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Hidden Immunity Idol
Survivor Gameplay
Description: Used to save oneself or others from getting voted out
Appearances: Guatemala - present

The Hidden Immunity Idol (also known as the "Hidden Idol" or simply as "the idol") is a pocket-sized talisman, and is widely believed to be the most groundbreaking twist ever to be created on Survivor. Its purpose is to, one way or another, prevent the user from being voted out in a Tribal Council vote. The idol has influenced many of the contestants' strategies, whether they use the object, or defuse its powers. The Hidden Immunity Idol made its debut in Survivor: Guatemala, and in seasons containing the Exile Island twist, the idol is often hidden there.

It is not to be confused with the tribal Immunity Idol or the individual Immunity Necklace, as the Hidden Immunity Idol is not won at challenges, and is flexible as the found idol is not forced to be applicable on only the following Tribal Council. However, clues to the whereabouts of the idol may exist at camp or may be given to the winners of a Reward Challenge.


When the idol debuted in Survivor: Guatemala, its purpose was to give its owner Individual Immunity without the winning of an individual Immunity Challenge. But in following seasons, it was reformatted to negate votes that the holder would receive at Tribal Council. Despite its potential to protect its owner in the game, it may only be used once, after which the idol will either be re-hidden or discarded. With this, owners should be careful about divulging information about possessing one and/or when to use it, because from seasons Survivor: Fiji beyond, a player can still be eliminated with the idol in their possession, thus going home bringing their idol with them. Another limitation is that the idol is only valid until a given deadline (usually Day 37). A player may hold more than one idol if available.

Gary Hogeboom uses the series' first Hidden Immunity Idol.


Similar to the Immunity Idol and the Immunity Necklace, the Hidden Immunity Idol is usually a small, ornate talisman that is designed to match the season's theme and/or location. For example, the Hidden Immunity Idol in Survivor: China was a plaque-like wooden square with a Chinese symbol engraved on it. Other idols are designed like small necklaces or bracelets. Usually, the idol is an item based on the history or landscape of the area.


The format of how the Hidden Immunity Idol is used every season differs, and as of now there are three different formats of how it is used based on the time it can be used in Tribal Council.

Preventive Idol

Appeared in: Survivor: Guatemala
Played: Before the regular votes are cast.
This type of Hidden Immunity Idol only appeared during the twist's debut in Survivor: Guatemala, where it its existence was revealed via Tree Mail. The owner came to be Gary Hogeboom, who used it in the same episode, making him ineligible to be chosen as a vote target, similar to how the Immunity Necklace works. After its usage, the idol was discarded.

Super Idol

Appeared in: Survivor: Panama, Survivor: Cook Islands, Survivor: Cagayan (finder only), Survivor: Kaôh Rōng (combining two regular idols)
Played: After the votes regular votes are read.
The super idol is a type of Hidden Immunity Idol that can be used after the votes have been read. In this mechanic, all the votes of the user have received will be negated, and the person with the next highest number of votes will be eliminated instead. This creates a scenario where the group which originally had the fewer votes gathered during Tribal Council gain control of that vote.

The downside however is that it is almost impossible to counter without a split vote plan: with the knowledge of the castaway being voted out is known, the voting side who has the super idol has full control of who is going to be voted out, as they know where the majority votes will go and remove its power by negating it with the idol.

This format was panned by fans, calling the item "too powerful," by using them akin to the "Get Out of Jail Free card" used in Monopoly. These idols are good up until the Tribal Council where there are only four contestants remaining. In Cagayan and Kaôh Rōng, this was changed so that, like regular idols, they can only be played up until the final five.

Negating Idol

Appeared in: Survivor: Fiji onwards
Played: After the votes are cast, before the votes are read.
From Fiji onwards (with the exception of Micronesia, Gabon and Cambodia), there has been one idol hidden in each of the tribe camps. Additionally, the format was once again changed. Instead of using it after the host revealed enough ballots to eliminate a player, players must use the idol after the votes have been cast, but before the host reveals them. This gesture will force castaways to become more cautious on possessing it and/or divulging information about possessing one. With this format, it is crucial for players to use his/her idol at the right time. Contestants must draw the idol at a Tribal Council where they are sure to receive votes, or else they will either waste the idol (if they had either no votes against them or if they have votes, there may not be enough to eliminate them) or be eliminated without even using the idol. This was dubbed by several contestants as flushing. Once the idol is used, it is usually re-hidden. From this point forward, the idols are valid up until the Tribal Council where there are only five contestants remaining. In Survivor: One World, while there is only one camp, there are still two idols; one for each tribe. Both idols are exclusive for a tribe. For instance, if a member of one tribe finds the idol of the rival tribe, he/she has to give it to one of its members before the next Tribal Council.

