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Hayden Moss
S27 Hayden Moss
Contestant Profile
Born: May 27, 1986 (1986-05-27) (age 30)
Hometown: Springtown, Texas
Occupation: Real Estate
Survivor Career
Version: United States
Blood vs. Water
Tribe(s): Tadhana
Finish: 7/20
Alliance(s): Five Guys Alliance
Singles Alliance
Challenge Wins: 3
Votes Against: 8
Days Lasted: 36

Hayden Garrett Moss is a contestant from Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

Regarded as a very good strategic player, even by Jeff Probst, he caused the second rock drawing tiebreaker in Survivor history by convincing Ciera Eastin to vote with Katie Collins and him. This move backfired on him, eliminating his ally Katie.


Retrieved from

Name (Age): Hayden Moss (26)
Partner: Kat Edorsson (Dating)
Tribe Designation: Tadhana
Current Residence: Springtown, Texas
Occupation: Real Estate
Personal Claim to Fame: Winning "Big Brother 12."
Pet Peeves: Wrinkly clothes.
Inspiration in Life: My Grandpa - he is the best person I know and someday I hope to be as cool as him.
Hobbies: Snowboarding, working out and traveling.
Three Words to Describe You: Athletic, popular, and respectful.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? I would bring my Ipod because music makes everything better and a surfboard. I really need to learn how to surf.
Why You Think You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR: I have already played and won a game very similar to Survivor.
What Does It Mean to You to Play Survivor with Your Loved One? Survivor is the adventure of a lifetime, and being able to share that adventure with someone I love is amazing! I can't wait to compete with or against Kat, and watch our relationship grow![1]

Survivor: Blood vs. Water

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Voting History

Hayden's Voting History
Episode Hayden's
Voted Against
1 Laura B. -
Marissa -
2 Rachel -
3 John -
4 Ciera;
5 Tadhana Tribe Immune
6 Tadhana Tribe Immune
7 Tadhana Tribe Immune
8 Aras -
9 Vytas -
Tina -
10 Laura M. -
11 Ciera -
12 Monica;
Gervase, Monica, Tyson;
Gervase, Tyson
13 Gervase Gervase,
Monica, Tyson
Voted Off, Day 35
14 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In One Armed Dude and Three Moms, the vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Brad and Ciera, forcing a revote. Hayden did not change his vote on the revote.
^2 In Rustle Feathers, the vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Hayden and Monica, forcing a revote. Nobody changed their vote on the revote, forcing a rock drawing tiebreaker. Hayden was immune from the tiebreaker.


  • In 2014, Hayden and Kat ended their relationship.[2]
  • On 4 July 2014, an app called Devvie was released for creating and sharing mobile videos in which Hayden was co-creator.[3][4]



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