I'm Not a Good Villain is the seventh episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.


Day 16

The next morning, Rob Mariano's alliance reels from the blindside of Tyson Apostol, with everyone still confused as to what exactly happened. Rob still doesn't understand how Russell Hantz' alliance of three was able to get the better of his own alliance of six.

I've played Survivor three times now, and for the first time in all of those times, I was shocked last night. I completely didn't know what happened. The more and more I think about it, something doesn't feel right. Something just doesn't feel right.

Rob Mariano

Talking together under the large tarp, Rob, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Courtney Yates, Coach Wade, and Jerri Manthey wonder about what happened with Tyson and why he changed his vote. They come to the conclusion that no matter how stupid it sounds, that Tyson just wanted to avoid a tie. The three of them commit to eliminating either Parvati Shallow or Russell next because of their big threat.

It's no secret that Russell has a little boy crush on Parvati, because, he's - let's face it, he's like a bandy legged little troll who you know scampers around with his tooth missing and, you know, is in and out of the bushes and never washes, and she pays attention to him and she has no problem with flirting with... clearly anything that walks.

Courtney Yates

Meanwhile, nearby, Russell, Parvati, and Danielle DiLorenzo celebrate the fact that all of them are still in the game and that Tyson was voted out. As they laugh, Rob and the others under the tarp are able to hear their laughter. Rob is dumbfounded by how cocky they are acting for still being in a minority within the tribe.

I was born at night, but not last night. To me, it's ridiculous that three people would have so much confidence unless something else was going on. I don't know if they were just excited because they pulled over a big stupid move, or if they think that they have numbers on the other side if the merge is starting soon, or possibly if two of those people that are sitting with me in the tent pretending to be mad at the other three are actually with them, and the joke's on me.

Rob Mariano

Russell states that they need more numbers and that they should try and work on Jerri, which causes both Parvati and Danielle to laugh at him. However, they eventually agree to try and get Jerri to flip to their side. After the last vote, Jerri and Coach stand in the middle between the two opposing alliances of Russell, Parvati, and Danielle, and the alliance of Rob, Courtney, and Sandra. Russell's trio speak with Jerri alone on the beach. Jerri says that the others are depressed at the result of the vote, and Russell says that he is not. Danielle tells Jerri that a solid group that stays together could carry themselves all the way to the end. Jerri seems more open to the idea of aligning with them, but she won't commit to their side just yet.

I think Jerri has all kind of respect for me now, because I put my butt on the line for somebody else. Now, she has an alliance she has to start a relationship with. Jerri HATED Parvati, I brought them together. But I'm that good where I can bring people together in this game for MY good.

Russell Hantz

Jerri is completely noncommittal, I thought I was noncommittal, she's like 'people have hurt my feelings in the past and I've just not gotten over that for 38 years, I've been harboring resentment for the people who have lied to me and hurt my feelings.' Listen crazypants, it's a three-three split right now, it's me, Russell, and Danielle on one side, Rob, Courtney, and Sandra on the other side. Coach and Jerri right in the middle, they don't know where they should go *mimicking* 'where should we go?' But I think Jerri is leaning more toward coming with us because she saw what Russell did for me, and I think Jerri's a little bit jealous a man hasn't done that for her. So I think she wants to take a chance with Russell so he can save her life and she can have a hero.

Parvati Shallow

At the Heroes camp, the Heroes lament the fact that they had to vote out James Clement because of his injury and hope for Colby Donaldson to finally step up at the challenges. Colby is merely surprised to still be in the game considering his position, but he vows to do better.

Unbelievably, I have survived two huge Tribal Councils where going into them, I was convinced I was going home. But here I am. There's a little bit of pressure on me to perform because clearly if James' knee had held up, I wouldn't be here. So now it's put up or shut up time for Colby.

Colby Donaldson

At the challenge, the Heroes take an aggressive approach and win, in large part due to a much improved effort by Colby. After winning the Reward Challenge, the five remaining Heroes bond over the reward meal and find a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol at the feast. They agree to find the idol together and use it as a tribe. The reward does a lot to improve the morale of the Heroes and they leave the reward feeling more united than ever before.

Today just proves that we are a family, we are together, that we're a much stronger team than they are right now. We got 'em on their heels and it's time for a little redemption.

J.T. Thomas

The cool thing was that immediately all five players agreed that when do find [the Hidden Immunity Idol], we'll find it as a tribe and that is a unified front and we're all in agreement on that. We're now fighting the good fight as a team and the most positive thing to come today was realizing that we are now a tribe of five that is very ready to take on the Villains.

Colby Donaldson

After having returned to camp following their loss in the challenge, Jerri has a talk with Russell on the beach as Coach stands nearby. Jerri tells Russell that after having some time to think her options over, she is leaning towards aligning with Russell. Russell promises Jerri that he wants to align with her and Coach. Russell beckons Coach over to join the conversation and tells them that they should trust him and that he wants to take both of them to the final three. Jerri admits she wants to align with Russell, much to the dismay of Coach who doesn't trust what Russell says.