When the castaway is voted out as a direct result of the use of the Hidden Immunity Idol, that person is said to have been "idoled out".

Kaôh Rōng

In Survivor: Kaôh Rōng, while the current format still applies, there is also the option to combine two idols to create a "super idol" that can be played after the votes are read to save any player still in the game.[1]


To find Hidden Immunity Idols more easily, clues are provided to castaways. Several clues either are progressive (meaning the first clue will not be as helpful as the next ones because it will only lead to another clue, but the succeeding clues would lead the looker closer the actual place of the idol), or still lead to the same hiding place, albeit restructured for added confusion.

As the season progresses, more clues will be provided, regardless if the idol has already been found or not. These clues can be shared with others by the finder(s)' choosing; however, in several incidents in Survivor: Samoa, Russell Hantz was notorious for finding the idols without any clues.
Clip image00212

Hidden Immunity Idol Clue.

These clues may be a cryptic message similar to Tree Mail messages or rebus puzzles in Survivor: Nicaragua. Sometimes, the exact location of the idol is stated outright.

In Survivor: Blood vs. Water, Monica Culpepper began a trend of refusing the clue as to prevent a target from forming on one's back. Only four of the ten clues were accepted during the season.

Over the years, there have been varying ways for how the clues have been given to the contestants:

  • In Guatemala, Heroes vs. Villains, Nicaragua, and Redemption Island, aside from the prize that a tribe gets after winning a Reward Challenge, a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol was either given to the winner/s outright, or hidden inside their prize.
  • In Panama, Cook Islands, and Gabon, the idol was hidden at Exile Island. The banished castaway will be handed clues of its whereabouts. Additionally, in Gabon, a second idol was revealed, hidden somewhere near the feast table during the fake merge feast.
  • Starting in Fiji, two Immunity Idols became available, with one hidden at each camp. The exiled castaways will receive clues. This was the first time a flushed idol was replaced with a new one.
  • In Micronesia, several mechanisms have been used:
    • The two people (one from each tribe) banished will be provided multiple clues that are scattered around Exile Island, where they have to compete for ownership of the idol. This was during the tribal phase of the game.
    • At the merge phase, several idols have been available. Ozzy Lusth possessed an idol, but wasn't able to use it during the Tribal Council where he was eliminated. With Ozzy's idol gone, a new one was placed on Exile Island, though its finder, Jason Siska, made the same mistake. The next idol was found by Amanda Kimmel, who possessed a clue while at Exile Island, but realized that the idol was at camp, under their tribe flag. Amanda's idol was re-hidden in the next episode. Parvati Shallow was sent to Exile Island in the next episode, and although it looked like she did not look for the idol, it was revealed in a post show interview that she found the idol while snorkeling and left it on the island to prevent trouble.
  • In Tocantins, two people will receive clues about the idol, only to realize that the idols were hidden at their tribe camp.
  • In China and Samoa, one player of the opposing tribe will visit the camp and they will provide the clue for the idol. In China, however, the member of the opposing tribe was forced to give the unopened clue to a member of the tribe they were visiting.
  • In South Pacific, the clue was also hidden at camp, providing more difficulty in finding the idol. The tribe that wins the Immunity Challenge will have a clue planted somewhere around their camp. The more Immunity Challenges a tribe wins, the more clues they get.
  • In One World and Caramoan, Hidden Immunity Idols would still be available, but for the first time, clues will not be provided, as Jeff Probst said that the contestants "do not need them" anymore.
  • In Philippines, the clues were hidden in the tribes' bags of rice, and the idol was actually on top of the bag of rice, disguised as the handle of the lid of the rice basket.
  • In Caramoan, several mechanisms have been used:
    • Malcolm Freberg bought "information" at the Survivor Auction on Day 29, which was a clue to an idol that he was allowed to read for 60 seconds.
    • As part of the Individual Immunity Challenge on Day 31, the winner would be rewarded with "information", which was the clue to an idol. Andrea Boehlke won the Individual Immunity and the clue.
  • In Blood vs. Water, the person who finished first in the Redemption Island duel will give a clue to someone left in the game. At the return point, the returning contestant is allowed to give the clue to themselves.
  • At the beginning of Cagayan, the weakest castaway of each tribe (selected by the Tribe Leaders) were sent to their respective camps first. When they arrived, they were given an option to either take an extra sack of rice for their tribe, or to receive a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. However, clues were also known to be found on certain rewards the tribes won in Reward/Immunity Challenges.[2][3]
    • In Worlds Apart, before the castaways were sent to their camps, each tribe chose a representative to make a decision when they reached their respective camps. The representative would then have to choose another representative from the tribe, who would join them in making the decision. The representatives would then have to choose either "Honesty" or "Deception"; choosing the former would give the tribe a big bag of beans for the entire tribe, while choosing the latter would give the representatives a clue to their tribe's idol, but with only a small amount of beans for the tribe.
  • In San Juan del Sur, on Exile Island, there were two urns. Each castaway who arrived must choose one of them to open and get a note from inside. One urn contains nothing, while the other contains the clue to their tribe's idol (the clue is the same for both tribes' idol). During the merge, when only one player gets exiled, only one urn would be available but would be guaranteed to have the idol clue.
  • In Cambodia, instead of being hidden in the tribe camps, the Hidden Immunity Idols are hidden in challenge venues instead, making it potentially harder for an idol to be hidden from others. However, clues are hidden at camp, indicating exactly where the idol is going to be, which means each clue is only applicable for the immediate challenge. If no clue is found for a specific challenge, the idol is not hidden.
  • In Kaôh Rōng, a first clue was hidden in a tree, pointing to the location of a locked box. Along with the locked box, the player would find tools to build a pole to retrieve a key that was attached to the top of a tree. After retrieving the key, the player could unlock the box to get the idol.


