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Helen Glover
S5 Helen Glover
Contestant Profile
Birth Date April 28, 1955 (1955-04-28) (age 59)
Hometown Middleton, Rhode Island
Occupation Navy Swim Instructor


Tribe(s) Chuay Gahn
Chuay Jai
Placement 4/16
Alliance(s) Chuay Gahn Five
Challenge(s) Won 8
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 37

Helen Glover is a contestant from Survivor: Thailand.


Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Helen Glover is the daughter of a U.S. Marine and moved almost every year while growing up. She has lived in Hawaii, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, California, Louisiana, and Rhode Island.

Helen is currently employed by the U.S. Navy as a water survival instructor. She previously worked as a self-employed caterer, a waitress and a lifeguard. She describes herself as assertive, competitive and quick-witted. She enjoys cooking/baking, swimming and traveling. Her perfect trip would begin with breakfast in Honolulu, followed by shopping in New York, tea in London, a stroll along the Champs Elysées in Paris and watching a play in an amphitheater in Athens, Greece.

Helen currently lives in Middletown, Rhode Island, with her husband, Jim, and their daughter, Katherine (18). She has two additional children, Matthew (28), a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, and stepdaughter, Erin (30). They have a tabby cat named Oscar. Her birth date is April 28, 1955.

Survivor: ThailandEdit

Helen Glover was selected to by Jan Gentry to be on Chuay Gahn. Helen referred the younger member of Sook Jai as "anxious little kids" while they rowed off. Chuay Gahn took the time to turn the boat around, while Sook Jai did not. The advantage of being on Chuay Gahn was that they had a natural cave as  shelter, meaning they would not have to build their own shelter. However their wated source wasfar away, and would require the castaways to row to another island to retrieve water. When they arrived, everyone celebrated. The tribe quickly gathered food. However, when Tanya Vance became sick, the tribe decided to look for its water source. Helen and John Raymond found a stagnant stream of water on top of a steep hill. They quickly found the true water source and a path to it. John decided to mess with the tribe with a prank, by pretending that the stagnant stream was their actual water supply. At the first challenge of the season, Chuay Gahn was initially leading. However, Ghandia Johnson struggle with the final puzzle cost them the win. At tribal council, Helen voted against Clay Jordan for financial reasons. The rest of the tribe voted out John for being too bossy. The tribe gotten along very well, despite the loss. Helen gotten lost with Jan while on a water run. After an exhausting search, they was able to find it and returned to camp. However, Helen was worried about the tribe plotting behind her back. Chuay Gahn would lose the next two challenges. Helen was happily surprised when the tribe gave her an 20th anniversary party. Despite the gift, Helen was worried about being voted out as Tanya was super popular. In the end, the ailing Tanya was voted out in a 5-2 vote.

The tribe was hungry due to lack of would. At the next challenge, Chuay Gahn was lagging behind again. During the challenge, Helen was knocked into the water by Ken Stafford. Because he wasn't in the attack zone, he was disqualified and Chuay Gahn gained a point. Three of his tribemates would make the same mistake, Allowing Chuay Gahn to win their first challenge and the assistance of two red berets. With the help of Berets, the founded many sources of food and made many soups and stews. Life was not blessful because Ghandia claims that Ted Rogers, Jr. grinded her during the night. When Helen talked to Ted to get his side of the story, he claimed that nothing happen. This infuriated Ghandia when Helen told her. Despite the chaos, Chuay Gahn rally together to win the immunity challenge. Tensions was still high between Ghandia and Ted. Ghandia tried to make a women's alliance on the tribe to vote out Clay. Chuay Gahn lost the next two challenges. In a difficult decision, Helen chose strategy over loyalty and voted out Ghandia.

It was the group consensus that Jan would be the next to go. The next challenge was the Survivor Auction. Before it started, The castaways was given the chance to Mutiny. as No one took up the offer, the Auction started normally. Unfortunately during a night of Fun, the boat floated away. Without the boat, Life was difficult. Despite that, The tribe won immunity. The men tried to find the water source without the boat, making Helen worried as she would not classified them as swimmers. At the reward challenge, Helen was the launcher, in which Sook Jai won. Fortunately, Chuay Gahn was able to win immunity by outsmarting them. This ensured an even numbers at advantage when they merge.

The next tree mail had jars of paint and was told to decorate themselves. When the tribes met, everyone was paired up with a member of the rival tribe. Helen was paired with Ken and they went to Sook Jai's camp. Helen was surprised that Sook Jai had chickens. When it was announced that the tribes was all living on the same beach. Everyone assumed that the tribes had merged. Shii Ann Huang was planning to flip because she felt ostracized at Sook Jai. During the brief talk before the immunity challenge, Erin Collins said that the merge was going smoothly. Jeff pointed  out that he said nothing about a merge and the challenge was tribal. Chuay Gahn won and for the first time had a numbers advantage over Sook Jai. Shii Ann was voted out for scheming with Sook Jai. At the next immunity, Helen sat out. Brian Heidik won the challenge for Chuay Gahn. However, when everyone gotten back, Monkeys have been eating the food. 

