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Get Hooked
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The challenge in Samoa.
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring Reward Challenge
Appearances: Panama

Get Hooked is a recurring Reward Challenge of Survivor.


One player lies on a 'cradle' supported by bungee ropes. The other three members of their team use ropes to pull them around a boxlike structure to grab 15 numbered flags, one at a time, and place them into the corresponding holders.


In Survivor: Panama, the team of Bruce, Courtney, Sally, and Terry won videos from home, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and milk.

In Survivor: Samoa, the team of Brett, Dave, Laura, Natalie, and Russell H. won a picnic lunch at a waterfall.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Fight for Your Life or Eat"
Team Reward S12 bruce tS12 courtney tS12 sally tS12 terry t
Bruce, Courtney, Sally, & Terry
"The Day of Reckoning"
Team Reward S19 brett tS19 dave t
S19 laura tS19 natalie tS19 russellh t
Brett, Dave, Laura, Natalie, & Russell



  • This challenge has only been used as a post-merge Reward Challenge.
  • Both times the challenge was used:
    • Both winning teams had the next person to be voted out and the last person voted out before Final Tribal Council.
    • There was exactly half of the remaining castaways left. 8/16 for Panama and 10/20 for Samoa. This means that both times the challenge was used, one-fourth of the cast won the challenge.


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