thing ever. (continues laughing and babbling) That would be the best thing, she'd pull out a fake thing and be like: (makes a confused face) And I'd be, "What you mean!? It don't have the writin' on that!" It would have to have somethin'! What about one of theeeeeese!

–James Clement

Later that day, the two tribes convened for their next challenge. However, Jeff Probst first reminded them of a passage in The Art of War citing the importance of knowing your enemies, and announced that the tribes had merged. The ten remaining castaways embraced excitedly and celebrated their new black buffs ("Ninja buffs!" as put by Frosti). Jeff continued by stating that as Fei Long had won the battle of the first half of the game, the merged tribe would reside at their campsite. To top it off, he then announced a merge feast, complete with traditional Chinese performances, but warned the jubilant new tribe that "this game never stops." The new tribe then enjoyed the extravagant feast, entertained by fireworks, dancers, contortionists and acrobats. However, many were still keeping their minds on the game at hand and the new scenario the merge presented.

We have merged, so it's pretty exciting. I really don't know how to take it all in right now, it happened so fast. And we have just such a wide variety of people, so it's a pretty scary point in the game. So I'm excited to have the Hidden Immunity Idol. It's gonna be a whole new ballgame.

–Jaime Dugan

Jeff told the group we're gettin' in: enjoy the feast. At the same time, it was a little caution: the game never ends. I was trying to decide, "What is he actually trying to say right here?" Y'know, "the game never ends." Put a little bit of thought into it, but, y'know, I was just so excited to be eating. Honestly, I just couldn't wait to the first course.

–Jean-Robert Bellande

We go in and we sit down at a table and I was pretty pumped because: boo challenges, yay feast! They brought in five vegetarian dishes, five meat dishes. And we also got several choices of alcoholic beverage which I enjoyed! I thought it was quite nice!

–Courtney Yates

We had a Chinese acrobat show. It was amazing. Those people were so talented, it was so cool to sit there and drink and watch a great show. We got to see girls doing cool stuff with plates, girls twist their bodies in ways I'd never seen before. All-in-all, it was just amazing. We were all sitting there like: (gaping mouth) Like, are you really doing that right now? It was... It was just so cool.

–Jaime Dugan

The first thing I thought when we merged was, "Who are we gonna pick off next?" Because even though we're one tribe now, it's still two tribes. And we'll continue to be that way until all the Zhan Hu members are completely gone.

–Amanda Kimmel

When the new tribe returned to the old Fei Long camp, Peih-Gee teasingly mocked the shelter, but everybody piled in to discuss the new tribe name. Silly names like "Angry Monkeys" were bandied around, but the idea arose to play off the black tribe color. Jean-Robert joked that "we can't do black though, because as soon as James is gone, we'll have to change the name." The jesting racial remark managed a laugh, especially when Frosti pointed out that both he and Peih-Gee had been on the yellow tribe before. The idea to play off black persisted through "Black Monsoon" before finally settling on "Black Fighting Wind." Peih-Gee translated the name into Chinese to give the new tribe name: Hae Da Fung. Despite the excitement and light banter, Jean-Robert and Peih-Gee were both analyzing their own position in the game in their confessionals:

The merge doesn't change my gameplan at all. Basically, the members of Zhan Hu, they're gonna go whether we're merged or not. I do like my position now. The merge has gotten everybody, like, into this new... Like, we've just gotten into this new level of the game. And to be honest with you, even though my name was on ballots at the first two Tribal Councils that I was at, I really don't see my name being on a ballot at the next Council.

–Jean-Robert Bellande

Now that we've merged, we are all playing for individual immunity. But there's six original Fei Long members to four original Zhan Hu. The biggest factor is whether I have James and whether I have Frosti. If I can get them with me on these first two votes... These first two votes are crucial for me to know whether I'm going to be in a powerful position or a really sucky position.

–Peih-Gee Law

The tribe had barely settled in before a boat pulled up, and Jeff disembarked at their camp. He was greeted with both joy and confusion, which only persisted when Jeff announced he had come bearing a gift (not cookies, nor pizza) - the Individual Immunity Necklace–and that it was time for their first challenge. Jean-Robert and James quietly acknowledged that their "tribe needed to win this one" as Hae Da Fung followed Jeff to several benches beside camp.