Russell is empowered by this game because with all the gullible people out here, he thinks that he can out-talk everyone. So next thing I know when I come to join the conversation after I'm beckoned over because I don't want to seem paranoid and go right up and listen in and say what's going on, Russell's just sitting there spinning a pure line of gold and Jerri's just hook, line, and sinker. Yeah, Jerri and I are honor bound to play this game together, but if Jerri says she's in this wholeheartedly with Russell I really have no choice. So it's just, I don't know - the waters are so muddy right now, and Jerri has muddied them.

Coach Wade

As Russell gets up and leaves, Coach speaks with Jerri alone. Jerri upsets Coach by first telling him that Rob is untrustworthy, and then by telling Coach that she trusts Russell as much as him. Coach is upset with Jerri for committing him with Russell without having any input on the decision. Jerri comes to the realization that Rob is a big threat in the game and that she may need to vote against him despite what Coach thinks.

So as much as I like Coach, that guy is so naive, like Russell's in this game to play it, he's in it to win, and you know what? So am I. And you know as much as I like Coach and as much as I trust him, I don't see someone who gets it in the grand scheme of this game. He's almost dead set against manipulating anybody, he wants to be the good guy to everyone, and you can't. You can't be the good guy to everyone and win this game.

Jerri Manthey

Day 17

No footage from Day 17 was shown.

Day 18

Both tribes show up to compete in the next Immunity Challenge. During the physical portion of the challenge where tribe members must run along a trampoline-like rope mesh to retrieve puzzle pieces, the Heroes open up a lead after Courtney struggles. The Heroes and Villains once again face off on a puzzle, and for the first time, the Heroes are able to defeat Rob and the Villains on a puzzle section. The newly united Heroes win their first Immunity Challenge since Day 8.

I thought Courtney was lagging, poor girl she's like broken in half out there. We need to get rid of Courtney tonight, she's the weak link.

Coach Wade

We just got back from our Immunity Challenge and got our butts kicked. Rob, got his butt kicked. Sandra wasn't doing anything on the puzzle. Courtney looked like she was ready to break in half out there. It was the most pitiful performances I've ever seen. Right now, the Heroes are starting to win. We need to do something.

Russell Hantz

At camp, Russell walks up to Rob, Sandra, and Courtney sitting on the beach and openly offers the idea of either Sandra or Courtney being voted out next. Rob, Sandra, and Courtney laugh at Russell's odd tactics, telling him that he is being foolish for walking up to people and asking them if they want to vote out other people sitting right next to them.

All Rob wants to do is keep his alliance strong, because he knows once Courtney leaves, he's at my mercy. Imma, I'm after him, he's after me. May the best man win. Whoever's better in the game that's which one's gonna be the one who stays here longer, and it's going to be me and he sees it comin'.

Russell Hantz

After that little discussion, Rob begins to formulate a plan to vote out Russell. Rob approaches Coach to talk about who to vote out, and Coach wants either Courtney sent home due to her weakness in the challenges or to try and blindside Parvati again, but Rob disagrees, feeling Russell is the bigger threat of that pair now. Rob appeals to Coach's sense of loyalty to try to convince Coach to vote out Russell instead of Courtney. Although Coach is reluctant to vote out strong players in the tribe, he eventually agrees and shakes hands with Rob.

You know one way to make somebody do something you want them to do is find what they hold dear. With Coach it's his reputation for being loyal; and put that on the line and you say that you're giving your word saying you're the most loyal, you better do what you say you're gonna do or let it be known: you're a liar.

Rob Mariano

Later, Russell, Danielle, and Jerri talk with Coach on the beach. Russell promises to Coach that Courtney will go home. However, Coach tells Russell that Rob has been plotting to vote him out, and Russell, now angered, changes his mind and wants to vote out Rob immediately. Although Danielle and Jerri quickly agree with the move, Coach immediately protests the decision, wanting to keep the tribe strong by keeping Rob. Jerri and Danielle question whether getting rid of Rob would really negatively impact the tribe, and that with a merge approaching they might even be better of without him. Despite his hesitation, Coach eventually agrees to vote with Russell. Now Coach is caught between the alliances after having given his word to both Rob and Russell to vote out the other. A conflicted Coach reflects alone on the beach.

I came here to win this game. Not at all costs. I don't want Boston Rob to go home, I don't want him going home, he doesn't deserve to go home, he deserves to be here and play this game. I can't go back on my word. I mean I just gave those guys my word because Russell crammed it down our throats and Jerri's being gullible and just saying 'okay, whatever' and then I'm just sitting there like a fish out of water not knowing what to do. Now if I go against them, then... you know I broke my word. I want to be true to Boston Rob... *heavy sigh*

Coach Wade

In camp, Rob knows that they are targeting him and talks to Jerri. Rob attempts to get her to align back to his side by telling her to vote how she thinks will get her farther in the game, believing she will join him. Jerri contemplates her decision knowing that her vote will be pivotal. As Tribal Council approaches, Jerri and Coach remain the swing votes, as Russell's alliance of Parvati, Danielle, and Russell target Rob, while Rob's alliance of Sandra, Rob, and Courtney target Russell.

