Hae Da Fung
Tribe Profile
Namesake: Chinese phrase intended to mean "black fighting wind"
Tribe Type: Merged Tribe
Day Formed: Day 20
Tribes Merged: Fei Long
Zhan Hu
Lowest Placing Member: Jaime Dugan (10/16)
Highest Placing Member: Todd Herzog (Winner)

S15 Hae Da Fung Flag

Tribe Emblem

Hae Da Fung has no emblem.



Hae Da Fung (黑大风) is the merged tribe of Fei Long and Zhan Hu from Survivor: China.

Characterized by its two warring alliances, Hae Da Fung saw many strategies tossed around in order to allow the dominant groups to make their way to the end.


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Tribe History

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  • Hae Da Fung literally translates as "Big, Black Typhoon" in Chinese.
  • Hae Da Fung is the first, and thus far only, tribe to have three words in its name.
    • Hae Da Fung is the first tribe to have buffs with a neon colors in its background colors. These are found on the dragon fonts surrounding the buff.