Jeff revealed the challenge: Feast Memory. In line with his warning that the game never stopped, the castaways would be quizzed on events that happened during the merge feast. They would write their answer on a tablet, but if they answered incorrectly they would be out of the challenge. The last person standing would win immunity. The tribe reacted with dismay when the challenge was revealed, with James decrying, "I might as well go sit down!" and Frosti claiming he was screwed because he had "a horrible memory." The first question asked how many times the fireworks were lit (the answer being three times – once at the start, once during the feast and once at the end). Amanda, Courtney, James, and Peih-Gee got the question wrong and were eliminated. The next question – what was the centerpiece? – was correctly answered by everybody: a dragon. The third question asked what color the acrobat's knife-blade pole was and the answers were split four on red, two on yellow. Yellow was the correct answer, eliminating Denise, Erik, Jean-Robert and Todd. With only Frosti and Jaime still in the running, it came down to a fourth and final question: what did the cultural dancers, with the long flowing skirts, wear on their feet? Jaime answered silk stockings and bells, whilst Frosti answered nothing. Nothing was the correct answer, meaning that Frosti became the first winner of Individual Immunity on the season.

Day 21

As morning broke over the Hae Da Fung camp, Peih-Gee tried to casually confirm that James was still voting with them, but he only gave the smallest of responses, causing Peih-Gee to doubt his allegiance. Later, James approached Todd to tell him of his suspicions that one of the Zhan Hu alliance had the blank panel and believed it to be the Idol. Eagerly, Todd confirmed his five-strong alliance with James, Amanda, Courtney, Denise Martin, and himself. James also divulged his suspicions to Amanda and the two were determined not to allow Zhan Hu to split up the alliance. They agreed that Jaime was the best target due to her under-the-radar threat and her bond with Erik. However, Amanda feared that Courtney might not co-operate, pointing out that she had voiced complaint that they always voted out the people she got close to. James was shocked, stating, "She's supposed to be from New York! She supposed to have city smarts!"

The predicament that today is that there's Tribal Council. There's a big chance it's gonna be me, Jaime or Erik going home since Frosti has immunity. And now the big question mark is do we have James' vote and I... We... We don't know if James is on our side. So this is a huge vote for us tonight because we will know where everybody's loyalties stand. I mean, it's gonna be really interesting.

–Peih-Gee Law

Jaime is a silent leader of the old Zhan Hu tribe, um, definitely. She's really close with Erik, and by getting rid of Jaime, it'll break up that alliance. And Peih-Gee, y'know, you can just kinda see through. You know she's a little devious. But Jaime's so threatening because people don't see that right away with Jaime.

–Amanda Kimmel

You gotta watch for [Courtney] 'cause she's a loose cannon. She goes and strays off and fall in love with any swinging Dick or Harry that flirts or smiles at her. But damn! You don't get frazzled on Survivor! This ain't Love Connection. Ain't nobody tryin' to get a match or relationship. You're supposed to make the strongest team you can, align with some people you trust and aim to win a million dollars and stop playin' around!

–James Clement

Meanwhile, Jean-Robert and Todd discussed the plan to take out Jaime, Peih-Gee, and then Erik over the next several votes. However, Jean-Robert didn't like the idea, arguing that everybody was suspicious of Jaime, but that Peih-Gee was "only beginning to work her magic" and he didn't want to end up being "okay with her" in a few days. He talked over Todd to try to get the alliance to vote out Peih-Gee, and finished by threatening Todd that he would be held accountable if he was double-crossed. Jean-Robert announced that he knew Todd and Amanda were in the lead, but that Todd had more power, and that if he was screwed over, he would lobby hard to convince the jury not to give Todd a million dollars.

If I didn't agree to all of his terms, right away, the trust with me and him... He wouldn't trust me anymore. He would move along and find another alliance and who knows what. So of course I agreed to it all and was like, "Yeah, we're goin' to the Top Three. We're goin' all the way. I'm watching your back." Little does Jean-Robert know. Like, little clue... No! He has no idea that I'm ready to – (cutting motion) – when I need to.