Hidden Immunity Idols are considered "personal items," and thus cannot be stolen from its owner, as stated in the Survivor Rulebook. If the owner hides his or her idol for safekeeping and someone else finds it, whoever finds the already-found idol may not take it.

If all countable votes are negated by idols, a vote restart would happen (see tiebreaker for details). Idols can only be played at the initial vote, not at any revotes.


Several strategies regarding the idol were developed by contestants. Here is a non-exhaustive list of how the idol was used over the series:

Strategy Successful Uses Unsuccessful Uses
Making the holder believe that he or she will not be voted out, but then blindsiding them (dubbed as "flushing") See list of blindsided contestants See list of successful idol usages
Splitting votes to defuse any power gained by playing the idol See Split Vote
Passing idols to another player to save them Banana Etiquette
Going Down in Flames
Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest
This Is My Time
Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil
It's a Turtle?!
This Game Respects Big Moves
Double Agent
Cut Off the Head of the Snake
It's My Night
Head of the Snake
Discarding the idol itself to scare anybody who would want to get it Apple in the Garden of Eden N/A
Potentially removing the possibility of a tie vote "Going Down in Flames"
Whiners Are Wieners
Constructing and planting fake idols that have no value at Tribal Council An Evil Thought
I'm Not as Dumb as I Look
I'm in Such a Hot Pickle!
Nothing Tastes Better than Five Hundred Dollars
The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy
Livin' on the Edge
Lie, Cheat and Steal
Feigning an object in their pocket is an idol, prompting the others to vote somebody else A Sinking Ship
Hell Hath Frozen Over
"The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy"
Reap What You Sow
Make Some Magic Happen
Taunting another player who has an idol to surrender or use the object, inducing indecision at the side of the owner All Hell Breaks Loose
You're Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe
"Cut Off the Head of the Snake"
Handing out multiple idols to shield more potential targets "Going Down in Flames"
"Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

There have been several instances where a person that is caught looking for the idol has become an immediate target, so it is crucial that searchers must be undetected when looking for it.