At the next challenge, everyone saw a part of videos of their loved ones. Helen became emotional seeing the video of her husband and daughter. It was then reveal that the challenge was individual and the tribes had merged. Helen made it to the final round with Brian but lost to him. While watching Brian's video, Helen notes how well of he was and that would be enough to vote him out if she was against him. Clay managed to best Ken for immunity. The Chuay Gahns voted out Ken for threat status. For the next challenge, Helen was paired with Jan but they lost in the second Round. Jake Billingsley pleaded with Helen to vote out Clay or Brian as they would control the game. At the immunity challenge, Helen defeated Ted for immunity. At tribal council, Penny Ramsey was voted out over Jake for playing harder.

The next challenge was the loved one challenges. Helen become overjoyed among laying eyes on her husband, Jim. The challenge was an eating contest, with the winner spending 24 hours with their castaway and the loser go home immediately. However, the loved ones would do the eating. Helen "encouraged" her husband into winning. During the time spend together, Jim felt she would vote off Brian. Helen claimed she couldn't do that as he said they was going to the final together. She also revealed her severe dislike of Clay. The Loved ones returned for the immunity challenge, which Ted won. Helen wanted to get Clay out because of his laziness. However, Jake was unanimously voted out. Helen made a confessional on people thought that Chuay Gahn would not be in their position and that the game was on. The next tree mail had photos of themselves before the game and a full mirror. Ted talked to Helen about voting Clay out due to him being annoying and worthless. Helen only took one look and deemed herself fat. The men hogged the mirror. Big Ted won the reward challenge and chosen to bring Helen with him. The Pair spent a day at a spa and had a feast, enjoying themselves tremendesly .Helen talked to Jan about getting Clay out. Brian worried about her playing both sides, in which she admitted to playing both sides of the fence in a confessional. Brian was the one to win immunity. In an confessional, Brian referred Helen as a loyal soilder. Ted was unanimously voted out for being a challenge threat.

The Final Four received wreaths and decorative materials. They was asked to decorate them for a Thai traditional ceremony. The next challenge was the Second Chance challenge. Helen was delayed by the balance beam, costing her the win. She didn't handled losing well, which annoyed her more as made herself look like a fool. Brian deemed it Helen's time to go now because she threatened him. Much to her anger, Helen was blindsided.

At the Final Tribal Council, Helen know who she was voting for to win, but that was ripped out of when she was blindsided. She called out both finalists for lying to her when they said that Jan was going. Helen was particularly angry with Brian for not telling her that she was going. Brian claimed that he was betrayed by her when she plotting with Ted. Helen countered that she would have told him if he was ever a target. Brian claimed he was angry with her by going behind her back. He admits he did it out of anger. Brian apologized for backstabbing her, Helen said it was a little late. Helen then asked Clay what three things he contributed to the tribe. Clay said that did things everyday. When Helen tried to get more out of him, Clay said if she doesn't understand than there is no way to satisfied her. In the end, Helen voted for Brian to win because of his challenge performance and work ethic.

Voting HistoryEdit

Helen's Voting History
Episode Helen's
Voted Against
1 Clay -
2 Tanya Ghandia, Tanya
3 Chuay Gahn Tribe Immune
4 Ghandia -
5 Chuay Gahn Tribe Immune
6 Chuay Gahn Tribe Immune
7 Chuay Gahn Tribe Immune
8 Chuay Gahn Tribe Immune
9 Ken -
10 Penny Individual Immunity
12 Jake -
13 Ted -
14 Jan Brian, Clay, Jan
Voted Off, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • In 2004, Helen became a columnist in Providence Journal, a Rhode Island newspaper, where she covered the events of Survivor: All-Stars, and relating them to her experience as a contestant in Survivor: Thailand, even discussing behind-the-scenes details that were not supposed to be divulged in public. This caused CBS to inform Glover that she made a breach in the Survivor Rulebook, that production-related details should not be discussed in public three years after a contestant has appeared on the show. Even though Helen submitted her works to CBS for approval, the Providence Journal discontinued her column.[1]
  • She hosts the Helen Glover Show on TalkRadio920WHJJ which was named by the Associated Press as the best talk show among AP member stations for a record 4 times (most recently in 2012)
  • On January 9, 2010, Helen attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Helen's luxury item was the Doll of her daughter.
  • Helen is from the same city (Middletown, Rhode Island) as Survivor: Borneo winner Richard Hatch.
  • Helen is the only Chuay Gahn member to sit out of a challenge.
  • Helen is the only female to win an individual challenge during Thailand.
  • Helen is the fifth contestant that won loved ones challenge, following Greg Buis, Tina Wesson, Lex van den Berghe, and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien.
  • Helen is currently the earliest person to appear to have the most confessionals in a season but not play multiple times.
  • Helen was considered for Survivor: All-Stars but did not make the final cast.


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