Tribe Profile
Version: Mexico
Season: La Isla 2016: La Revancha
Namesake: Spanish word for "iron"
Tribe Type: Temporary Tribe
Day Formed: Day 2
Rival Tribe(s): None
Tribe Status: Disbanded on Day 21
Lowest Placing Member: Juan Carlos Somoza (21/21)
Highest Placing Member: Delia García (7/21)


Tribe Emblem


Hierro is a temporary tribe from La Isla 2016: La Revancha. Their tribe color is purple.

Acting as a sort of Redemption Island for the first 12 eliminated contestants, this tribe offered a chance for 5 of the said contestants to go back in the game. There would be duels each week, but, in each duel, a contestant will be returning to the game, while another will be eliminated. The contestant who returns will be able to go back to any one of the three tribes. When they enter their new Tribe, they will send a contestant from the same gender to this tribe.


Tribe History

On Day 2, it is announcing that each tribe should voted out a man. Juan Carlos Somoza, Dr. Wagner, Jr. and Rafael Mercadante ere chosen. They were surprised, because they was still in the game and they were at Playa Destierro. On Day 4, Ivonne Montero joined with them and the first duel was held, where Dr. Wagner won and returned to the game, while Juan was eliminated.

On Day 6, the Zafiro tribe needed to vote out a man and take the place of Dr. Wagner at Playa Destierro. Intocable Gómez was chosen and joined at Playa Destierro. On Day 8, Geraldine Bazán joined with them. In the second duel, Intocable was the winner and Geraldine the eliminated, while Ivonne and Rafael remain at Playa Destierro.

On Day 10, the Oro tribe voted out Víctor González to take the place of Intocable. On Day 12, Delia García was voted out and sent to Playa Destierro. The third duel was held, Delia returned and Víctor left the game.

On Day 14, the Jade tribe sent Gabrielle Fernández to take the place of Delia. On Day 16, Matías Novoa went to Playa Destierro. In the fourth duel, finally Ivonne get out of Playa Destierro, while Gabrielle was eliminated.

On Day 18, again the Jade tribe needed to vote out a woman. Tania Rincón was chosen and joined at Playa Destierro. On Day 20, Ana la Salvia was the last contestant to went to Playa Destierro. The last duel was held and only one could return. Rafael was the winner, while Matías, Tania and Ana S. were eliminated, along with the disappearance of Playa Destierro.