Hidden Immunity Idol History

Season Hiding Place Episode Found Found By Given To Episode Used Successful? Victim Pertinent Notes
Survivor: Guatemala Xhakúm camp Secrets and Lies and an Idol SurpriseS11 gary t
Gary Hogeboom
None "Secrets and Lies and an Idol Surprise" N/A
  • It is unknown whether Gary would have been voted out had he not played the idol.
  • This idol was not rehidden.
Survivor: Panama Exile Island Starvation and LunacyS12 terry t
Terry Deitz
None Never used
  • On Day 36, Terry was considered effectively immune by the other contestants as he held the idol at the last time idols could be played.
Survivor: Cook Islands Exile Island Dire Strengths and Dead WeightS13 yul t
Yul Kwon
None Never used
  • Despite not using the idol outright, Yul used it to manipulate several votes in his favor.
  • On Day 38, Yul was considered effectively immune by the other contestants as he held the idol at the last time idols could be played. Yul insisted to ally Becky Lee to use his idol and avoid a tiebreaker, but Becky refused and won the subsequent tiebreaker.
Survivor: Fiji Moto camp An Evil ThoughtS14 yauman t
Yau-Man Chan
None I Wanna See If I Can Make a DealYes!
negated 4 votes
S14 stacy t
Stacy Kimball
  • This was the first modern idol found in Survivor history, and the first idol of any kind played successfully.
Ravu camp So You Think You Can Meke?S14 alex tS14 edgardo tS14 mookie t
Alex Angarita, Edgardo Rivera, and Mookie Lee
S14 mookie tS14 alex t
Mookie Lee → Alex Angarita
It's a Turtle?!No!
negated 0 votes
  • Mookie kept the idol until he passed it to Alex in the episode it was used.
  • This was the first modern idol played in Survivor history, and the first idol of any kind played unsuccessfully.
Bula Bula camp "I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal" S14 earl t
Earl Cole
None You've Got That Puzzled LookNo!
negated 0 votes
  • This was the rehidden Ravu idol.
  • This was the first idol played "by default" at the last time idols could be played.
Survivor: China Fei Long camp That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!S15 amanda tS15 todd t
Amanda Kimmel and Todd Herzog
S15 todd tS15 james t
Todd Herzog → James Clement
Never used
  • James received this idol from Todd and Amanda when he was kidnapped after Fei Long won the Reward Challenge.
Zhan Hu camp I'm Not as Dumb as I LookS15 james t
James Clement
  • Knowing where the Fei Long idol was found, James found the Zhan Hu idol at the same spot on their camp.
  • Both idols were flushed upon James' exit and were not re-hidden.
  • These are the first idols "flushed" while the holder still possessed them.
Survivor: Micronesia Exile Island That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried!S16 ozzy t
Ozzy Lusth
None Never used
  • A new idol was planted upon Ozzy's exit.
Exile Island I'm Ruthless... and Have a Smile on My FaceS16 jason t
Jason Siska
None Never used
  • A new idol was planted upon Jason's exit.
Dabu camp I'm Gonna Fix Her!S16 amanda t
Amanda Kimmel
None "I'm Gonna Fix Her!" Yes!
negated 4 votes
S16 alexis t
Alexis Jones
  • The clues were on Exile Island, but the idol was hidden back at camp, beneath the tribe flag.
  • This idol was re-hidden on Exile Island after it was played.[4]
Exile Island If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It CheeseS16 parvati t
Parvati Shallow
None Never used
  • Parvati found this idol, but she felt she did not need it, so she left the idol on Exile Island.
  • This is the first idol to be found on Exile but not taken back to camp.
Survivor: Gabon Exile Island She Obviously Is Post-Op!S17 sugar t
Sugar Kiper
S17 matty t
Matty Whitmore
The Good Guys Should Win in the EndNo!
negated 2 votes
  • Sugar gave this idol to Ace Gordon, and later reclaimed the idol from him.
  • This idol was played "by default" at the last time idols could be played.
Fake Merge Feast Apple in the Garden of EdenBob Crowley, Charlie Herschel, Corinne Kaplan, Crystal Cox, Ken Hoang,
Marcus Lehman, Matty Whitmore, Randy Bailey, Sugar Kiper, Susie Smith
None Never used
  • The castaways deliberately threw the idol at sea upon finding it. Randy offered possession of the idol, but everyone refused.
Survivor: Tocantins Timbira camp Mama Said There'd Be Days Like ThisS18 brendan t
Brendan Synnott
None Never used
  • After finding this idol, Brendan shared to Taj the location of the other idol at Jalapao camp.
Jalapao camp You're Going to Want That ToothS18 stephen tS18 taj t
