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Tribe Profile
Season Panama
Namesake Spanish term for "gypsies"
Tribe Type Merged tribe
Day Formed Day 16
Tribes Merged Casaya
La Mina
Lowest Placing Member Nick Stanbury (10/16)
Highest Placing Member Aras Baskauskas (Winner)

S12 Gitanos Flag



Gitanos is the merged tribe of Casaya and La Mina from Survivor: Panama.

The season started out with four tribes with two of the tribes eventually being dissolved. On Day 4 the Bayoneta and Viveros tribes were shuffled into the new Casaya and La Mina tribes, which merged into Gitanos on Day 16.


S12 aras tS12 austin tS12 bruce tS12 cirie t
S12 courtney tS12 danielle tS12 nick tS12 sally t
S12 shane tS12 terry t

Tribe HistoryEdit

Episode 8-9Edit

In An Emerging Plan (Episode 8), the two mixed tribes of La Mina and Casaya (after tribal disbanding) merged into Gitanos. Gitanos featured six of the new Casaya and only four La Mina members. This split would be shown when there would be only one La Mina member left in the Final Seven. Terry won the first Individual Immunity Challenge. Nick was voted off by a vote of 6-4 along former tribal lines.

In The Power of the Idol (Episode 9), the reward challenge was competed in teams. The team of Aras, Bruce, and Sally won reward.  Austin and Danielle were sent to Exile Island. Terry won the immunity challenge.  Austin was voted off by a vote of 6-3 again along former tribal lines becoming the first jury member.

Episode 10-11Edit

In Fight for Your Life or Eat (Episode 10), the team of Bruce, Courtney, Sally, and Terry won reward. Aras was sent to Exile Island. Terry would win his third straight immunity challenge. Sally is voted off by a vote of 6-2 becoming the second jury member.

In Medical Emergency (Episode 11), Cirie wins reward, inviting Aras and Danielle to partake in the reward. Terry is sent to Exile Island. Bruce is medically evacuated and becomes the third jury member.

Episode 12-14Edit

In Perilous Scramble (Episode 12), Terry is the only member of La Mina still remaining in the game. At the reward challenge, the team of Courtney, Danielle, and Terry won reward. Aras is sent back to Exile Island for a second time. Terry wins his fourth straight immunity challenge. Courtney is voted off by a vote of 3-2-1, becoming the fourth Jury member.

In Bamboozled (Episode 13), Terry wins the reward and invited Shane to join him. Danielle is sent to Exile Island. Terry wins the fifth immunity challenge. Shane is voted off by a vote of 3-1-1 becoming the fifth jury member.

In Call the Whambulence! (Episode 14), Aras wins reward and selecting Cirie to join him in the reward. Danielle and Terry are sent to Exile Island. Aras wins the immunity, breaking Terry's win streak. Terry, being the last La Mina member, would be a likely candidate for elimination, but it turns out to be a deadlock vote between Cirie and Danielle, since Terry has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Aras and Cirie voted for Danielle, and Terry and Danielle voted for Cirie. Cirie lost the tiebreaker challenge and became the sixth member of the Jury.

Season FinaleEdit

In the season finale The Final Showdown (Episode 15), Terry wins the reward challenge. Danielle wins the Final Immunity Challenge, which allows her to select who she is going to the Final Two with. Danielle casts the sole vote and makes Terry the seventh and final member of the jury. Danielle and Aras face the jury.

At the Survivor: Panama - Exile Island Reunion Show, Aras is announced the winner by a vote of 5-2. Aras received the votes of Austin, Sally, Courtney, Cirie, and Terry, while losing the votes of Bruce and Shane.



  • Gitanos merged the earliest (Day 16), later tied by Huyopa. Most seasons have merged at Day 19 or later.
  • Gitanos was the first tribe to design their flag vertically as opposed to horizontally.
  • Gitanos is the first merged tribe to have someone medically evacuated.
  • Each of the final four castaways were from a different starting tribe (Cirie from Casaya, Terry from La Mina, Danielle from Bayoneta, and Aras from Viveros)
  • Gitanos' tribe flag was designed by Bruce Kanegai, who is an art teacher.
  • Gitanos is the second black merge tribe, following Balboa. Gitanos is also the second black tribe overall.


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