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Tribe Profile
Namesake: A town in Caramoan, Camarines Sur
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Bikal
Tribe Status: Merged with Bikal on Day 20
Challenge Wins: 5
Lowest Placing Member: Allie Pohevitz (19/20)
Highest Placing Member: Sherri Biethman (Co-Runner-Up)


Gota Insignia

Gota Buff

Gota (also known as The Fans) is one of the two starting tribes from Survivor: Caramoan.

Their tribe color is orange, like the original Fans tribe.


Original Tribe

S26 allie tS26 eddie tS26 hope t
S26 julia tS26 laura tS26 matt tS26 michael t
S26 reynold tS26 shamar tS26 sherri t

Post-Tribe Switch

S26 andrea tS26 brenda tS26 eddie t
S26 erik tS26 malcolm tS26 reynold tS26 sherri t

Tribe History

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  • It is the second orange Fans tribe, after Airai from Survivor: Micronesia
  • The town of Gota is one of the main attractions of the Caramoan National Park, the filming location of both Survivor: Philippines and Survivor: Caramoan. During World War II, Gota was known to be a gold-mining community.
    • The town of Gota and Bikal (town that the rival tribe is named after) are eastern and western respectively from each other.
  • Gota, along with its rival tribe Bikal, are the first starting tribes to never have its name appear in the opening sequence. Instead, "Fans" and "Favorites" were used to refer them. 
  • Gota is the second tribe to experience a three-way tie on a Tribal Council, following Zapatera from Survivor: Redemption Island.
  • Unlike Airai, which had an equal number of Fans and Favorites post-Tribe Switch, post-switch Gota had more Favorites than Fans.
  • Gota is the first tribe to win the same challenge twice. The first was on episode 5, when the Favorites/Bikal gave the Fans/Gota immunity before the challenge and the second was on episode 6, when the new Gota tribe won the challenge, presumably intended to be used in episode 5.
  • Gota is the third tribe to receive immunity from the other tribe, following Ravu and Salani.
  • Gota is the first Fans tribe to have a finalist in the Final Tribal Council.
  • On Survivor Oz, Gota was ranked as one of the most dysfunctional tribes in Survivor history. They ranked fourth with only Ravu, Maraamu, and Ulong ahead of them.[1]
  • Gota lived on Catanawan Island, the same island that Matsing and Tandang lived on during Survivor: Philippines.


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