Stephen Fishbach and Taj Johnson-George
None Never used
  • After J.T. Thomas discovered their idol, Stephen and Taj agreed to share it with him.
Survivor: Samoa Foa Foa camp Taking Candy from a BabyS19 russellh t
Russell Hantz
None All Hell Breaks LooseNo!
negated 0 votes
  • This was the first modern idol found without any clues.
Galu camp Hungry for a WinS19 erik t
Erik Cardona
None Never used
  • No one knew Erik found this idol until after he had been voted out.
Aiga camp Tastes Like ChickenS19 russellh t
Russell Hantz
None "Tastes Like Chicken" Yes!
negated 7 votes
S19 kelly t
Kelly Sharbaugh
  • This is either the rehidden Foa Foa or Galu idol; it is unknown which because both were removed from play at the previous episode's Tribal Council.
Aiga camp The Day of ReckoningS19 russellh t
Russell Hantz
None Never used
  • While never used, Russell flaunted this idol at Tribal Council for the rest of the game, threatening anyone who targeted him.
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Heroes camp Tonight, We Make Our MoveS20 tom t
Tom Westman
None "Tonight, We Make Our Move" Yes!
negated 3 votes
S20 cirie t
Cirie Fields
  • J.T. switched his vote at Tribal Council, thwarting an attempted split vote.
  • This was the first idol played before the merge.
Villains camp Knights of the Round TableS20 russell t
Russell Hantz
S20 parvati t
Parvati Shallow
Banana EtiquetteYes!
negated 4 votes
S20 tyson t
Tyson Apostol
  • Russell presented the idol at Tribal Council, but he handed it to Parvati, allowing her to use it.
  • Tyson voted for Parvati at this Tribal Council, instead of Russell as was his alliance's plan. Ironically, this resulted in Tyson's own elimination.
Heroes camp ExpectationsS20 jt t
J.T. Thomas
S20 russell tS20 parvati tS20 sandra t
Russell Hantz → Parvati Shallow → Sandra Diaz-Twine
Going Down in FlamesNo!
negated 0 votes
S20 jt t
J.T. Thomas
  • After finding the re-hidden Heroes idol, J.T. handed this idol to Russell, who then gave it to Parvati, who gave it to Sandra at Tribal Council.
  • This idol was the most passed, having four different owners prior to its use.
  • This was the first idol passed across tribes before the merge.
  • While technically "unsuccessful", this was part of a double idol play by Parvati on Sandra and Jerri Manthey, and the latter idol was successful.
Villains camp Survivor HistoryS20 danielle tS20 parvati t
Danielle DiLorenzo and Parvati Shallow
S20 parvati tS20 jerri t
Parvati Shallow → Jerri Manthey
negated 5 votes
  • At Tribal Council, Parvati gave away both her idols, one to Jerri and one to Sandra.
  • In a post-game interview, Parvati revealed that she gave Jerri an idol before she gave Sandra an idol. As a result, without any evidence either way, this wiki considers the first idol given away (Jerri's) to have been the first idol Parvati obtained.
Yin Yang camp Jumping ShipS20 russell t
Russell Hantz
None "Jumping Ship" No!
negated 0 votes
  • This was either the rehidden Heroes or Villains idol, it is unknown which because both were removed from play at the previous episode's Tribal Council.
Yin Yang camp A Sinking ShipS20 sandra t
Sandra Diaz-Twine
None Loose Lips Sink ShipsNo!
negated 2 votes
  • This idol was played "by default" at the last time idols could be played.
Survivor: Nicaragua Espada camp Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us AllS21 jill tS21 marty t
Jill Behm and Marty Piombo
S21 marty tS21 sash t
Marty Piombo → Sash Lenahan
This Is Going to HurtNo!
negated 1 vote
  • While in possession of this idol, Marty was part of a tie vote between himself and Kelly Bruno. Marty is the first contestant to survive a revote while possessing an idol.
  • Sash demanded the idol from Marty to keep himself longer in the game, promising he will not vote him out next. Sash's alliance voted Jill, Marty's only ally, instead.
  • This idol was played "by default" at the last time idols could be played.
La Flor camp Pulling the TriggerS21 brenda tS21 naonka t
Brenda Lowe and NaOnka Mixon
S21 naonka tS21 chase t
NaOnka Mixon → Chase Rice
negated 0 votes
  • NaOnka passed her idol to Chase the afternoon before she quit the game.
  • This idol was played "by default" at the last time idols could be played.
Survivor: Redemption Island Ometepe camp You're Looking at the New Leader of Your TribeS22 kristina t
Kristina Kell
None You Own My VoteNo!
negated 2 votes
