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Get Your Goat
Rory Catch
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring physical tribal challenge
Appearances: Africa

Get Your Goat (also known as Pig Pen) is a recurring physical tribal challenge that originated in Survivor: Africa and returned in Survivor: Vanuatu.


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The challenge first appeared in Survivor: Africa. It was used as the first challenge after the tribe switch. The newly formed Boran tribe defeated the new Samburu tribe to win three egg-laying chickens and a rooster.

In Survivor: Vanuatu, the challenge was a Reward Challenge. The tribes raced to collect pigs instead of goats, where the Lopevi tribe was victorious, winning steak and eggs as a reward.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"The Twist"
Tribal Reward S3 clarence tS3 ethan tS3 kimj t
S3 frank tS3 silas tS3 teresa t
"Hog Tied"
Tribal Reward S9 chad tS9 chris tS9 johnk t
S9 julie tS9 lea tS9 twila t



  • This is the first challenge to ever be held after a tribe switch.
  • Both times the challenge was used:
    • The competing tribes were red and yellow.
    • 12 castaways remained in the game.
    • The challenge was played for reward.
    • Both tribes had 6 members.
    • The winning tribe had 4 men and 2 women.


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