–Todd Herzog

Elsewhere, Jaime and Peih-Gee worried that James was not on their side. They affirmed that they needed to vote together, and planned to put the vote on Jean-Robert. Peih-Gee then pointed out that Courtney had voted with Sherea Lloyd against Jean-Robert at the last Tribal Council, while Frosti had sided with Fei Long. Frosti's allegiance came into question, and the two shared notes on the ever-increasing bond between Courtney and Frosti, believing that there was more to the twosome's snuggling then may be first apparent. Jaime and Erik then pulled Frosti aside to solidify his trust by revealing that they believed they had a Hidden Immunity Idol. Frosti asked them how they knew, and Jaime recounted the discovery of the panel and pointed out that they might as well use it tonight to counter the Fei Long Alliance's probable vote for her or Erik, and try to oust Jean-Robert instead.

Jaime came up to me with Erik and said that she'd found something that she thought was an Idol. Now, I've seen the actual Idol from the Fei Long camp, and what she's describing is similar, so there is the possibility she has one. The worst that would happen would be that Jean-Robert would end up going home if she knew to play it. And now that I've won the Immunity Idol, I'm in a safe place and both tribes think that I'm with them, so I could easily be considered a swing vote and I could go either way.

–Frosti Zernow

Jaime then approached Todd to plead her case. She revealed that she had knowledge about the Hidden Immunity Idol, and who had them, and that if she was kept around to the next vote, she would share that information with Todd. He asked how she knew, and she said she would explain it the next day. However, Todd saw straight through the plan given that he already knew James had the Idols.

Y'know, I acted all interested when Jaime told me she knew who had the Hidden Immunity Idols that she was going to tell me. But she made it sound like someone from their tribe has one and someone from our tribe has one. Wow, does she have to catch up! So... She's on the small bike in the back, y'know? Pedalling as fast as she can.

–Todd Herzog

I've come to realize I'm very good at playing stupid and it works to my advantage. So, I think I'm gonna just stick on with it. As far as the other tribe's concerned, I think they think I'm a little all Jessica Simpson out here runnin' around in the jungle. If Todd sees me play the Hidden Immunity Idol tonight, he's definitely gonna be floored when he sees it come out. I think it's probably gonna shock everyone, including Jeff. I'm not as dumb as I look and maybe they're figuring it out.

–Jaime Dugan

As evening fell, James confronted Jean-Robert in the shelter about causing dissention in the alliance by voting for Peih-Gee instead of Jaime. However, much to James' frustration, Jean-Robert loudly insisted on voting for Peih-Gee.

Jean-Robert probably would go home tonight because Jean-Robert is stupid. The best scenario is for the Fei Long tribe to stick together and vote off the Zhan Hu tribe. But Jean-Robert's dumb ass is gonna vote for Peih-Gee even though we all said Jaime. It's been Jaime for a month now. Zhan Hu people are naturally gonna vote for Jean-Robert. Y'know, he's the easy win. And Lord help me if Courtney's dumb ass decides to vote for Jean-Robert out of pure spite 'cause she just want to be hateful.

–James Clement

At Tribal Council, Jeff first asked Amanda how the merge had changed the game. She answered that it was a relief because everybody got along with the new people, and they now didn't have to wonder what the other tribe was doing, and it was "fun." Peih-Gee returned that it was easier for Amanda and Fei Long to be having fun as they had numbers on their side.

Jeff asked Jean-Robert, as a "student of people," what he thought of the game. He answered that since the game was now individual, people like Courtney suddenly became less of a target compared to people like James and himself. Courtney, rolling her eyes, commented that it was funny that Jean-Robert was trying to call out "the biggest threat is the little blonde." Jean-Robert claimed he wasn't calling her a threat, only that she was going to get further in the game, which Courtney translated as meaning she was a big threat. Jean-Robert continued to try to rationalize his argument, until James threw up his hands in dismay. When prompted by Jeff, he elaborated about Jean-Robert's big mouth and his unnecessary pronouncements of what he was doing: "We don't expect much from you, but you don't have to go on and on about it."

