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"Honey Badger"
Plunge pull pop caramoan Andrea, Brenda, and Erik at the Immunity Challenge.
Episode Information
Season: Caramoan
Episode Number: 2/14 (359)
Original Release: February 20, 2013
Episode Chronology
Previous: "She Annoys Me Greatly"
Next: "There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay"

Honey Badger is the second episode of Survivor: Caramoan.


Night 3

The fallout of Dawn and Cochran's betrayal to Brandon happens. Brandon reminds the tribe about how Francesca became the first person voted off twice and how harsh that was. Brandon tells Erik that he considers playing like his uncle Russell, knowing that he'd be going home soon anyway. Brandon expresses his disapproval of the result of Tribal Council to his tribemates, emphasizing how Francesca became the first person voted off in two different seasons and how unfair that was.

Day 4

The next day, Brandon re-considers his hasty decision and explains to Cochran what his plan was and why he decided not to push through with it, Philip walks in and Brandon confides in Philip and asks him if he would be willing to have more unified votes, Philip then tells Brandon that he can't fully trust him. Brandon reacts by telling the rest of the tribe that Philip is probably the biggest bully he has ever met.

Over in the fan's tribe, Sherri talks to Shamar and tells him that everyone in her alliance wants to work with him, knowing that she can keep Shamar under control.

Day 5

The Favorites win the Immunity Challenge, which sends the Fans to Tribal Council. Reynold calls out Shamar in front of the whole tribe and tells him that his behavior is unacceptable and that he is gonna vote for him at Tribal Council. Shamar responds by saying that Reynold was gonna vote for him anyway and said "Whatever happens happens."

Reynold then decides to look for their tribe's Hidden Immunity Idol and finds it within minutes. 

Sherri talks to Julia, Matt, and Laura and asks them who should go home. Since Matt is the swing vote, he proposes voting out Shamar in order to make their rival alliance trust him more, but Sherri turns down the proposal, while Laura suggests voting out Allie, who is the most strategic among the four. In the end, Matt sided with the majority alliance, blindsiding Allie 6-4.



Challenge: Plunge, Pull, Pop
For this challenge, nine contestants from each would compete. Three had to go on a raft, while three would pull a rope, which would get the raft through the water to a platform. At the platform is an underground cage with bamboo running through it. On the bamboo are nine life preservers, in different parts of the cage. The castaways would have to go underwater and pull the bamboo to release the rings. Once all nine rings are collected, the three would be pulled back to shore on the rafts. The rings would then be used to be thrown on three poles, one ring per pole. The tribe who accomplishes this first wins.
Reward: Tribal Immunity and a fishing gear set
Winner: Bikal

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Plunge, Pull, Pop
Result Tribe Swimmers Rope Pullers Ring Tossers Sit-Out
Won Bikal S26 andrea tS26 brenda tS26 erik t
Andrea, Brenda, & Erik
S26 brandon tS26 cochran tS26 corinne t
Brandon, Cochran, & Corinne
S26 dawn tS26 malcolm tS26 phillip t
Dawn, Malcolm, & Phillip
Lost Gota S26 hope tS26 julia tS26 sherri t
Hope, Julia, & Sherri
S26 eddie tS26 matt tS26 shamar t
Eddie, Matt, & Shamar
S26 allie tS26 michael tS26 reynold t
Allie, Michael, & Reynold
S26 laura t

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S26 allie t
Allie (6 votes)
S26 julia tS26 laura tS26 matt t
S26 michael tS26 shamar tS26 sherri t
Julia, Laura, Matt, Michael, Shamar, & Sherri
S26 shamar t
Shamar (4 votes)
S26 allie tS26 eddie tS26 hope tS26 reynold t
Allie, Eddie, Hope, & Reynold
S26 allie bw
Allie Pohevitz

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Shamar) Thank you for serving in our military, we appreciate it. Out here, not so much.


(voting for Allie) You gotta go, 'cause four is way too powerful.


Final Words

I had a lot more game to play, I mean, it's just so frustrating 'cause this is what I wanted, and I just… it sucks. I wanted to play this game for half my life. I wanted this since I was eleven years old. I'm mortified beyond words that I'm leaving second. I had such a good time playing this. Ugh, it sucks!

Allie Pohevitz

Still in the Running

S26 francesca bw
S26 allie bw
S26 andrea t
S26 brandon t
S26 brenda t
S26 cochran t
S26 corinne t
S26 dawn t
S26 eddie t
S26 erik t
S26 hope t
S26 julia t
S26 laura t
S26 malcolm t
S26 matt t
S26 michael t
S26 phillip t
S26 reynold t
S26 shamar t
S26 sherri t


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