Tribe Profile
Namesake: Malay word, meaning "eagle"
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Ular
Tribe Status: Merged with Ular on Day 21
Challenge Wins: 4
Lowest Placing Member: J.J. Adams (15/16)
Highest Placing Member: Charlotte Hobrough (Winner)

Helang Flag

Tribe Emblem
Helang Insignia

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Helang was a tribe from Survivor 2001 (U.K.).


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Tribe History

Once the tribe had reached their beach, they began to construct their shelter. At first, the tribe seemed to unite and come together. However, some tension arose when J.J. disagreed with the way the tribe were building their shelter. This disagreement did not last for long though, and the tribe began to reconstruct what they had already built.

At the first Immunity Challenge on Day 3, the tribe quickly began to fall behind. It appeared as though they had lost the challenge. However, due to a costly mistake made by Ular's Nick, they won the challenge by default after the opposing tribe was disqualified.

Helang's good fortune did not last for long, however, and they lost the following Reward Challenge after Uzma failed to beat Ular's Jackie in a tiebreaker eating challenge. Due to James constantly collapsing during the running portion of the Immunity Challenge, the tribe lost again and were sent to their first Tribal Council. Originally, the vote was tied 4-4, with the older members of the tribe (without James and with Simon) voting for Uzma and the younger members (with James and without Simon) voting J.J.. After the group openly discussed who they should vote for, a re-vote was called; Simon then changed his vote from Uzma (the weakest member of the tribe) to J.J. (the most domineering member of the tribe), sending the latter home.

Helang's losing streak continued when they lost the next Reward Challenge on Day 8. This third loss in a row put the tribe's morale at an all-time low. On Day 9, the tribe lost their fourth challenge in a row, and were sent to Tribal Council. Unlike the last vote, the decision of who should leave seemed fairly obvious for the majority of the tribe; as she was perceived to be the weakest link, Uzma was sent home.

On Day 11, Helang finally pulled out another victory, winning their first Reward Challenge. The tribe's reward was three live chickens. The following day, the tribe successfully managed to win the next Immunity Challenge; this was their first victory at an Immunity Challenge in 9 days.

The tribe's winning streak continued, when on Day 14, Helang won a selection of food at a Reward Challenge. However, this come-back did not last for long as Helang lost the following Immunity Challenge on Day 15, after James had led to the tribe being disqualified. Despite James' mistake, the tribe's decision seemed clear-cut; Jayne was voted out by a unanimous vote for being the weakest member.

Helang then went on to lose the following Reward Challenge on Day 17 which involved them creating an SOS signal that could be seen from above. On Day 18, the tribe knew that they had no choice but to win the Immunity Challenge. The result of this challenge would determine whether Helang would enter the merge with the same number of people as Ular or if they would enter in the minority. Unfortunately for Helang, they were unable to pull out a victory and were sent to their fourth Tribal Council. The tribe appeared to be divided at this point by age, with Charlotte and Adrian (the two youngest members of the tribe) voting for James, and Andy and James (the two oldest members of the tribe) voting for Adrian; Simon was the swing-vote in this situation. Ultimately, Simon sided with the older men, voting out Adrian for being lazy.

The tribe Merged with Ular at a 6-4 minority on Day 21.



  • Helang was the second tribe in Survivor (U.K.) to be disqualified from a challenge.
  • Helang shares many similarities with the Pagong tribe from Survivor: Borneo.
    • Both were the color yellow.
    • Both were featured in seasons set in Pulau Tiga, Sabah, Malaysia.
    • Both started with 8 members.
    • Both featured in the first season of their respective Survivor franchises.
    • Both were Pagonged after the merge by the opposing tribe.
    • Both chose to stay at the opposing tribe's beach after the merge.
    • Both had a female castaway last the longest out of all its tribe members.
    • Both voted out a tribe member called by two letters, "B.B." and "J.J.", first.
  • Helang was the first tribe in Survivor (U.K.) to win an Immunity Challenge.
  • Helang was the first yellow tribe in Survivor (U.K.).
  • Helang was the first tribe in Survivor (U.K.) to lose two Immunity Challenges in a row.
    • This also means they are the first tribe to attend Tribal Council twice in a row.
  • Helang is the first tribe to win a challenge by default after the other tribe was disqualified in Survivor (U.K.).
  • Helang has the same average combined age as its opposing tribe in Survivor 2001 (U.K.), Ular.
    • The two tribes both have an average combined age of 34.5.
  • The members of Helang have an average combined placing of 10th.
    • This is three places lower than Ular's average of 7th.