  • This idol was found on Day 2, at the time the earliest an idol had been found.
Zapatera camp "You Own My Vote" S22 ralph t
Ralph Kiser
S22 mike t
Mike Chiesl
This Game Respects Big MovesNo!
negated 0 votes
  • Ralph came across this idol by accident.
Ometepe camp Don't You Work for Me?S22 rob t
Rob Mariano
None Seems Like a No BrainerNo!
negated 1 vote
  • This idol was played "by default" at the last time idols could be played.
Survivor: South Pacific Savaii camp He Has DemonsS23 ozzy t
Ozzy Lusth
S23 whitney t
Whitney Duncan
Double AgentNo!
negated 0 votes
  • This idol was given to John Cochran when Ozzy decided to intentionally send himself to Redemption Island, then passed back to Ozzy upon his return from Redemption Island, then given to Whitney at Tribal Council.
Upolu camp Taste the VictoryS23 coach t
Coach Wade
None Never used
  • Coach kept the idol as a souvenir.
Survivor: One World One World camp
(Manono idol)
Two Tribes, One Camp, No RulesS24 sabrina t
Sabrina Thompson
S24 colton t
Colton Cumbie
Never used
  • Sabrina is the first contestant to find the other tribe's idol and be forced to give it to a member of the other tribe.
  • This is the first idol to be "flushed" by an evacuation.
  • Colton wanted to give the idol to Jay Byars of the rival Salani tribe, but the rules of this season barred a tribe's idol from being passed to a member of the other tribe.
One World/New Salani camp A Bunch of IdiotsS24 kim t
Kim Spradlin
None Never used
  • The Salani camp used to be the One World camp, but after winning the first post-swap Reward Challenge, Salani kept the beach to themselves, forcing the rival Manono tribe to move out.
  • Kim mailed the idol to Troyzan after the game.
Tikiano camp The Beauty in a MergeS24 troyzan t
Troyzan Robertson
None Go Out with a BangNo!
negated 2 votes
  • This was the rehidden Manono idol.
Survivor: Philippines Kalabaw camp Don't Be Blinded by the HeadlightsS25 jonathan t
Jonathan Penner
None Not the Only Actor on This IslandYes!
negated 5 votes
S25 rc t
RC Saint-Amour
  • This is the first idol to be played successfully, but not successfully eliminate the person the user voted for.
Tandang camp This Isn't a 'We' GameS25 abimaria t
Abi-Maria Gomes
None Whiners Are WienersYes!
negated 3 votes
S25 pete t
Pete Yurkowski
  • None
Matsing camp Got My Swag BackS25 denise tS25 malcolm t
Denise Stapley and Malcolm Freberg
None Never used
  • Malcolm kept the idol, but never had to use it as he was immune the last time idols could be played.
Survivor: Caramoan Gota camp Honey BadgerS26 reynold t
Reynold Toepfer
None Kill or Be KilledNo!
negated 1 vote
  • None
Bikal camp There's Gonna Be Hell to PayS26 corinne tS26 malcolm t
Corinne Kaplan and Malcolm Freberg
S26 malcolm tS26 eddie t
Malcolm Freberg → Eddie Fox
Zipping Over the Cuckoo's NestYes!
negated 4 votes
S26 phillip t
Phillip Sheppard
  • This idol was found prior to the previous episode's Tribal Council; as a result, events were shown out of order to avoid having Bikal camp scenes immediately prior to Gota's Tribal Council.
  • Malcolm explicitly mentioned at Tribal Council that the idol he was giving to Eddie was his original idol.
Gota camp Persona Non GrataS26 reynold t
Reynold Toepfer
S26 malcolm t
Malcolm Freberg
Cut Off the Head of the SnakeNo!
negated 0 votes
  • Malcolm still had his original idol at the time Reynold played this one on him.
Enil Edam camp "Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest" S26 malcolm t
Malcolm Freberg
None "Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest" No!
negated 2 votes
  • This was the rehidden Gota idol.
  • While technically "unsuccessful", this was part of a double idol play by Malcolm on himself and Eddie, and the latter was successful.
Enil Edam camp The Beginning of the EndS26 andrea tS26 erik t
Andrea Boehlke and Erik Reichenbach
None Never used
  • Andrea was the first female to be voted out with an unused Hidden Immunity Idol in her possession.
Survivor: Blood vs. Water Tadhana/Kasama camp Skin of My TeethS27 tyson t
Tyson Apostol
None Gloves Come OffNo!
negated 0 votes
  • This was the first idol to be hidden pre-merge, but not found until the merge (along with the Galang idol which was never found).
Kasama camp Rustle FeathersS27 tyson t
Tyson Apostol
S27 gervase t
Gervase Peterson
It's My NightNo!
negated 2 votes
  • This idol was played "by default" at the last time idols could be played.
Survivor: Cagayan Luzon camp Hot Girl with a Grudge (Part 1)S28 garrett c