At Tribal Council, the lack of unity within the tribe is discussed, and Tyson's blindside is said to have been an impact. Coach says that Tyson was able to bridge the gaps and the alliances and kept everyone together, but in his absence, things have already begun to fall apart, a thought that Rob echoes. Russell and Danielle disagree, feeling the tribe has gotten stronger. Host Jeff Probst says that by Danielle and Russell disagreeing, it only affirms what Coach was trying to say to begin with. Rob and Russell begin bickering again by claiming that the other man has been sabotaging the tribe and working against its best interests. Before voting, Coach makes one last desperate appeal to both Rob and Russell to keep the tribe strong and vote out the weakest (Courtney) instead of targeting each other, but he is rebuffed by both men who are still determined to eliminate the other. Jerri is caught in the middle but in the end, she decides to further her game by flipping to Russell's side. Due to Coach ultimately not taking a side by voting for Courtney, Rob is voted out by a vote of 4-3-1, marking the second time Rob was eliminated one vote before the formation of the jury. As he stands up to gather his torch, Jerri hugs Rob and Coach attempts to do the same, but Rob rebuffs Coach by calling him a little man and walking over to get his torch snuffed without letting Coach hug him goodbye.


Challenge: Basket Brawl
Competing in rounds, the tribes would face off three to a side in the ocean to get control of a ball and shoot it into their basket to score a point. The first tribe to score three points would win.
Reward: A trip to a waterfall with a feast.
Winner: Heroes

Challenge: Caught in the Web
One at a time, three castaways from each tribe would race across a platform and a rope net and then climb up a rope web to retrieve six bags of puzzle pieces. Once all six bags were retrieved, two other castaways from each tribe would assemble the puzzle. The first tribe to assemble their puzzle would win.
Winner: Heroes

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
S20 rob t
Rob (4 votes)
S20 danielle tS20 jerri tS20 parvati tS20 russell t
Danielle, Jerri, Parvati, Russell
S20 russell t
Russell (3 votes)
S20 courtney tS20 rob tS20 sandra t
Courtney, Rob, Sandra
S20 courtney t
Courtney (1 vote)
S20 coach t
S20 rob bw
Rob Mariano

Voting Confessionals

(votes for Rob) Dude, you were my Boston Buddy, we were supposed to go all the way together. But you betrayed me, you broke my trust way too early in the game. You came in way too hard, I'm so sorry, I hope you'll forgive me, and we'll get a beer sometime.

Danielle DiLorenzo

(votes for Courtney) I made a plea for the tribe to remain strong, but it's gonna fall on deaf ears. You guys are digging your own grave because you didn't listen to me.

Coach Wade

(votes for Russell) It's game over, it's either you or me. We'll see how loyal Coach is.

Rob Mariano

(votes for Rob) Is this truly the vote that I want to place? No, it's not. Courtney should be the name that I've written down, but I'm making a choice tonight to align with certain people in hopes that this choice will be right for me in the end and Rob, I'm sorry that it ended up like this. I really wanted to play the game with you, even when you tried to throw me under the bus at least three times.

Jerri Manthey

(votes for Rob) You said I got on the wrong train. I don't know where your train's going, but I'm going further in the game. And by the way, you shouldn't mess with my girl like that. Don't mess with my friends.

Russell Hantz

(votes for Russell) This tribe's a hot mess, I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

Courtney Yates

(votes for Rob) Not all of us can be your Amber. Sorry, Charlie.

Parvati Shallow

(votes for Russell) I wanted you out last Tribal Council, that this Tribal Council will be your last one. And I worked hard to see that you take your tail home. Adiós, and goodbye.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Final Words

I mean, I saw it coming tonight. It's tough, these guys know what they're doing. You know, I wish Coach would have kept his word. I pretty much knew that he was gonna do what he felt was in his best interest. I did as much as I could for my tribe to put them on my shoulders and carry them as long as I could, but at the end of the day, this is what I get in thanks.

–Rob Mariano

Still in the Running

S20 sugar bw
S20 stephenie bw
S20 randy bw
S20 cirie bw
S20 tom bw
S20 tyson bw
S20 james bw
S20 rob bw
S20 amanda t
S20 candice t
S20 coach t
S20 colby t
S20 courtney t
S20 danielle t
S20 jt t
S20 jerri t
S20 parvati t
S20 rupert t
S20 russell t
S20 sandra t


Behind the Scenes

  • Rob Mariano has a secret scene on Day 17 where he has a walk with Coach Wade on the beach. Rob asks Coach whether he has been given a special name, and Coach tells Rob that he nicknamed him Lancelot, the greatest of King Arthur's knights. They keep talking and walking, and Rob says in a confessional that he believes Coach is a pathological liar and mocks him for his references to the Knights of the Round Table and dragons, but Rob says Coach is still a good guy, but that he is simple and easy to control. Coach leads Rob in a session of coach-chi, where Rob makes faces to the camera while Coach's back is turned.