When she was asked about finding cracks in the other tribe, Peih-Gee pointed out that there had been enough spying going on to reveal that Jean-Robert's name had come up frequently, and that he was "politicking his ass off" to try to curry favor. Jaime was asked what could someone do if there name was coming up, and she answered that she merely had to try to find some cracks and find people who thought she might be more pleasant to be around than somebody else.

Erik was then called to vote, followed by James, Amanda, Jean-Robert, and Peih-Gee. Jaime voted for Jean-Robert. Denise, Todd, Frosti, and Courtney then cast their votes, with Courtney clearly voting for either Jaime or Jean-Robert. Jeff then tallied the votes.

As Jeff prepared to read the votes, Jaime put up her hand to ask a question: "I found this at camp lying on the floor. I thought it might be immunity?" She gave the wooden panel to Jeff, but he revealed it to not be a Hidden Immunity Idol. As Todd and James reacted knowingly, Jean-Robert burst out laughing with relief, whilst Jaime's face fell. The vote tied up at three on Jean-Robert and three on Jaime, but the remaining votes all fell on Jaime. She hugged both Denise and Erik on her departure and, becoming the seventh person voted out of the game, and the first member of the jury, Jaime Dugan's torch was extinguished. As Hae Da Fung departed, Jeff reminded them that with the jury phase now started, the people voted out would decide who would win the game and the million dollars.


Immunity Challenge: Feast Memory
The newly merged tribe must answer questions about the merge feast/performance. An incorrect answer merits an automatic elimination from the challenge. The survivor with the longest streak of correct answers wins individual immunity.
Winner: Frosti Zernow

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
Hae Da Fung
S15 jaime t
Jaime (7 votes)
S15 amanda tS15 courtney tS15 denise t
S15 frosti tS15 james tS15 jeanrobert tS15 todd t
Amanda, Courtney, Denise, Frosti, James, Jean-Robert, Todd
S15 jeanrobert t
Jean-Robert (3 votes)
S15 erik tS15 jaime tS15 peihgee t
Erik, Jaime, Peih-Gee
S15 jaime bw
Jaime Dugan

Voting Confessionals

(votes for Jean-Robert) Hey, man. I just had to take advantage of the fact that your name was getting tossed around around camp. Trying to save myself.


(votes for Jaime) I think you're such a nice girl. I [am] just going by numbers, and you're the biggest threat right now as far as strategy. And you know I'm sorry. Good luck with everything.


(votes for Jean-Robert) Tryin' to keep it Zhan Hu.


(votes for Jaime) Jaime, you're actually my favorite of all the contestants, and [I] love having you around, but I love a million dollars more. So, it's time for you to go home. Maybe when I win it, you can come help me spend it.


(votes for Jaime) Jaime, I'm sorry it has to be you. You just happened to get on the wrong tribe. I really like you a lot. Some day, I hope we can be friends.


(votes for Jaime) Sorry, love, but I made a deal, I had to keep it.


(votes for Jaime) It's just your turn.


(votes for Jean-Robert) [This is a] purely strategic vote.


(votes for Jaime) Another one bites the dust, baby. I'm here to win. You play too nice. [You] gotta go.


(votes for Jaime) Sorry, Jaime. I like you.


Final Words

I learned that I'm probably too nice for the game of Survivor. I wish Erik and Peih-Gee the best of luck. I made a bad decision with James. He's obviously not very trustworthy and I hate that I trusted him. I'm kicking myself in the butt right now. I tried to play the Hidden Immunity Idol. It wasn't it, but it was worth a shot, so I'm glad I tried it.

–Jaime Dugan

Still in the Running

S15 chicken bw
S15 ashley bw
S15 leslie bw
S15 dave bw
S15 aaron bw
S15 sherea bw
S15 jaime bw
Hae Da Fung
S15 amanda t
Hae Da Fung
S15 courtney t
Hae Da Fung
S15 denise t
Hae Da Fung
S15 erik t
Hae Da Fung
S15 frosti t
Hae Da Fung
S15 james t
Hae Da Fung
S15 jeanrobert t
Hae Da Fung
S15 peihgee t
Hae Da Fung
S15 todd t