Garrett Adelstein
None Never used
  • This was the first idol to be found on Day 1.
Aparri camp Hot Girl with a Grudge (Part 2)S28 tony c
Tony Vlachos
S28 lj c
LJ McKanas
Head of the SnakeNo!
negated 0 votes
  • None
Solana camp Cops-R-UsS28 lj c
LJ McKanas
S28 tony c
Tony Vlachos
negated 0 votes
  • None
Solarrion camp Mad Treasure HuntS28 spencer c
Spencer Bledsoe
None Sitting in My Spy ShackNo!
negated 0 votes
  • This was either the rehidden Aparri or Solana idol, it is unknown which because both were removed from play at the previous episode's Tribal Council.
Solarrion camp
(special idol)
"Sitting in My Spy Shack" S28 tony c
Tony Vlachos
None Never used
  • Tony used this idol to "bluff" having immunity at the final four.
Solarrion camp Chaos Is My FriendS28 tony c
Tony Vlachos
None Straw That Broke the Camel's BackNo!
negated 0 votes
  • This idol was played "by default" at the last time idols could be played. Tony also had the special idol in his possession at the time.
Survivor: San Juan del Sur Coyopa camp Method to This MadnessS29 john t
John Rocker
None Never used
  • None
Hunahpu camp We're a Hot MessS29 keith t
Keith Nale
None This Is Where We Build TrustYes!
negated 3 votes
S29 wes t
Wes Nale
  • None
Exile Island Wrinkle in the PlanS29 jon t
Jon Misch
None Yes!
negated 4 votes
  • None
Coyopa/Huyopa camp "This Is Where We Build Trust" S29 baylor tS29 natalie t
Baylor Wilson and Natalie Anderson
S29 natalie tS29 jaclyn t
Natalie Anderson → Jaclyn Schultz
This Is My TimeYes!
negated 3 votes
S29 baylor t
Baylor Wilson
  • None
Exile Island Kind of Like Cream CheeseS29 jon t
Jon Misch
None Never used
  • None
Survivor: Worlds Apart Masaya camp It's Survivor WarfareS30 carolyn t
Carolyn Rivera
None My Word Is My BondYes!
negated 5 votes
S30 dan t
Dan Foley
  • None
Nagarote camp Winner Winner, Chicken DinnerS30 jenn t
Jenn Brown
None The Line Will Be Drawn TonightYes!
negated 7 votes
S30 kelly t
Kelly Remington
  • None
Escameca/Merica camp Keep It RealS30 mike t
Mike Holloway
None Holding On for Dear LifeYes!
negated 4 votes
S30 tyler t
Tyler Fredrickson
  • None
Survivor: Cambodia Quest for Fire challenge
(Ta Keo idol)
Second ChanceS31 kelley t
Kelley Wentworth
None You Call, We'll HaulYes!
negated 9 votes
S31 andrew t
Andrew Savage
  • None
Draggin' the Dragon challenge
(Bayon idol)
We Got a RatS31 jeremy t
Jeremy Collins
S31 stephen t
Stephen Fishbach
Like Selling Your Soul to the DevilYes!
negated 5 votes
S31 ciera t
Ciera Eastin
  • None
Orkun camp Witches CovenS31 jeremy t
Jeremy Collins
None Lie, Cheat and StealYes!
negated 3 votes
S31 kimmi t
Kimmi Kappenberg
  • This was the rehidden Ta Keo idol.
  • This was the first idol in Cambodia to be planted at camp rather than the challenge venue.
  • Both Kelley and Jeremy played their idols at the final 6 Tribal Coucil, negating all votes. A new vote led to a deadlocked 3-3 tie between Kimmi and Tasha Fox. After much debate, Kimmi was voted out in an unanimous decision.
Orkun camp My Wheels Are SpinningS31 kelley t
Kelley Wentworth
None Yes!
negated 3 votes
  • This was the rehidden Bayon idol.
  • This time, the clue was hidden at the challenge, and the idol was found at camp.
Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Gondol camp The Circle of LifeS32 tai t
Tai Trang
None Never used
  • Tai never had to use his idol, as the last Tribal Council in which idols could be played was cancelled due to Joe del Campo's evacuation.
To Tang camp S32 kyle tS32 scot t
Kyle Jason and Scot Pollard
S32 kyle tS32 scot t
Kyle Jason → Scot Pollard
Never used
  • Though Scot dislodged the key from the canister in the tree, Jason managed to race Alecia Holden to the idol and claimed it for himself.
  • At the final nine Tribal Council, Jason and Scot gave the idol to Tai so that he could combine it with his own to form a super idol. However, Tai didn't receive any votes, and he gave the idol back to Jason after Tribal.
  • After Jason won the final eight Immunity Challenge, he gave Scot the idol for the upcoming Tribal Council. When Jeff asked for an idol, Scot didn't react, thinking Tai would combine his idol after the vote. But ultimately Tai kept it, and Scot was voted out with Jason's idol.
Chan Loh camp The Devils We KnowS32 neal t
Neal Gottlieb
None Never used
  • This is the second idol to be "flushed" by an evacuation.
  • Neal did not give his idol to anyone, though Aubry Bracco had expectations he would give it to her.

