"He Has Demons"
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Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: South Pacific
Episode Number: 2/16 (338)
Original Release: September 21, 2011
Viewership (in millions): 10.46[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 3.2/9 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "I Need Redemption"
Next: "Reap What You Sow"

He Has Demons is the second episode of Survivor: South Pacific.


Day 4

Brandon feels that he's betraying Coach by not telling him his last name, so he decides to tell Coach that he is Russell Hantz's nephew, much to Coach's shock. But Brandon tells Coach to not tell anyone and that he will not backstab Coach. Coach knows that he could be possibly being deceived, but he's willing to take a chance, even if it means him looking like a fool once again on Survivor. Once again Brandon feels uncomfortable around Mikayla so his desire to vote her off as soon as possible intensifies. At Savaii, Jim, Keith, and Ozzy decide to go swimming, and Jim uses this as an opportunity to make a bold move that could benefit him for a long time to come if it suffices. Jim tells Keith and Ozzy that they should align with Elyse and Whitney so they can form the final 5 and systematically vote off Cochran, Dawn, and Papa Bear, but when the time comes, the guys would take out Whitney and Elyse to become the final 3. Neither Keith or Ozzy seem to be against the plan, but neither seem completely into it at the same time, with Keith somewhat unsure but he's glad that Jim thinks he's in charge when it's not necessarily true.

Day 5

In the challenge, Cochran, Elyse, Dawn, and Whitney competed against Stacey, Christine, Mikayla, and Sophie in the first part, while Ozzy, Papa Bear, Jim, and Keith competed against Rick, Brandon, Albert, and Coach in the second part. Edna sat out, since Upolu had an extra member. Upolu had an early lead from the 1st part, but after Savaii completed the 2nd part, the men of Savaii managed to get the lead and eventually win the challenge for Savaii.

Back at camp, Christine felt that the guys did not give enough effort in the challenge. Coach gathered his core alliance and said that 3 of them would vote against Christine, while two of them, along with Edna, who's in the alliance on a need-to-know basis, would vote against Stacey. If Christine had the idol and used it, they'd get Stacey out, but if Christine didn't use it and there was a revote, they'd target Christine. Brandon, however, was really stern about voting off Mikayla since he didn't like her, but no one saw reason in Brandon's desire except for Coach, but Coach felt that although Brandon's reasons for wanting Mikayla out are valid, now's not the time to get rid of her. Stacey and Christine tried to get information from Edna but to no avail, which, along with Edna not being strong, made them want to target Edna. Brandon as a last resort to get Mikayla out told Coach that Christine and Stacey were voting against Mikayla after the fact that in reality, they both didn't want to.

At Tribal Council, Coach called out Christine and Stacey for targeting Mikayla who both hastily denied targeting her. Jeff then said that if Mikayla were to be voted off, it would be one of the quietest exits he's seen in a while. Brandon later confessed that he lied to Coach about Stacey and Christine wanting Mikayla out. Despite the drama, Coach's alliance stayed strong and stuck with the plan, which, along with Mikayla's vote, got Christine voted off 4-3-1-1.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Crate Escape
Four members of each tribe will race to unwind ribbons from a very tall pole, releasing a set of keys. They will then use those keys to release the other four tribe members, who must then solve a Klotski puzzle. The first tribe to get their crate on the finish platform wins immunity and reward.
Reward: Pillows, blankets, a hammock, and a mat.
Winner: Savaii

Redemption Island

As Semhar is the lone inhabitant of Redemption Island until after Tribal Council, there is no duel.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S23 christine t
Christine (4 votes)
S23 albert tS23 brandon tS23 coach tS23 mikayla t
Albert, Brandon, Coach, Mikayla
S23 stacey t
Stacey (3 votes)
S23 edna tS23 rick tS23 sophie t
Edna, Rick, Sophie
S23 edna t
Edna (1 vote)
S23 christine t
S23 sophie t
Sophie (1 vote)
S23 stacey t
S23 christine t
Christine Shields Markoski
(sent to Redemption Island)

Voting Confessionals

Still in the Running

On Redemption
S23 semhar t
On Redemption
S23 christine t
S23 albert t
S23 brandon t
S23 coach t
S23 cochran t
S23 dawn t
S23 edna t
S23 elyse t
S23 jim t
S23 keith t
S23 mark t
S23 mikayla t
S23 ozzy t
S23 rick t
S23 sophie t
S23 stacey t
S23 whitney t