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The episode begins at Night 3, where a scene shows the Bikal tribe walking back to camp after Tribal Council.
Dawn [Approaches Brandon] Hey Brandon. [Cochran approaches Brandon and Dawn]. 
Brandon What's up?
Dawn Just so you know where I stand, I understand that you're upset. Totally. You know what I mean? But I want you to know I...
Brandon [Cuts Dawn before finishing what she is saying] She [Francesca] was voted out first, twice in a row. That's the harshest thing I've ever seen in my life. [Camera shows a very worried Brenda]
Brandon [In a confessional] This Tribal Council sucked! Francesca, one of the nicest women in Survivor I have ever met, twice, first person to go home. 
Dawn Don't be mean, Brandon!
Brandon I'm not being a bitch, This is me being nice actually. I'm a f***ing honey badger, dude. That's low.
Dawn I'm not trying to fight.
Brandon Well obviously, you are. 
Dawn No, I trying to have you understand. Have compassion on both sides of the story instead of just yours. [camera shows the other Favorites watching the conversation as it intensifies]
Brandon I feel sorry for you, 'cause you're still gonna lose. That's what I have compassion about. You're gonna remember this conversation on the beach. You're still gonna lose this game, both of you [Referring to Cochran] will still lose, of that stupid move.
Dawn [In a confessional] I still like Brandon. But he's been awful to me after we came home from Tribal Council. It just kinda became too pointed and personal for me, I literally had to walk away. 
Dawn [Walks away from Brandon] I just need a grip on my emotions. I don't wanna be around everyone crying.
[Dawn is sitting by the beach, crying]
Dawn I try so hard to not disrespect people. I would never do that to someone. And so for someone to do it to me, it's like my brain can't process it. I'm like, "You're mean!" [camera shows more of Dawn crying] But it's about me, and what I stand for. It doesn't really matter what Brandon thinks of me. It just doesn't. But the way treats other people just pollution! [Cries more]
Brandon [Talking to Erik] I'm fed up. Fed up! I feel a little revengeful. 
Erik [Nods] Yeah.
Brandon This is my thought. I'm thinking of going Russell Hantz style on these [explicit word unknown] right now, man. I'm serious! I'm so friggin pissed off right now. 
Brandon [In a confessional] I feel like Rambo. I honestly feel my uncle's blood running through my body right now! It's like a wave and it's coming back! It feels great!
Brandon [To Erik] It would be fun to screw things up, just to make camp life miserable. It would make Russell Hantz look like a [explicit word unknown]
Brandon I don't wanna go out blindsided. This is a game, and I'm playing it dirty, to the core. I wanna go out with a bang!


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