Fake idols

Created by the contestants, these idols have been used as a foil for players to use them under the assumption that they have been helped out by one of their tribemates. They have no value at Tribal Council, and when a fake idol is presented, Jeff Probst throws it into the fire pit stating that it is not a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Contestants Making Fake idols



  • Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and Survivor: Cagayan are tied for the season with the most idols found, with six.
  • Mookie Lee (Survivor: Fiji) is the first castaway to transfer his possession of the idol to someone else. The recipient, Alex Angarita is the first castaway to use a Hidden Immunity Idol for nothing as he did not receive votes.
  • James Clement (Survivor: China) is the first male to be voted out with a Hidden Immunity Idol in his possession. In the same instance he is also the first castaway to be voted out with two idols in his possession.
  • Andrea Boehlke (Survivor: Caramoan) is the first female to be voted out with a Hidden Immunity Idol in her possession.
  • Colton Cumbie (Survivor: One World) is the first person to be medically evacuated while in posession of a Hidden Immunity Idol. He would be followed by Neal Gottlieb (Survivor: Kaôh Rōng).
  • Parvati Shallow (Survivor: Micronesia) is the first castaway to find a Hidden Immunity Idol but choose to leave it hidden.
  • Survivor: Gabon is the first season to deliberately discard the idol as nobody wanted to claim ownership of it.
  • Matty Whitmore (Gabon) is the first castaway to use an idol and only receive minority votes.
  • Galang and Angkor are the only tribes whose idols were never found.
    • Technically, the Angkor idol was never hidden, as the clue leading to its location at a challenge site was not found.
  • The earliest use of a Hidden Immunity Idol was on Day 5 (Survivor: Redemption Island), when Kristina Kell played it on herself.
  • Survivor: Worlds Apart currently holds the record for the most number of castaways voted out during the merge due to an idol, and also holds the record for the most number of effective idol uses without one being wasted during the season. It is also the only season (with the current rules) in which every idol was used successfully.
  • Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart) is the first eventual Sole Survivor to use a Hidden Immunity Idol to negate a majority of votes against them in the season they won. He was followed by Jeremy Collins (Survivor: Cambodia).
  • Worlds Apart is currently the only season with two back-to-back effective uses of a Hidden Immunity Idol. Mike Holloway played his idol to eliminate Tyler Fredrickson at the Day 32 Tribal Council, and Carolyn Rivera played her idol to eliminate Dan Foley at the following Tribal Council on Day 35.
  • Carolyn Rivera has the record for the longest time to have possession of one specific idol without giving it away, having the Masaya idol from Day 2 up to Day 35.
  • Kelley Wentworth (Survivor: Cambodia) holds the record for most votes negated in one Tribal Council using an idol, with 9, beating out Russell Hantz and Jenn Brown, the previous record holders, with 7.
  • Kelley Wentworth (Survivor: Cambodia) is the first castaway to negate a majority of votes against them with an idol twice in a season.


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